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Chapter One:

Bring Me to Life

She fell to the floor in a heap, shivering from the icy temperature in the nearly empty room and her lack of clothes. She had no idea where she was and it frightened her. Her pale lavender eyes darted around wildly, expecting someone to attack. Her navy blue hair, dark as a moonless night, fell in front of her vision.

A man with slicked-back brown hair looked down at her with a hungry gleam in his eyes. She growled at this new enemy, a low rumbling sound in her throat, and bared her teeth. Her canines were sharp and could no doubt tear someone's throat if need be.

She jumped at him with an animal-like howl, hands extended as if they were claws. He smirked in a cocky way and she suddenly felt a huge force overwhelm her. She gasped and collapsed to the ground, as if her body and the tile were inseparable magnets. Her whole body felt like it was being crushed, and she struggled for air. She stared at him, helpless and very afraid of this powerful adversary. He walked towards her with a cruel smile and eventually the immense power died down. She sucked in a desperate breath and began coughing.

"That is what happens when you attempt to oppose me. Remember this, young Arrancar: I made you what you are now," he sneered at her and continued, "Be warned girl, that was not even a quarter of my actual power. If you try to go against me again, I won't be as lenient as I was today." She trembled uncontrollably. She hated this man, whoever he was.

The man turned his head to another person behind him, the face of this individual hidden in shadow. Then, he stepped forward, the faint light illuminating his face. She scrambled back fearfully.

Another enemy! she thought with alarm. It was a man with short, dark hair and a deathly pale complexion. His green eyes had thin, cat-like pupils and teal lines underneath them, like he was crying venom. He had a hole just below his collarbone that she could see through. He also had a sharp horn that protruded from his head, a remnant of his former Hollow self. What really terrified her was the emotionless air about him; the killer's glare in his eyes left no place for mercy. He regarded her as if she were a disgusting insect rather than a defenseless girl.

"Aizen-sama…" the man began politely.

The man he called Aizen-sama glanced back calmly. "What is it, Ulquiorra?" he asked, a slight impatience in his tone. Ulquiorra's eyes widened and he bowed respectfully, an arm draped across his chest.

"If it is not too bold to say, Aizen-sama, I believe that that girl won't be of much use to us. She-" He was cut off when the room suddenly became colder. He looked at her in surprise and noted that her eyes had turned the color of ice. Her pupils shimmered like the surface of water and Ulquiorra sensed a strange reiatsu filling the room. He felt his right arm become engulfed in something freezing. He glanced down with wide eyes and saw that a thick wall of ice had trapped it. It pierced his hierro-strong skin easily, sending a small wave of pain up his arm.

He jerked it away, shattering her icy hold on him. His sleeve caught and tore with a loud rip noise, exposing the small muscles on his arm, now slightly stained with his blood. He flexed his fingers experimentally before glaring at the girl, an angry expression flickering across his features for an instant before molding back into his usual melancholy mask.

She was breathing heavily, as if it strained the new Arrancar to use her power. Aizen smiled and said, "Do not judge her so quickly, Ulquiorra. I found this one outside Las Noches, roaming around aimlessly. She was unaffected by the strong reiatsu surrounding the palace. She defeated a Lunuganga by using her unique power over ice. If she could control it, she could become an Espada. For now, she will become Grimmjow's new Fracción. I understand that he lost his previous group in his last...adventure to the World of the Living." He grimaced, as if adventure wasn't the word he wanted to use.

He turned his attention back to the girl on the floor. "You, what is your name?" he asked with a cold glare. She didn't like the superior glint in his eyes and thought of saying many rude comments to him, particularly suggesting things he do to himself that weren't anatomically possible. He raised an eyebrow and she felt the huge pressure envelop her again. This time it was even stronger and breathing became an impossible task for her. A few tears fell from her eyes and she couldn't help but drool on the floor. Aizen stared at her with a mixture of disgust and amusement.

