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And in honor of the Olympics, our favorite Olympians are sending out Olympic themed letters. I'll do the *requests next chapter. I literally already have it ready but wanted to write this before the Olympics are over. That being said, this isn't really aimed at you guys but it's what I think the characters would like to say in "respect" of the Olympics.

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Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Michael Phelps the greatest sports Olympian of all time? I. Am. Offended. That should so go to me! I'm the son of Poseidon for gods sake! I can beat Phelps any day. Chiron of course doesn't let me because it may be considered cheating and exposure. But what he doesn't know is that Phelps is probably in some way related to Poseidon as well…

-Percy Jackson

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Olympic fun fact here: The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. Only men were allowed to participate and watch for that matter because they competed naked. That's right, I'm educating you during the summer. You all need it.


Annabeth Chase

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

You can't even imagine my disappointment of not being the Olympic Opening ceremony torch. It just wasn't as cool as it could've been.


Leo Valdez

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

I swear I am not the one watching the Olympics just to see the men's abs. It's the rest of the Aphrodite cabin. Not me. I just, you know, look at everyone's technique… Yeah.

~Piper McLean

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

Dumpster girl was totally lying. These male Olympians are plain sexy, unlike some people at camp. I'd go for a Lochte latte anytime.

Yours Truly,


Anyone else watching the Olympics? Again this is what I think they would say if they saw some of these stories, not necessarily what I think. Can someone tell me how to use Image Manager? I'm not Fanfiction savvy at all. But I have to say I agree with Drew on the Lochte thing… haha just kidding. Or am I?

And I think I'm going to write a story about this specifically so the idea is claimed.

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