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"Caterwaul," Breakdown inquired seriously, closing the door and pointing to the small red piece of metal on the ground, "What's that?"

"Oh," the Decepti-cat stalled, "Just something I found." Actually, it was a gift from the Autobots to thank her for saving Miko. So technically she had found it... in the hand of the Autobot who gave it to her.

"Nooo," Breakdown muttered slowly, walking closer and bending down to take a better look, "That's..." He looked up at the feline, who gazed back at him solemnly.

"Yes, it is," Caterwaul affirmed quietly, lowering her head.

"Well, why is it here?" Breakdown asked, "I know what you said earlier, when you got hurt, and we were with the Autobots, about which side you were on. But, Caterwaul, you're a Decepticon!"

"Yes," the Decepti-cat answered, subdued, "I know that I am a Decepticon. But the Autobots are not my enemies."

Her friend sighed, "I can understand how you'd feel like that after they saved you, but... I mean, hat doesn't... Well, anyway, what's that insignia doing here?" "It's... a gift," Caterwaul admitted, "From the Autobots."

"For giving them back that little human?" Breakdown asked bluntly, and Caterwaul looked up in surprise. "How'd you know that?" she asked.

Breakdown snorted, "I'm missing an optic, not part of my processor; I could tell you were friends with the human, and you wouldn't kill her. Even if you were going to, you'd have been more thorough, biting off her head or something.

Plus there's the fact that I saw you during that last battle. You never eat that much metal, you didn't speak, and then I saw the human during the battle. And right after, you were so relieved."

Caterwaul looked down at the floor, her fury ears pointing backwards as she hunched her shoulders and curled up her tail.

"So...?" Breakdown demanded, "Are you on our side or theirs?" Caterwaul shook her head in frustration and groaned, "Can't we just drop the subject?"

"NO," Breakdown stated firmly. Caterwaul moaned slightly, then sighed. "Ok," she muttered, "I'm mostly on the Autobots' side, even though I'm a Decepticon. I always have been a Decepticon and I always will be."

Breakdown shook his head and heaved a long sigh. Then he looked back at the femme sadly.

"Who are you?" he asked, almost pleadingly, his face sorrowful.

Caterwaul smiled at him sadly. "I'm Caterwaul," she answered jokingly. But Breakdown didn't smile. "No, Caterwaul," he told her, "I know that. But... who are you? Really, I mean?"

Caterwaul's golden optics looked dejectedly up at the larger Decepticon. This sort of thing had happened occasionally during her many missions.

Sometimes she managed to evade the suspicions. Other times she had to resort to knocking the person unconscious and handing them over to the Autobots before they could tell anyone else.

Neither of these were going to happen. Instead, Caterwaul told the truth.

"I'm... part of a group of Cybertronians," she whispered, "Mostly femmes. Some mechs. Autobots and Decepticons and neutrals with a specific mission."

"What mission?" Breakdown questioned cautiously.

"Guilt. Vengeance," Caterwaul murmured, looking slightly bitter, "There's no official title for us, seeing as we try not to let anyone know who we are. But some call us 'vengeance-bringers.' We... find Cybertronians who have killed other Cybertronians. We tell them that what they did was wrong, and try to get them to feel bad about it. We want them to know that it's wrong to end a life."

The Decepti-cat smiled faintly, "Sometimes they don't even realize that they killed someone. Maybe an accident, from shooting at something and missing, maybe from causing a landslide, maybe from trying out an experimental weapon, anything. They feel guilty about it sometimes, which is good. It's good to not want to kill a person, any person."

Caterwaul's face darkened. "Some," she growled, "Some killers are like Arachnid. Or Starscream. They kill on purpose. They gloat about it. Sickening. So we, vengeance-bringers, we try to make them suffer for what they've done. We try."

"How..." Breakdown questioned hesitatingly, "How do you... find out when a person is killed? How do you find their killer?"

The feline winced, "We're connected to a sort of... a kind of system. Like the humans' internet, but it's a function that we add to our processors. When a spark goes offline, we sense it, like getting a comlink-message, one we see. And when we can, we can check the 'message' for who it was that died, and who killed them."

She shook her head mournfully, "It shows the dead Cybertronian's last moments, through their optics, backtracks to find the cause, the killer. The three closest vengeance-bringers are then aware how far away the killer is, and the very closest one usually goes after the killer. If they don't make it, one of the other two goes and another is alerted."

