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Chap. 14: Awakened


I felt free. I felt no pain whatsoever. I was floating and I felt as if everything was just perfect. Nothing to worry about, nothing to fight…like I said free…and that meant of everything. A few more moments of this perfect happiness and I will forget everything.

I laughed as I almost reached the place, the place I only read of in books but now I felt it, now I could be there and forever.

"You shouldn't be here," I heard someone say. I turned around and saw a woman or more like a teenage girl look at me with wide wise eyes that seemed only too familiar.

I knew her, I thought as some blurry memories came back.

"Who are you?" I asked her and the girl smiled showing her perfect pearly white teeth.

"You are even prettier than I ever was," she said as she stroked my long red hair her eyes shining like…like…purple amethysts, her eyes were beautiful and…peculiar.

The children with peculiar eyes in both feuding families…

"Belinda Ubertini." She said with faded pride, her amethyst eyes shining with care.

"Why are you telling me I don't belong?" I asked feeling hurt. Why wasn't allowed in this beautiful and harmonious place? Belinda's amethyst eyes lost their sparkle and old pain shadowed them making them dark violet as she frowned.

"Is not your time," she said as she looked at the golden gates that appeared from nowhere. "Your happiness is not here."

"How do you know?" I asked feeling lost.

"The Almighty and The Virgin do though," she said and her eyes became as soft and delicate as lavender. "Go back to him Blossom, go and end this wicked curse once and for all."

Then all of a sudden I was taken away and I felt pain, I felt agony, I felt…love.

It was even more powerful and beautiful than the harmony in the other place. I tried talking…to move…to do something.

"Blossom," a deep voice said…it was Brick!

I'm here, I tried to say…anything to make his pain go away.

"Blossom!" he began yelling sounding desperate. I wanted to cry, how could I tell him I was still here, still here with him?

I'm here, I tried again. No sound came out my mouth, not even a small whisper.

"Butch…" I heard Buttercup beginning to sob. I wanted to speak! I had to! It was useless though, I began to feel weaker and weaker. As if the pain was slowly taking me away from my beloved ones.

"Buttercup," I heard Butch trying to make her feel better. "She will…" he trailed off, he knew it was useless to say okay when everything was not.

"Blossom!" Brick yelled again. I heard him beginning to cry and he held me tighter yet not enough to hurt me in anyway. "NO!" he yelled.

Stay strong, I heard Belinda's soft whisper from somewhere far away. Remember that the story must not repeat, it cannot, it won't…

"Wearen'tthem…" I whispered feeling a little bit stronger. I barely opened my eyes and I saw Brick's face near mine his eyes were full of happiness and joy, he began laughing.

"Blossom!" I heard my sisters cry in joy.

"Chiamare l'ambulanza!" I heard Boomer yell somewhere in the background.

"No," I heard Brick tell me softly. "We aren't them." I tried to smile but then I slipped into a deep and dark dream…



"Calm down," I heard Boomer said softly as he kissed me gently. I was still shaking and basically crying to no stop. I was so afraid, I kept looking at the corners or the shadows and somehow expecting Signore Marcello to appear out of nowhere and take us again…I sniffed and nodded, my sister was alive. Blossom needed for me to be strong. Signore Marcello was being looked for his head was worth a fortune if he is caught in the city's boundary since he nearly killed the Ubertini sisters, whether we like or not, the descents of a powerful Cittáian family.

"Thank you," I sighed, I felt better at once he kissed me. He looked confuse for a small second.

"For…?" he began his sapphire eyes playing with my feelings.

"For everything," I said brightly remembering everything. He frowned.

"No," he began and I looked at him confused. His blond hair moving in the wind as he drove his blue Mercedes towards the hospital, after Blossom's accident he had taken me away (while I slept! The nerve of this guy! But I still love him very much!) Only realizing too late that I ended up in the Santini home with Boomer sleeping next to me with his arms wrapped around me, as if protecting me from Signore Marcello and everyone else who stood against our love. "I owe you everything Bubbles," he said as he stopped looking at the road and held my hand.

