Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Percy and Annabeth? Travis and Katie? Nico and Thalia? Chris and Clarisse? Leo and Thalia? I think I'm noticing a pattern of female dominate couples. At least it's a start.

~One of the Amazons

Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

We promise our ego isn't THAT big. I'm mean sure we're awesome and we joke around about it. But as for Apollo and his children… that's a different story.

~The Stolls and Leo

Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Percy X Artemis? Maybe I should've let Kronos take over after all…

-A scarred Percy Jackson

Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Girls take advice from me. Nico ain't falling for anyone huns. But really, who would want a date with someone so deathful?

Yours Truly,


Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Guys, please stop. I'm not in love with Leo. Jason's starting to get the wrong idea. But please tell me a bit more about this Reyna I'm reading about…



(For Chapter)

Hey guys! I posted the second chapter hope you guys like it! And I know this one has fewer letters but I originally had this story as a one-shot (which is why I had so many)
but didn't want to say so just in case people liked it. SO, from now on I only want to do five at a time, in that case I won't run out of ideas. Oh and one more thing, I don't agree with all of these letters. It's their POV not mine like the one from Drew for instance. Thank ya!

Thanks for those of you who reviewed!

~Awesome Trombone Geek 7