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Chap. 11: Foreshadowed


I woke up as I felt the sunrays warming me. I felt my face getting hotter as I realized what mess did Brick and I did to his bed. The sheets were all over the place and the old wedding dress was thrown off me and it lay down in the floor. I bit my lip but left it there and instead wrapped my whole body in one of Brick's red sheets. I quickly turned as I heard the sheets moving and saw Brick grinning at me quietly as if not wanting to disturb me.

"You look even more beautiful without anything on." He said as he pulled me towards him. I felt my face heat and my heart racing quickly yet his kiss drowned every other feeling off.

At that moment everything was perfect peace, all that existed was just us two.

"How's your wrist my love?" He asked sounding thrill that he called me that. I bit my lip as I tried to hold back the giggle. It sounded unreal, it sounded magical, lovely yet dark…

I smiled instead.

"'Don't even feel it." I said as I showed him the healing cut. His eyes narrowed but he nodded.

"I'm so sorry," Brick said as he pulled me closer to him. He kissed my wrist. "I should have known their plan…" he grumbled. I raised my eyebrow.

"This was planned?" I asked feeling suddenly…betrayed. Brick chuckled with humor.

"Silly Blossom," he murmured. "It was not planned…" he said and then he held my head with his hands. "We still need to go to the hotel," he said as he looked down and grinned. "Don't want my wife walking around with sheets." He said with a cocky grin and kissed me before I could protest.

His kisses sent wild fire through my body, I felt like time stopped…like I said before: it was just us, nothing else mattered.

"I love you so much." Brick murmured.

"Me too," I said with a sigh. I loved him a lot. Whatever his name was, Antonio or Brick I will always love him.


Cittá Ville, 1300

"Civetta!" Belinda's bambinaia cried suddenly scared. Yet no matter how hard the bambinaia shook Belinda or yelled at her, she will not wake. Her face was pale, her lips were light purple, and her breathing stopped. "Belinda Ubertini!" her bambinaia cried harder but she began sobbing.

"Bambinaia!" Lady Ubertini cried from the doorway. "What is taking Belinda so long to wake up?" she asked. The Lady was already dressed in her finest bronze-colored gown, her shoulders held falcon feathers. Age has not made Lady Ubertini look ugly but somewhat graceful, her graying black curls, her wrinkle skin and her light blue eyes showed the shadow of the once Marcello princess, her distant cousin was the King of Cittá Ville. She had always wanted her daughter to marry back into her family to pass the Marcello name and glory.

"Dama!" Lady, the bambinaia sobbed. "My civetta, your figlia is dead!"

"No!" Lady Ubertini began sobbing. "My figlia cannot die! She was to marry Pancrazio!" she cried. Belinda's bambinaia wanted to strangle Lady Ubertini, she only thought of the material need but the bambinaia knew why her beautiful and lovely civetta died.

All she needed was love and acceptance.

"Jorge! Jorge!" Lady Ubertini cried yelling out for her husband.


The Northern streets of Cittá Ville were quiet and cold as a tomb in December. Throughout the day it had been raining without stop and without reason. It was the season of dryness and now it was raining.

Is the Virgin, thought Belinda's older brother Beniamino, she is sad that a graceful and lovely belle has been taken from us.

They were leaving the beautifully decorated grave of Belinda. Her body was not buried, instead Lord Ubertini ordered the men to take Belinda to the family grave which was this house-temple like structure that had Ubertini nobles placed inside. There were only men in there and Lord Ubertini believed that his daughter, may her soul rest in peace, will be honored to be placed in such place. Beniamino gritted his teeth. He knew who was responsible. It was those cursed Jocovinis who made a young and beautiful maiden as his sister, love them. They all had to pay especially Benito, the man or boy that played with his sister as if she was an idiot.

"Are you well?" asked Patrizio, the older brother of Pancrazio. Beniamino shook his head.

"Those cursed Jocovinis," Beniamino said with distaste. "They did this to my sister, they killed her." he said as the rain poured into his face and noble clothes.

"You used to be friends with Benvolino," Patrizio said as they went inside the Palazzo di Marcello, the Palace of the Marcello since Pancrazio asked that his to-be parents in-law to be with him as he tried to deal with the loss of his beautiful to-be wife. Beniamino gritted his teeth again.

