My Dear Clone Tsunayoshi

Prologue: The Dream

The curtains floated as the breeze of spring trespassed the small room. The floor creaked as the rocking chair swayed back and forth against the currents of dust. The whisper of lullabies were hushed by a gentle voice and a baby's worries were put to rest. The brightness filled the room from the outside and all was calm. The child's softness lay bare in his arms. They both engulfed in the warmth of each other, soothed the thumping in their hearts. The creaking got louder, and the chair leaned further back as they swayed together. The curtains blew against the inner walls with a fierceness. The chair creaked back even further as the cold wind whipped against their bare bodies. The darkness filled the room as the man and baby fell back, the chair breaking on impact beneath them.

The baby wails.

He disappears.