"Ah...ah..." She tried to form words, but couldn't speak. He smirked and said, "Oh, I think our little friend would like to tell us something. Would you please enlighten us on your name?"

The power ceased and she sucked in air to fill her lungs. She finally choked out, "Miyuki. My name's Miyuki."

Aizen smiled, but it didn't reach his shiny eyes. "How fitting. Welcome to Las Noches."

He ordered Ulquiorra to escort her to a nearby changing room. He did so, but reluctantly. He avoided looking at her, which she greatly appreciated since she had no clothes on. It didn't matter when she was a Hollow, but now she had taken a human-like form again. She was fortunate that this Ulquiorra was not a pervert.

His eyes were closed when he turned to her. "Clothing will be available for you in here. Do not take too long," he whispered and stepped aside to let her in. She ran in, grateful to him for not looking the whole way, and shut the door behind her.

A thin white jacket with black underlining lay atop a sofa along with a baggy hakama and a white long-sleeve shirt next to it. The jacket had a long trail that would probably brush the floor when she wore it. She caught a glimpse of herself in a long mirror that hung in front of her. Her navy blue hair was a mess and she could see the dark circles under her eyes. A hole showed prominently in the center of her chest and her whole body was strangely slick, as if it had been coated in some invisible slime.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion when she noticed that her skin was paler than she remembered it to be. Maybe it was a Hollow thing...

"Hurry up, woman. I don't have all day to wait for you," said Ulquiorra's muffled voice from behind the door. She turned to the door, glaring at it. She didn't need another person giving her orders, especially since she would defy them anyway.

She put on the shirt, shrugged on the jacket, which was softer than it looked, and slipped into the hakama. There was a black sash with a sword, no, a katana strapped to it. She tied it around her waist carefully.

Miyuki noticed that it had a pale blue hilt and that the blade curved slightly. The guard took the shape of a snowflake and she nearly sighed. A snowflake guard and power over ice, huh? How clichéd...she thought with beguilement.

She glanced at the foot of the couch and saw a neat pair of socks folded over two sandals. She put them on and slowly opened the door. She found Ulquiorra staring down at her with the same, emotionless green eyes. He twisted around and announced, "Follow me. I will show you the way to Grimmjow's chambers."

He walked quickly and she ran to catch up to him. He was barely taller than she was, about a few inches actually, but he moved fast. He maneuvered through endless twists and rounded several corners. While they walked, she couldn't help but gape at the vastness of the palace. The ceiling was so high that it was cloaked in shadow, and the hallways were lit with bright torches, sending crazy, flickering shadows skittering across the high walls where the light didn't reach. She stared into the darkness before snapping her eyes back to her escort. She didn't want to get lost in this place.

They walked into a room that split into five different corridors and Ulquiorra stopped suddenly, causing her to bump into him. Though it was an accident, he gave her a cold glare that told her not to do that again. He raised his head and said calmly, "Ichimaru, I do not find your jokes to be humorous. Please arrange the passages back to the way they were."

Miyuki stared at him incredulously. Who is he talking to? she thought and wondered if he was insane. He stood there silently for a few seconds before circling on his heel to the way that they had entered. His eyes were shut as he walked by her. The billowing tail of his jacket whirled behind him in an almost theatrical way.

As he passed her, she could detect a faint scent. It smelled of soap and another fragrance that she couldn't quite identify but liked. The only thing she perceived about it was that it had come from him, the retreating figure in front of her. "Ulquiorra..." she whispered, relishing the roll of her r's as they coiled off her tongue. Saying his foreign name had brought her a strange pleasure.

He glanced back at her, his face half-showing. "Do not call me that, woman. I will not have you address me in such a familiar manner. Schiffer-sama is all that I will allow you to address me as," he ordered, looking ahead again.

Miyuki frowned, not knowing whether to be angry with having to call yet another person in a respectful way or to be shocked that he was able to hear her.

