A/N: Hi everyone! I am so excited to let you all see this! Like I said in my profile this is a fanfic that I created out of my love for the PPG and Anne Fortier's Juliet. To all of you who are reading this, I recommend you to read Juliet I found it more fascinating that the Bard's version because this one is easier to read *laughs* I am still working on it and I guarantee that this story if going to be way longer than The Power of Numbers, but hopefully you will love it equally! Enjoy my prologue! :D

Prologue: Cursed

There was something dark and lurking in Cittá Ville, Italy it was broken up into halves. Hatred that was conceived out of love and murder was nursed carefully throughout the years, raised through man's violent actions.

No one knew how the hatred came to be but the two families were forever cursed to hate each other. If such curse existed then surely this one burnt through the each family member's soul through generations.

Of course we were all pass the time of the medieval ages, the families faded away to be left as a distance and dark memory.

However they were not gone. They were still alive, the strange hatred they had for each other was like a barely lit fire it barely glowed with life but given fuel it burnt with the rage of a forest fire.

One family shall change their name,

The other shall fade away,

One has the eyes open,

While the other is in the dark,

The children with peculiar eyes in both families,

Their lesson yet has to be learn,

Through tears of years of yearn,

Yet they must rise before their hatred and see what is even more above,

And that is love.