Hello! I'm InsaneWarriorCatGirl, and this is my first story. You may have read my sister's stories, which I think are pretty good. She goes by the name of FireFlare. So, anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!

A small, slender she-bot slowly emerged from a dense forest. She had piercing golden eyes, a long, bladed tail, and was such a dark silvery purple that she looked almost jet-black. The trees she'd been hiding in were close to a large, strange-looking place that humans called a "zoo." Here was where she decided that she would find her earth-form. But how would she get inside? In the darkening evening, the place looked deserted. The human-beings had all left hours ago, so nobody was around except for the incredibly interesting furry, scaly, and feathery earth-creatures inside. Unable to wait any longer, the elegant purple robot slipped through the trees near the zoo's entrance. It was easy for her to simply jump over the silly little turnstiles that attempted to block the entrance. Looking around, the she-bot noticed what looked like a huge map, the kind that the human-beings would use. It was covered in glass and stood up straight on a wooden platform. Although it was very dark outside, the she-bot could see everything easily. She walked over to it and saw that it had pictures of animals on it, as well as some form of writing on it. The humans' written language was incomprehensible to her, so she examined the animal pictures. Her golden eyes glowed with delight as she chose her target. "Perfect!" she said to herself, and raced toward the earth-creature's enclosure. It was a relatively small habitat, since it contained only two animals. The purple-armored robot's optics lit up when she spotted one of the creatures curled up near a hollow log. "C'mere!" the she-bot called, "here, furry creature!" The animal twitched, then raised it's head and looked at her. Again, the robot called, "Here, furry! C'mere!" The creature cocked its sleek head and walked gracefully toward her, swishing its long tail slowly. The animal stopped when it was a foot away from the fence, where its spot-dappled coat shone in the moonlight. "Yes! Good furry," the she-bot cheered quietly. She scanned it quickly, watching its bright eyes light up beautifully. It seemed faintly nervous now, sheathing and unsheathing its pointed claws. The creature bared its large teeth as it's unusual visitor transformed. Startled and confused, the animal leapt onto the lowest branch of a large tree in its enclosure. The animal's long, color-dappled fur bristled as it saw the robot complete her transformation. There was now an extra clouded-leopard in the zoo.

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