"A choice I paid highly my friend," Beniamino snapped. Everyone looked at their way but Patrizio shook it off with a wave of his hand. "He took Giulietta Tolomei from Sienna away from me." He whispered harshly. "She was as beautiful as kind and innocent as a blooming rose. Yet the cursed son of a Jocovini took her away from me!" he murmured as he remembered Giulietta's heart-shaped face, bronze curls and dark blue eyes that were the color of sapphires. She said she loved him, she said she will marry him…they were 10 then but six years later she spurned him for his best friend, Benvolino Jocovini.

They will both pay. He will make all the cursed Jocovini pay for his pain and loss.

"If it wasn't for that, Beniamino," Patrizio began. "You would have never met your Tomi." He said and Beniamino nodded with distasteful agreement. When he was sixteen and Belinda was fourteen, he left Cittá Ville to get away from Benvolino and Giulietta. He ended up in Florence and there he met the daughter of the wealthy and kind Lord Fosari, Tomasia Fosari who was more beautiful than Giulietta. Tomi (as he nicknamed her) had long golden hair and bright emerald green eyes. She looked more delicate and kind than Giulietta. Tomasia was like a pure white rose while Giulietta was like a pure fiery red rose. Tomasia was like an angel while Giulietta was a playful and evil Venus, and she chose him above her other admirers. Beniamino silently cursed himself for ever comparing his beloved Tomi to the wicked Giulietta.

"One day I will have a Jocovini face to face and I will have no mercy to them, just as they had no mercy with my sister." Beniamino said full of revenge. Patrizio frowned for he shared his father's dream to have both houses live without feuds or ridiculous hatred. Why could they not see that they are only destroying themselves in the process?


"NO!" Benito cried. He suddenly felt empty and incomplete. His love, his own was dead.

He felt unbearable pain and agony, he felt angry that he was not there to protect her from Death's hold. He was alive while she was dead.

"Be quiet my friend," Friar Lorenzo began instructing Benito quietly. They had not left for Florence as was planned. Benito still refused to leave Belinda behind with Pancrazio.

"Are you telling me to be quiet Friar?" Benito began taking all his anger at the friendly friar. Yet Friar Lorenzo stood his ground for he knew it was not Benito who was talking but his madness. "Telling me to quiet down my agony is like standing next to a fire and telling it not to burn! How could I not suffer? My wife, my love, my life, my own has been taken away from me! I am incomplete I am in agony that no man has ever bear in his life! How could I calm down as Fortuna took away my beloved angel, my sun, my life away from me? I must go back and join her on the other side! For you know I cannot live without her, if she left without me then I must go and fallow her!"

"You speak of a great sin, sir!" Friar Lorenzo said through his teeth. "The Almighty One and the Virgin will never forgive you for taking your life."

"I will never forgive the Almighty One and the Virgin for taking away my beloved! You of all people have been a witness to our love, a love that does not have an end even in death!"

"Belinda is alive, Benito!" Friar Lorenzo told him before Benito could do something rash. "She has drunk a potion to fall in a deep sleep at is all, she is alive!"

"Are you telling me the truth, friar?" Benito asked, almost begged for the friar to tell the truth. Friar Lorenzo nodded.

"I will not lie to you, Benito." Friar Lorenzo said and Benito laughed with joy.

"She is not dead! There is still a chance for us to be together for eternity!"



"I'm taking your Mercedes!" Buttercup said as she jingled the keys. I heard Butch roar with laughter.

"That's my girl!" he chuckled as he managed to duck her punch and kiss her. It was nice to see Buttercup with her equal, I felt like this was a dream come true. I saw Butch pulling Buttercup to his room while Buttercup was throwing her fist at him. We found our other half and I could see Bubbles and Boomer swimming in the pool. Brick put his head on my shoulder and put his hands around my waist.

"It looks wrong," he began whispering my ear. "But Butch and Buttercup look perfect for each other." He said with a chuckle. I bit my lip as I tried to stifle a laugh.

"True." I said and looked at his hand. I tried to not to flinch as I saw where the friar sliced him. I think he saw me looking because he kissed my cheek.

"Calm down," he whispered as he smiled at me. I began to calm down. "It didn't even hurt." He said now with a cocky grin. I tried not to roll my eyes at him. Of course nothing will hurt him. He was like an immortal. I smiled as I saw his eyes, his true eyes…red like fire, red like passion, red like love.

"Fine," I groaned. I wanted to shake a little as a small afternoon breeze hit us as we sat down in a bench that over looked the pool where Bubbles was swimming like a mermaid while Boomer was swimming as fast as a shark. I tried not to feel nervous as I realized that I was wearing a simple white cotton dress that showed my shoulders. Thankfully I left my hair loose so that covered much of that.

