The Past of The Night Sky

Disclaimer I don't own anything of Harry Potter, NCIS, or Hocus Pocus.

This is what happens when you watch a NCIS Marathon and Hocus Pocus on the same day after finding out that the actor that plays McGee is also the one that plays Binx (the human not the voice of the cat).

So this is SLASH between Harry/Tim, Fred/ George/ Draco, Neville/ Surprise!, Ron/Luna, Gibbs/Tony. More pairings as the story goes along.

Warnings: Character death, Slash, M-preg, Sexy stuff, Cursing, Child abuse, Good!Marge, Blood, and Fighting.

BASHING: (HP) Dumbledore, Molly, Ginny, Hermione, Fudge, Dursleys, Bellatrix, Fenrir, Umbridge, Tonks. (NCIS) Jenny, DiNozzo Senior and a bit of Abby bashing.

Timothy McGee is Thackery Binx and Harry Potter is the reincarnation of Thackery Binx's best friend and secret lover 'Ethan Evans' before he was turned into a cat by the Sisters.

Side Notes: I have changed the time between Harry waking up in the hospital wing and Tim's dream/ memory, it is now five years not nine. So both Tim and Harry will be twenty- five and little Ry will be four. Tim has worked at NCIS for a year and an half.


Parselmouth- °~ Snakes Rule!~°

Time Jumps- °+•

* - means that a name has a meaning to it and can be found on the bottom of the chapter. example: Ethan Evans*

Ethan- Strong, firm, impetuous

Evans- Young Warrior

Chapter 8

The Years That Pass With Joy


During the next few years Harry met Tony and Ducky over time since he and Tristan became common visitors at Jethro's house, that three year old Tristan calls Uncle Jet's boat house.

Jethro had finally got up the courage to tell Tony about his feelings for him and the two have been dating ever since. Ducky was the only member of the team to know about the relationship.

Tony was fun to hang out with and was like having another older brother. He could also entertain little Ry for hours with his different impressions of his favorite actors.

Ducky or Mr. Doc Duck as Ry calls him is the best to calm down Ry when Tony has given him too many sweets by talking him to sleep. Harry made Tony stay up with Ry the next time he gave Ry candy. Now Tony only gives Ry sugar free candy but doesn't tell Ry that it didn't have sugar.

After Harry's trip to Salem he decided to open a dog training business. Now knowing that Thackery was out there he didn't want to just wait so a new business would help him focus on other things. And with Tristan wanting a dog it would help burn off some of the three years olds energy. Also Harry having a great talent with animals after work with so many different creatures in the Wizarding World would be a great help.

So after a nine months course in dog behavior, animal health and help from Griphook on the business front Harry opened Paw Hounds. Gibbs and Tony helped with the decorations by making paw prints for the wall that had different dog breeds cut out.

During Harry's course he and Ry got a six month old tan, white and black German Shepherd Pitbull mix female. Ry thinking a muzzle( device) was called a mug named the new dog Mug.

(A/N true story I named my GS/Pit mix Mug because her snout was all black when she was born. A pix of her is on my page she will be nine years old in April.)

Even after Harry told his son what the device is really called the dog only answered to the new name Mug so it stuck.


It was in the middle of Tristan's forth and Harry's twenty fifth birthday party that Abby showed up at Jethro's house. He and Ry were about to blow out their birthday candles when they heard someone knocking on the door.

Jethro had gotten into the habit of locking the doors whenever little Ry would visit while Harry was working on the business side of his training.

"Gibbs why is the door locked and why are Tony and Ducky's cars outside?" said a female voice as soon as Gibbs opened the door.

"Well Abby we were having a party for Harry and little Tristan tonight." Gibbs answered calmly as Abby walked ahead of him and into the dining room where the guess were at.

When Abby walked in Harry realized that she was the same girl that has been flirting with him more then payed attention during the class at Paw Hounds. Harry really hoped she wouldn't cause a scene tonight.

"HARRY! Oh my god you know Gibbs!"

'So much for that hope.' thought Harry.

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