"The road, Boomer…!" I shrieked making him laugh. "Don't laugh! Don't you see the movies? There is always a truck or a car or something when someone says something that sweet!" I said and began looking around for any moving vehicle.

There were none, thankfully.

"I love the way you shriek, you look so cute." He said making my face go deep red. "I love everything about you." He said and I smiled, I love the way he said 'I love you.'

"I love you very much." I said and he kissed me quickly before giving me the chance to shriek again. He grinned.

"I love you too." He said and he stopped the car. My eyes widen, we needed to go to the hospital! What was he thinking?

"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked nervously. He smiled at me, his eyes playful yet determine.

"Ever since we found out from this curse we haven't really spent a lot of time with each other…" he began and I felt my eyes grow huge. Where was he going with is? "So would you like to take a trip with me to all around Italy?" he asked his eyes pleading me. I squealed and hugged him.

"Yes!" I said. "I would love to go!" I said clapping my hands. This was so amazing! He was making my dreams come true! Yet I felt my face starting to frown.

"What's wrong?" Boomer asked holding my hand as if not wanting to let go of me.

"Blossom…" I began and he nodded.

"I understand," he said but his face was still bright and radiant. "I wasn't planning on leaving without seeing them happy though." I squealed again, he so understood the situation! I kissed him quickly smiling at his comprehension.

"Thank you so much." I said then I suddenly felt confused. "That is why you stopped the car?" I asked. He laughed.

"As much as I love your squeals," he began as he started his Mercedes again. "I don't want you shrieking at me for any 'cars or trucks…'" He said as he laughed again. I blushed deep red.

"Don't laugh!" I said. "I saw it happen in many movies!"

"Yet this isn't a movie," he said softly and he began driving. "This is real which is why I love it so much." He said as he playfully winked at me. I giggled.

"I'm glad this is real too."




That was the first thing that came in to my mind when I woke up as I opened my eyes to find myself in a bench in the small Cittáian hospital. I blinked, confused since I wasn't in my hotel bed…

The memories of last night hit and I gritted my teeth.

Curse Signore Marcello with Coconut and Mario Bro gone evil. They did this to my sister and they had to pay! Preferably in jail and not in the afterlife, I wasn't waiting that long for some justice! In case you forgot I am a cop so I always had this sense of making justice instead of doing nothing but taking long breaks, drinking coffee and eating donuts. I looked around the hospital waiting room but there wasn't much…action like in those lames movies when someone is dying. You always see people around the hospital but there was hardly a living soul. Apparently the Cittáians were healthy and careful people. I placed my head in my hands all this was just so crazy that I think my head will explode with madness and anger (that's the biggest one) I suddenly felt a big hand in my shoulder. I jumped my nerves were making me act like some weak and scared little girl.

"You okay?" I heard Butch ask. I shrugged, I was better.

"I'm okay." I grumbled as I realized that I hurt my arm. It was lightly bandaged since I went down the rope (when I was desperately trying to save my sister) and hurt myself with the falling rocks or some sort of structure. Butch sighed and he held my hand looking at the bandages with sadness in his dark and wicked green eyes. I held back my breath, he looked so…compassionate.

"You are seriously the craziest girl I ever met." He said with a dark grin. I rolled my eyes he was always ruining the good things I have to say about him.

"So far I hate how this is going." I grumbled and he chuckled.

"But," he began as he kissed me gently which shocked me. "You are the bravest girl I ever seen in my life." He said as handed me orange juice. I just held it in my left hand. I didn't know what to say. How do you response to something like that?

"Uhm…" I began but he laughed.

"I've been thinking…" He trailed off.

"Which is a miracle," I said. Now I did know how to response to that. Butch rolled his eyes as I grinned.

"I know you only came for a couple days so I was thinking in keeping you here for a much longer time." Butch said and I raised my eyebrow.

"…by putting me in chains?" I asked and Butch rolled his eyes at me again. "Don't roll your eyes at me! I was imprisoned remember? I would like to know if I am going to have to go through that all over again-" I said going quicker and quicker…last night's fear was still raw on me.