"Are you okay?" Brick asked as he saw me bit my lip. I wanted to laugh he noticed I bit my lip when I was nervous or trying to stifle a laugh.

"Yes." I said and he raised an eyebrow but smiled. He stood up and looked at me a little amused.

"Come on, Blossom." He said as he led me to the orange building. I stopped.

This was just like the dream I had back when I was in Aunt Emma's mansion, back in Townsville. I blinked and saw Brick looking at me as if I losing my mind…well more than I already had.

"Blossom?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow.


"Why…why you never told me who you really were?" I asked softly. He frowned a bit.

"I thought I already said that."

"Well there is more to it, remember?"

"Well yes," he began and he took a deep breath. "My life hasn't been very easy." He began. "I lived in Rome for most of my life and the only reason I came here was because my grandfather Jamario Jocovini wanted to see us. He never loved us but he wanted us to stay close to Cittá Ville." He said as he sat beside me. He seemed to look at the pool but I could tell he was looking further away. "My mother never came with us during these trips. She and my grandfather had the worst relationship."

"Why?" which was all I could ask. What sort of father didn't wish to see his own daughter? Brick looked down at my hand, the one that was sliced and held it.

"My mother was pregnant with us and she was not married. For many people in small cities like this or perhaps a large town I should say is that people tend to talk. My mother became the laughing stalk of the town and brought disgrace on my grandfather. He told her to leave and stay away unless she came back with a husband. My mother left. Like I said she gave birth to us here though, my Madrina insisted on her future godchildren to be born in Cittá Ville and baptized with my mother's name."

"Rosa knew your mother right?" I asked confirming yesterday's theory. Brick's lips twitched, as if he wanted to smile.

"Yes. Rosa was my mother's best friend even thought my Madrina is a little older than her by a year I think. Rosa had us baptized with the Italian names Antonio, Adrian, and Alejandro while my mother wanted us to have English names because she was thinking in going to America. That is why I have Brick, and my brothers Butch and Boomer."

"So where did Santini come in?" I asked. I had theories and I guess my sisters too but I wanted to know his side.

"My step-father, he gladly gave us his name and he is the best father ever. He taught us, he loved us and he was always there when we needed him. He let us come here and after some time in Rome, Rosa convinced us to come back here. She wanted to know us better and we wanted to come back since we have some family left."

"Your grandfather?" I asked. He frowned a bit.

"He died but he asked forgiveness from my mother though." Brick said and I smiled.

"That is very kind." I said and Brick nodded.

"My mother forgave him but Cittá Ville was never her home again." He said and I bit my lip. I didn't blame his mother. "So Belinda from America," he said in a playful tone. I tried hard not to roll my eyes. I wasn't her since unlike her I did have a happy ending. I had my Jocovini with me. "Have you been faithful through the centuries?" he asked and I felt my face getting hot. "I am guessing no." He said as he pushed away strands of auburn hair from my face. I laughed without humor.

"Uh-huh, why will I be unfaithful? I was the one who put up with being buried alive."

"You technically weren't buried, just placed in a coffin." He said with a chuckle.

"I was still left for dead while Benito was somewhere far away." I said and Brick grinned.

"Good way to avoid my question."

"Thank you," I said and he grinned wider. "But I am not going to avoid it because I have been faithful. In Romeo and Juliet," I began. "Romeo was chasing after Rosaline. Did you go back to chasing her?" I asked and Brick laughed sounding amused at my question. I felt my face getting hot with sudden embarrassment. Brick then kissed me gently.

"Silly Blossom, there has never been any other girl." He said and I raised an eyebrow.

"You thought I was dead."

"Yes," He said sounding a bit sad. "I knew I was like a Romeo," he said as he held my hand again. "I told you that I met you when you were five, right?" he asked and I nodded. "I was with my grandfather that summer, when widowed Mrs. Ubertini came with her daughter I knew that girl is special, I was older than you by far but…I don't know I was never able to forget you. When I heard that there was a terrible accident in the Ubertini household I was afraid that you were in it. When Signore Marcello told me that Mrs. Ubertini and her daughters died I felt…empty." He said. We stayed quiet for a moment.

"I bet you have a line of woman who wouldn't hesitate to keep you company." I said and he chuckled.

"And I bet that there wouldn't be a man on earth that wouldn't hesitate to keep you company." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Now that's 'silly'." I said and he raised an eyebrow.

"Have you seen Belinda Ubertini's portrait in the Museum?" he asked.

"Something, like that…" I said remembering and he smiled.

