The Past of The Night Sky

Disclaimer I don't own anything of Harry Potter, NCIS, or Hocus Pocus.

This is what happens when you watch a NCIS Marathon and Hocus Pocus on the same day after finding out that the actor that plays McGee is also the one that plays Binx (the human not the voice of the cat).

So this is SLASH between Harry/Tim and a bit of Gibbs/Tony on the side.

Timothy McGee is Thackery Binx and Harry Potter is the reincarnation of Thackery Binx's best friend and secret lover 'Ethan Evans' before he was turned into a cat by the Sisters.

Side Notes: Jenny is director and Ziva is on the team not Kate. Hocus Pocus will only be mentioned in flashbacks and its mostly about before Max lights the black flamed candle. And I have done zero research on how people in Binx's time would talk so deal with it :-)



( Prologue)

Two teen males could be seen wrapped around each other in the heart of the forest near their home before dawn. Both knowing that their time together was running short and deciding to spend it in their hollowed out tree in the forest.

All their times together were hidden within the forest trees. Their first kiss by the creek near the old oak tree. Meetings in the dead of night to dream about the future they wanted but knew they couldn't have together. The first time they made love in their hollowed tree and the first time waking within each others arms.

Their time in the dark forest was not all about their love. As young boys Thackery would help Ethan heal from the abuse his Father gave him the night before. As time when on and feelings grew their time together shorten from months to weeks to days then to painful hours.

The older and darker haired teen had to leave with his Father before the day was done. Leaving the one that held his heart to marry a girl he did not know or love. They knew that even if Ethan did not have to go that their love was on a timeline.

Since the first touch they shared they knew that they had signed for their deaths. For if one person saw them together they would be killed. Ethan for tainting the pure son of the town's preacher and Thackery for being seduce by the devil's silver tongue.

" I do not want thy to leave." said the slightly smaller sixteen year old as he tighten his arms around his lover of two years.

" Nor do I sweet love." said Ethan while looking at his lover wrapped around his chest.

The two lover looked into each other eyes. Thackery's had light green eyes, the color of just growing grass. While Ethan's were the green of the dark forest, just as full of dark secrets and hidden love. Ethan soon put his fingers though his lover dark blond hair and brought him closer for a kiss.

The kiss started soft as all their past ones did but the knowledge that this was their last time to ever feel whole again had them trying to become one with the other. As their wrinkled clothes were shed from one another Ethan rolled them over so he was on top and started to kiss up to his lover's ear.

He whispered, " I love you dearheart and one day no one will stop us from being with one another."


'No no don't leave again.' Timothy Mcgee's heart and mind screamed as his love once again left his side leaving him once again hollow. Tim looked to his alarm clock red numbers flashing at him mocking him with time. 'Ethan.' his soul howled into the morning dawn.

Timothy McGee once known as Thackery Binx has had more then enough time in over 300 years but without his love he no longer wanted it. His time with Ethan alway became clearer as Halloween grow nearer and the dull pain in his soul turned white hot as time went on.

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REPOSTED 11/24/11