The Decepti-cat hunched her shoulders and squeezed her optics shut. "We do not kill. We do not make exceptions," she continued firmly, gritting her teeth, "Those are the laws we must follow. I've hurt Starscream. And Arachnid, who's encountered many vengeance-bringers. But I... I didn't confront... It's my fault I didn't..."

The feline broke off, making a choking sound. She twisted her head side to side and dug her claws into the floor. "Mmnuh," she grunted, hissing, "Why am I so weak?! I didn't even say anything those 'Bots... Skyqu- I'm sorry, S-Sk..."

Breakdown's optic widened. "Skyquake," he breathed, "Skyquake was killed by Optimus and Bumblebee."

"I knooww!" Caterwaul keened, pressing her paws to her head and shuddering. "But I didn't do anything to them! I could've, when I first came to this planet! And I could've when I was healing at their base. But I didn't! I thought, 'Oh, it's Optimus Prime himself; I can't just yell at him or his teammate, or hurt them or something!' I didn't even have the courage to tell them that I knew about Skyquake!"

"I was too much of a coward, scared of the 'famous Autobot leader'," Caterwaul snarled sarcastically, "so I did nothing! Because I was impressed by Optimus's fame. Because the Autobots helped me. I could've at least said something. But I didn't."

"I've... done it before," Caterwaul added unhappily, "To Autobots who've killed. Told them that it was wrong. No exceptions. No exceptions for the Autobots I trust or the Decepticons who I join the teams of. I've helped bring down 'Con teams, and then they're imprisoned. Part of my mission."

Breakdown looked sickened.

"Some eventually join the Autobots. Nearly all vengeance-bringers have to help defeat other 'Cons, since they usually kill more than the Autobots do. But I still hate myself for betraying them, when I was never really on their side. And I don't blame them for hating me. I don't think I can do it anymore."

Breakdown stared at Caterwaul, appalled by what she had said about her 'mission': turning in Decepticons who she'd joined. Betraying them.

"Did you join us –the Decepicons here on Earth- just to, just to betray us to the Autobots?" he demanded, hurt.

Caterwaul nodded tightly. "Yes," she whispered, just as ashamed as she always was when thinking of this part of her 'mission,' "I joined the vengeance-bringers as everyone was leaving Cybertron. I wanted to do some good. I didn't realize how much it would hurt.

But I'm so tired of it all. I wanted to stay. Just to stay and try to prevent any more deaths here, just be part of the team here... I felt more like I belonged... I didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. Except Screamer and the Lousy Bug of course."

"A...Anyway," she mumbled, trying to smile, wishing that she could lighten the horrible, tense mood, "You sure are observant, finding that insignia."

"Observant for a 'Con with only one optic," Breakdown retorted, glaring at her. Did she think he'd just forget all that she'd said?!

"Observant by any standard," Caterwaul insisted, "Having one optic doesn't make you inferior."

Breakdown sneered, "Oh, great. How nice of you, traitor. Now you sound like such a noble Autobot."

"Is that such a bad thing, being like an Autobot?" Caterwaul asked pleadingly, "Would you prefer if I was, if I was like Megatron?! Cruel? Arrogant? Uncaring? Want me to be how 'Cons are supposed to be? Blindly following orders, no sympathy for anyone, bloodthirsty, always hating and killing?"

Breakdown lowered his head and looked away. "I'm sorry," Caterwaul entreated, "But I'm not like that. I can't be, and I don't want to."

"You... aren't like that," Breakdown told her reluctantly. "Neither are you," she whispered back, her optics sad and imploring.

"I personally know so many Decepticons who are like that, and I don't trust them, or like them," Caterwaul murmured, "I trust the Autobots. I barely know any of them, but I trust them completely, even though I don't know them or belong with them."

Breakdown paused for a second, then asked curiously, "Aren't there any persons you know and trust?" He felt a twinge of pity flicker in his spark. And an indistinct glimmer of something else.

"...Any persons who you know and like?" he added hesitantly, not making any optic contact with the femme.

Caterwaul looked surprised, and felt her spark flicker briefly.

... "No, not persons," she admitted slowly, "Just... one person."

"Who?" the Decepticon asked, hoping and dreading the answer.

Caterwaul's optics flicked away, to the floor, to a wall. Then they steadied as she turned her golden gaze to Breakdown.

"I truly know... and trust... and care... for one person," Caterwaul promised her friend, "You."

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