"While we are on the topic of proper etiquette, I advise you to call your new master Jeagerjaques-sama," he stated as he rounded a corner.

She scowled and wondered with a sigh, "Must I call everyone here by 'sama'? It seems too much of a hassle, Ulquiorra."

He whipped around and raised a hand, as if to slap her. She flinched instinctively, hands up in defense. Ulquiorra paused, considering his actions. He allowed his hand to fall to his side and he turned around again, expecting her to follow.

She blinked before hurrying after him. Why didn't he slap me? I know I angered him. So why-

His quiet voice echoed in the hallway, interrupting her thoughts, "I must warn you, Grimmjow may seem non-threatening at times, but he is a bloodthirsty killer. Do not let your guard down around him and do your best not to anger your master. He may kill you, if he is in the right mood."

Miyuki's eyes widened. First, he had wanted to slap her, and now he was worried about her? Or was this a standard warning to all that would come into contact with Grimmjow? She shivered, though not from the cold. This "Grimmjow" sounded like someone she didn't want to meet, much less be a Fracción for, whatever that was. There was so much she didn't know, and she hated it. She didn't like being kept in the dark about this new life.

They arrived outside Grimmjow's room sooner than she expected. She gulped nervously when Ulquiorra slid open the door and walked in. She followed him after a moment's hesitation. The room was spacious yet plain. The stone walls were bare and white, and a wooden dummy, or at least what was left of it, stood in the corner. A beat up white sofa rested against the wall and in front of a barred window. A small, threadbare carpet was the only color in the room.

Miyuki glanced to her right and her eyes grew huge. She saw another man, lying on top of a messy bed. He was asleep from the looks of it. He had spiky, light blue hair and small green markings under his eyes, like those of a cat. She could see his eyes moving back and forth restlessly under his closed eyelids. A portion of his mask clung to his right jaw and his soft lips were parted. A small trail of drool dripped down the side of his mouth.

She felt her face become hotter when her gaze lowered to his chest. He wore an open jacket with short sleeves, the collar upturned, and the bottom hem ended before his waist, liked it was ripped off. It didn't cover his muscular torso much, revealing a long scar that ran straight down it. A Hollow hole was exposed on his abdomen and she noticed another faint scar marked his right wrist.

Miyuki let out a strangled gasp when she saw that his entire right arm had been severed off, leaving a bloody stump behind. The right sleeve was soaked with his blood and she swallowed. She could only imagine how violent of a fight he had been in to have lost an arm.

Her pale lavender orbs flickered back to his handsome face and she sensed a strange buzzing sensation within her chest. Her hand flew to where her heart should have been, if she had one. She felt it pulsate underneath her hand and she nearly gasped. She knew that Hollows had lost their hearts, which was the reason why a hole had eaten its way through their bodies. So if she had no heart, how did she still feel emotions? How was it her heart had begun to beat again when she looked at this man? She shouldn't have felt anything but resentment; he was, after all, the person who she would be forced to call "Master".

Suddenly, his nose twitched and he snored loudly, ruining Miyuki's keen perception of him. Ulquiorra gazed at his sleeping figure with distaste and strode over to the bed. In one swift move, he brought up his leg and kicked him off, hard. Grimmjow rolled off of his mattress and stood up, glancing around the room groggily.

"Who the fuck did that?" he shouted and noticed Ulquiorra standing on the other side of the bed. He furrowed his eyebrows indignantly and yelled, "The fuck d'ya do that for, bastard? Get the hell outta my room!"

Ulquiorra was unfazed by this and muttered, "I do not take orders from trash, especially when they have gone against Aizen-sama's command."

Grimmjow disappeared and suddenly was gripping Ulquiorra's collar tightly in a fist. "I'm still an Espada, dammit! I'm still the goddamn Sexta Espada! I'm gonna kill you for insulting me like that!" he screamed and glared at the silent Arrancar hatefully.