"She is beautiful isn't she?" he asked and I bit my lip but nodded. Why was he telling me that a long-dead woman is beautiful? "But you," he said and I traced the scar from the slice with his finger, gently. "You are more beautiful than she can ever be." I felt my throat thicken. No one has ever told me I was beautiful, except for my family but no one has ever dared to tell me that.

Except him,

"Come," he said and pulled me up. "I want to do something with you."


"No!" I cried. Brick chuckled.

"Come on."

"I don't like water."

"You have a bathing suit!"



"Brick!" I cried. "I'm terrified of water, okay? I just hate it."


"I'll just sit here and watch…"

"If you don't come right now," he began and shook his head. "Blossom…" he said as he stood in front and me and kissed my forehead as I was sitting down in the bench by the porch, as far away from the pool as possible. "You'll be okay." He said as he half-drag me and led me to the pool where Boomer and Bubbles were leaving to give us some space. Then he stopped when we near the water. He raised an eyebrow. "Why are you so afraid, my love?"

"When I was little…" I began trying not to get nervous. "I…well let's just say Buttercup pushed me." I grumbled and Brick chuckled.

"She sounds evil…" he said as he kidded with me, I laughed.

"Well I tried to push her first."

"So my love, you got what you deserve." Brick said as I shrugged. He laughed. "Do not worry, it's not deep." He said as he carried me down the pool. I tensed as the cool water touched my warm skin, I felt as if I was about to drown…

"Stop!" I yelled at Bianca. Bianca laughed and she had a wicked grin in her face. She had just read out loud my diary revealing that I had a thing for Romeo Montague.

I never seemed to be interested about boys that are real. I was more interested in the make-believe people that seemed picture perfect like the handsome Romeo Montague, the revolutionary writer Thomas Jefferson, then to other famous men. Belle (she was the only one that knew) tried telling me that they were not alive, they were long dead and that I should focus on real and breathing boys. Yet they were all immature, smelly, snotty, some even act like they were tough or something.

"Oh Romeo, Romeo, Romeo, where art thou my Romeo…?" she read from my pink diary. Belle was trying to get her to stop but Bianca was angry at me for telling Aunt Emma she was failing English. When my green-eyed sister was angry she seeks revenge. I felt my face getting hot with rage and I tried to push her but Bianca was too strong.

She pushed me instead knocking my head on the pool tiles causing me to fall over and drown.

The cold water seemed to be pulling me down, taking me away from my sisters…

"NO!" I cried and started coughing up the water. I was shaking terribly and I Brick looked at me as if he'd been slapped.

"Blossom?" he asked looking confused yet afraid. I looked around and realized that I was actually swimming…doing the few strokes I learned before Buttercup drowned me.

"I-I…" I stammered but then laughed as I began to feel at ease with the water I long feared. I started to play with the water, it didn't pull me. It wasn't taking me to the bottom or anything, it was just there. "Brick," I laughed. "You did it!" I said as I planted a kiss on his lips. He raised an eyebrow as he saw me laughing like I was crazy. "You helped me."

"No problem Blossom." He said and kissed me I sighed and kissed him back.

"I love you." I said and he chuckled.

"Me too,"



"Nope," I said. "You can't come."

"Why?" he complained and I rolled my eyes playfully slapping his head.

"I need to talk to my sisters." I said and he chuckled. "Alone."

"Fine," He said as he stole a kiss away from me. I felt my heart racing and my blood running with fire. Why he made me feel like I was on fire? I grinned as I took his keys away.


"Come back to me woman."

"'will try." I said and he raised an eyebrow.

"Do I need to give you prove, Butters?" He said as he stood up and quickly closing his green door. I bit my lip.

"Butch…" I began but then he began kissing me, harder and harder until I was sure my lips were going to be bruised. I in return began kissing him harder…my heart was racing, my face was flushing, I felt as if I was in fire and I felt his hands on my back under my shirt…


"Buttercup?" I heard Bubbles ask. Butch and I pulled away and began catching our breath, he grinned at me and I tried not rolling my eyes at his cockiness.

"Come in." I said. Bubbles came in looking uncomfortable. Knowing my sister, she was probably nervous she interrupted us that or she was just feeling stinky that she was wearing the same clothes.

"I talked to Blossom," she said with a sudden smile. "She says that she will be glad to go back to the hotel."

"That's why you're taking away my car keys?" Butch asked as he raised an eyebrow at me. I smirked at him.

"Yup." I said and stood up. "Okay, little sis, let's go." I said before Butch can delay me again.


