The Past of The Night Sky

Disclaimer I don't own anything of Harry Potter, NCIS, or Hocus Pocus.

This is what happens when you watch a NCIS Marathon and Hocus Pocus on the same day after finding out that the actor that plays McGee is also the one that plays Binx (the human not the voice of the cat).

So this is SLASH between Harry/Tim, Fred/ George/ Draco, Neville/ Surprise!, Ron/Luna, Gibbs/Tony. More pairings as the story goes along.

Warnings: Character death, Slash, M-preg, Sexy stuff, Cursing, Child abuse, Good!Marge, Blood, Suicide and Fighting.

BASHING: (HP) Dumbledore, Molly, Ginny, Hermione, Fudge, Dursleys, Bellatrix, Fenrir, Umbridge, Tonks. (NCIS) Jenny, DiNozzo Senior and a bit of Abby bashing.

Timothy McGee is Thackery Binx and Harry Potter is the reincarnation of Thackery Binx's best friend and secret lover 'Ethan Evans' before he was turned into a cat by the Sisters.

Side Notes: I have changed the time between Harry waking up in the hospital wing and Tim's dream/ memory, it is now five years not nine. So both Tim and Harry will be twenty- five and little Ry will be four. Tim has worked at NCIS for a year and an half.


Parselmouth- °~ Snakes Rule!~°

Time Jump- °+•

* - means that a name has a meaning to it and can be found on the bottom of the chapter. example: Ethan Evans*

Ethan- Strong, firm, impetuous

Evans- Young Warrior

Chapter 7

The Years Pass in Pieces

*Read side note before continuing with the story.*


(Last Chapter)

"So Gibbs what do you do for a living?" I ask the older man as we near the car.

"I work at NCIS."

Once all of Ry and Harry's luggage was put in the spare guest room Gibbs had invited them over to his house for steaks. After asking Gibbs to watch Ry, he went and helped his mum feed her two dogs; Ripper III and Magpie the yorkie terrier.

" So mum are you and Gibbs together or just friends?" I asked as I filled the dogs water bowls.

" We are just friends. He helps me with the house during the winter months. I'm not as young as I used to be. And Leroy I believe has his eyes set on his young agent Tony even if he constantly denies it." she rolled her eyes at the thought if anything gettin pass her is possible.

" I'm glad you have some one to look after while I couldn't." I looked down in shame for not being able to protector her from Dumbledore.

"Hey now none of that dear. I'm alive and well now because of you. So don't go blaming yourself over the old fool. You understand me, love." she said as she put her fingers under my chin to look me in the eye.

"Yes ma'am." I said and kiss her cheek before we both went inside.


Over the next few weeks Harry decided that he and baby Ry would continue to live in America but would get their own place near Aunt Marge. His family back in the UK understood and promise to visit every few months.

As time went on Harry and Gibbs became great friends. When Harry started to opened up about his time in the UK and the war there, was when Gibbs and Harry's relationship changed from friendship to an uncle and nephew relationship. The US knew of the war in Europe but didn't know about the magic involved in it.

Around October the second year that Harry and Ry stayed in Washington D.C. Harry started to have strange dreams about two young boys in a dark forest but he was never able to see their faces. The night before Halloween Harry finally saw the face of the slightly younger one and woke up screaming in pain as the memories of his life as Ethan Evans came rushing back to him.

After getting his mind back in order he asked mum to watch Ry for the day. Once he had Ry settled at grandma's he got back in his car and drove to Salem.

As he got closer to Salem all of his Ethan memories became sharper. He had to pull over as he remembered coming back to Salem after his wife and child both died in childbirth and finding out that his one true love had died the day he had left.

Once he found the old cemetery that held Thackery headstone but not his body he fell to his knee as more pieces of his memory came back.

When he found out of his beloved's death he went out to find his mother's old spell book that she had told him to hide before she was killed. He had hidden it by his and Thackeray's old tree.

He had looked frantically to see if there was away to return to his love. He found a soul line spell it was for soul mates that if one had died the other would return in his family line when their soul mate was reborn.

After going inside their tree one more time he casted the spell and cut his wrists. The last thing he remembered was a black cat that looked like it was crying.

When Harry came back to the present from his past life's memories he cleaned up is love's headstone and got into his car to return to his son with one thing in his mind.

'Thackery is back.'

Next Harry and Ry meet the team before bumping into Tim. Ry dislikes one if the team.

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