Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

The next time one of you brats mistake me, Clarisse La Rue, for a love sick moron, be ready for my electric spear. Dare even think about Prissy and I falling madly in love, and you'll get a one way ticket to Hades. I may feel embarrassed for you guys for even thinking about that idea, but that still won't stop me from maiming you.

Not so sincerely,


Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

What is this? Pothena? Not only is that practically impossible considering I was having fun with Medusa in Athena's temple, making Athena forever infuriated, but do you know how awkward that would be for my son Percy and his girlfriend Annabeth? Plus, Athena is just not my type; I tried telling Percy that there are plenty of fish in the sea, not just witty Athena girls, but he just refused to listen.


Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Please leave me in Elysium where I belong. The thought's nice, but I love being with my Charlie. And trust me, Percabeth, Tratie, and Crissy (Chris and Clarisse) are doing just fine without me.


Silena Beauregard

Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

Honestly? You make those elves of Travis and Conner Stoll the hotties of camp? If anything, it should be Will Solace from the Apollo cabin. I mean an archer, an athlete, a doctor, and a leader? Nothing can be more perfect, besides of course Jason Grace. If only he wasn't too caught up on that disgusting dumpster girl, Piper.

Yours truly,


Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

So many of you are writing these stories of Travis following me that I think I should get a restraining order. I think I'm going to make it for Travis and you guys. And furthermore ;00010001 ERROR. Please try again. SORRY! Ignore that guys! Keep the stories coming; you're doing great! You guys always get me and Travis right. Kat- I mean- I was just trying to discourage you guys in those bad reviews, but I finally realize the perfect couple we make.

~ Katie

P.S. Yes, I really am Katie, this isn't hijacked by Travis. Ignore all suspicions telling you otherwise.

He he. Ginny-the-red-head wanted for me to do something with Tratie from a long time ago. That's just an attempt. Sorry, if you don't get it…(Just in case, yes it WAS Travis in the end… That probably sucked away the hilarity it still had left… Oh Well!)

*Remember just because I post it on here, doesn't mean it is how I feel in real life. This is directed especially to the one from Drew. (I really don't like Drew with a burning passion a burning sun can't describe) The Stolls are as awesome as you could get. It's the character's opinion (or what I think it would be), NOT mine.

And so we're clear, that flame, even though it still stings a little, is laughed at now. :)

Second update this week! I'm on a roll. But just in case, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on who it could be from next?

And that's basically it. Read and review (*cough with a reason if it's a flame *cough)

-The Artistic Seventh