"Finally!" I groaned as I stopped Butch's green Mercedes into the small parking lot of the Hotel. It has been a long drive…sure when I was with my sisters I like (at times even enjoy it) the drive but when I was with alone by myself or with Butch I felt afraid of the open road.

Is really ridiculous when you come to think about it but whatever, I'll get over it just like leader girl got over her stupid water phobia.

I know it was mostly my fault.

"The desk is empty." Bubbles said as she tilted her head. Blossom and I looked over and saw she was right. Signore Marcello was gone.

"I wonder why…" Blossom asked as she frowned. I simply shook it off. So what if the guy wanted some peace? I sure wanted some of that after all that has happened.

"Whatever." I grunted and pressed the elevator door. Blossom rolled her eyes at me but fallowed me as the elevator doors opened.

"Wait up!" Bubbles cried and quickly enter the elevator.

"So we are only changing into new clothes and that's it." Blossom ordered us and I rolled my eyes. She can be so predictable at times.

"I know that leader girl," I said and she frowned looking somewhat offended.

"I was just re-" she began.

"We're here!" Bubbles sang. Blossom bit her lip and nodded leading us toward the penthouse. The penthouse looked just how we left yesterday, Bubbles skipped towards her bedroom in her cheerful manner and I was just marching towards my room.

The weird thing about my room was that it was the same exact color, the same shade of green that I liked. It was something I never thought of but now I felt suspicious all over again. I tried to not let it get to me for some reason I always did this when I was perfectly happy. I began changing to black pants and a green lime t-shirt. My short hair was all over the place. I put on my combat boots (is kind of silly since is actually hot) and I combed my wild hair.

"No Bubbles that is not going to happen!" I heard Blossom say gently. I raised an eyebrow and I saw Bubbles shaking with fear as she held a strange notebook.

"But-But-" Bubbles stammered and she began sobbing.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I saw Bubbles hugging Blossom. Blossom though looked like Bubbles was being dramatic, and it has happened before when we were with Aunt Emma.

"READ THIS!" Bubbles shrieked showing me an entry. I raised an eyebrow at leader girl who sighed. I looked at the entry.

"Is in Italian," I said and leader girl looked like she was trying not to laugh at me.

"The next page." She said and I turned it.

"I didn't see that." I grumbled and began reading the entry.


Cittá Ville, 1300

~*~* From the Cittáian Prison to Palazzo Ubertini *~*~

Dear Beniamino Ubertini,

It was a failed plan Belinda never meant to take her life away that morning when her bambinaia found her. She was only asleep, in a deep sleep that made her seem dead. Belinda and I came with up with a plan. The plan was for her to sleep and to be buried alongside her ancestors in the graveyard. I was in charge of bringing Benito to rescue her and for him to take her to Florence so they can live happily with their pure love.

Alas I have not counted in Pancrazio's heartache for his beloved Belinda's death. Though Belinda never loved him, he did. Pancrazio was in Belinda's grave and I was surprised to find him there. Benito full of resentment towards him did not think twice about striking Pancrazio. It was a dangerous battle, one which even after all these days in prison I was not able to forget. Both men crossed their swords and began yelling at each other, both fighting for Belinda even after her 'death'.

Pancrazio then realized that Belinda was truly alive and was about to run off with Benito for I was present and trying to wake her so we could leave before anyone came, cursed them that they will never live their love for his family will always break them apart. Benito angrily charged Pancrazio who was already half-dead from battling Benito and in the end Pancrazio stabbed Benito and vice versa leading to their deaths.

Belinda awoke then. Her majestic and lovely violet eyes awoke with the scene of much violence and death that she too wanted her death. She begged me to give her poison so she can join Benito in the other world so they could live their love. She did not wish to live without her dear Benito.

As a friar and a God-fearing man I did not allowed it. I told her to wait, that I will be right back and I will get the King and Lords so they can take charge of the situation. I quickly left, for I did not want her to wait there alone with the corpse of Benito and Pancrazio much less in a dull place as the graveyard. I told the Kind and Lords to come as quickly as possible and the rest is known.

I do not ask for forgiveness for I know what I did is wrong, I should have taken charge of the situation instead of letting Benito and Belinda plan according to their feelings. All I say is beware the Marcello I have heard they are your closest ally. Even I am fond of Pancrazio's older brother, Patrizio but people are bound to hear the terrible tragedy and people will feud more than ever.

Beware Beniamino, beware! Some Marcellos are bound to remember and resent both families for killing their young prince, just as the Jocovinis and Ubertinis are bound to remember only the hatred and not the love between Benito and Belinda.

Friar Lorenzo

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