Ulquiorra scoffed and flashed out of the raging man's grip. He reappeared next to Miyuki and said, "This girl will be your new Fracción. Though she is trash, she will suffice for someone of your...situation." Grimmjow finally looked at Miyuki, seeming to notice her for the first time. The expression on his face took her aback. His cerulean eyes stared at her with an untamed fury, which she had nothing to do with. It was Ulquiorra who had kicked him, not her.

He scowled and snarled, "I didn't choose her to be my fuckin' Fracción. The hell's Aizen dumping his shit all over me for?"

She had had enough of his vulgar insults and said coolly, "For your last escapade to the World of the Living, you repulsive pig. I'm sure you deserved your demotion and your missing arm!" Both of them blinked and stared at her incredulously. She glared at her master defiantly, arms crossed over her chest.

Grimmjow was the first to recover, "You bitch! The hell do you know? You've got some nerve, talkin' to me like you're the superior one!"

Ulquiorra put a hand to his temples and thought, This girl…. She's done exactly the opposite of what I told her!

Grimmjow started to walk towards her furiously and Ulquiorra, much to Miyuki's surprise, stepped in front of her. "Are you really so bloodthirsty as to kill one of your servants? That's low, even for trash like you," he sneered.

The sadistic Arrancar glanced at him and shouted, "Fuck you! Why do you care?"

Ulquiorra's stoic eyes flickered with an odd uncertainty. He turned around and muttered, "I suggest you show her to her room."

Grimmjow's eye twitched and he growled, "And why the hell would I take orders from trash like you?" He spat out Ulquiorra's words back at him harshly. The other male paused.

"You want her to stay here with you? I certainly do not know where you kept your Fracciones." He continued heading out, an air of satisfaction about him.

"BASTARD!" the former Espada screamed after him.

When the door shut, he let out a frustrated sigh and twisted back to the bed, muttering curses under his breath. He kicked at the floor, sending a chalky cloud puffing up into the air.

Miyuki stood awkwardly in the middle of his room. She was afraid of being alone with this man, no matter how attractive she thought he was. He had wanted to kill her earlier, though his attention had been diverted by Ulquiorra. He could've easily stepped aside and allowed him to rip her to shreds right then and there.

But the fact that he hadn't confuses me… she thought while staring at Grimmjow's back absently. She wanted to get away from him, and there seemed to be only one option.

"Um…" she began. Grimmjow clenched his only hand into a fist and a tiny red ball started glowing at the end of it. He gave an enraged shout as he fired it at the partial dummy in the corner. It exploded, sending tiny splinters everywhere. Miyuki lifted her hands to shield her face and a few of the wooden fragments embedded themselves into her palms. She winced as the blood trickled down slowly.

She removed her hands from near her face and was shocked to see Grimmjow standing inches from her. She made a surprised noise in her throat. He glared at her and his face moved closer to hers until she could feel his warm breath tickling the top of her head. She froze in fear and was very aware of his rather intimate proximity. Miyuki felt her face heat up. She cursed herself mentally, but she couldn't help it, she knew.

She gazed up into his fiery eyes and he whispered, jerking a thumb to the door, "Get out."

She blinked several times in astonishment and murmured, "E-Excuse me?"

His eyes shone angrily and he yelled, "What are ya, deaf? I said get the hell outta my room! I'm tired!" Then, he spun her around and shoved her roughly out the door. She whipped around irately to shout at him, but he slammed the door in her face, cutting off whatever remarks she would've told him.

She heard his muffled voice from the other side of the door, "Go to the room next to mine, the one on the left. That's where my Fracciones lived before. Now stop annoyin' the crap outta me and leave, will ya?"

She debated whether or not to insult him and decided it wasn't worth her life. She bowed reluctantly at the door and muttered sarcastically, "As you wish, Jeagerjaques-sama…"

She thought she heard him snicker and his feet shuffle back to his bed. Miyuki fought the urge to scream as she traveled to her room.

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