"No." Butch interrupted, thankfully stopping me in case I began talking 100 words per second. Butch grinned and went down to his knees. I felt my eyes going wide…what was he doing? "I love you Buttercup Ubertini," he began. "I want to be with you for the rest of my life so…will you marry me?" he ask. I stared at him, dumbfounded. How should I answer to that?

"Yes." I croaked finally and he kissed me softly. "Thanks for the soft kiss." I teased making Butch grinned, his face turning dark.

"I just don't want to hurt my bride-to-be, that's all." He said and now it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"Try me." I said and he raised his eyebrow.

"Do I hear a challenge?" He asked.

"Maybe…" I snickered and he grinned again.

"Mr. Jocovini and Miss Ubertini," I heard a nurse say with a heavy Italian accent. We quickly turned and saw her face go deep red.

"Yes?" Butch asked sounding professional while I set my face hard, why did she ruin the moment? I was finally getting some sense of peace!

"Mr. Antonio calls for you both, he says that…Blossom," she said having trouble to pronounce Blossom's name. "Has woken…" She said. We fallowed her towards the room where Blossom was staying. As we entered I saw her pale and delicate frame surrounded by her red hair, Brick was next to her holding her hands. He looked happy as if nothing ever will ruin their love anymore, not even death itself.

"Leader girl," I said in a hoarse voice, it was too much to take in. I couldn't believe how close I was in losing her! She didn't deserve anything that happened to her, except for finding Brick. "How it feels to be alive?" I asked.



The smell of roses was everywhere. It filled my nose with their beautiful fragrance and it made me remember….

Brick, he was the only that have given me roses.

I suddenly felt my legs, my back, my head…and lastly my warm hands.


My hands were warmer than the rest of me suddenly I realized that they were in another person's hands. Hands that was bigger than mine yet soft. I opened my eyes to find a fiery red full of life and love.

They were his eyes.

"Brick?" I asked in a hoarse voice. Brick grinned, a grin of happiness and triumph.

"Blossom!" he said and kissed my forehead. "You are awake." he said and I smiled.

"Where am I?" I asked as soon as I realized that I was in a room I did not recognize. I felt heavy bandages across my body yet I didn't feel scarred just…stiff. Brick frowned a bit.

"In the hospital Blossom, are you feeling well? Should I get the nurse?" He asked sounding nervous for me. I laughed a bit. After fighting the war of my life (and Belinda's) all that mattered for me was him. He was okay and he loved me, I could tell. Signore Marcello was wrong.

The memory of Signore Marcello pained me it was just too much to take into. He was the reason why I lost my parents, he was the reason why I was separated from Cittá Ville and why I nearly died thus leaving Brick forever.

"I'm okay." I said and he seemed to relax. He kissed my hand.

"I feel horrible," he said sounding guilty. He looked at me, his red eyes looking lifeless and pale. "It was my fault that Ricardo has taken you away. He had spoken of it when he had told me his plans but…"

"Sh," I said and held his face in my hands, which was hard to do with the I.V. needles. I smiled at him and he looked at me confused. "I am not angry at you," I whispered. "I am just happy to be here with you." I said and he smiled looking like he was the happiest man on the world.

"Blossom," he began looking sad. "If you wish to leave me then I will under-"

"Sh," I said and I shook my head. "I don't want to leave you." I said and he kissed me full of passion and love.

"I love you so much." He said and I smiled but then I yawned involuntary.

"Me too," I said and he chuckled.

"Sleep," he said as he kissed me again. "You need to rest."

"I don't want to," I said. "I want to see everyone. Please Brick, I have to." I said and he frowned but nodded.

"I can't deny you anything, my love." He said as he held my hand before leaving quickly. I felt a twinge of sadness as he left but he came back and began holding my hands. I suddenly heard rapid footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Standing in the doorway was my dark-haired sister, Buttercup with Butch who was smiling and nudging Buttercup as if saying, I almost told you so.

"Leader girl," Buttercup began in a hoarse voice she looked like she was crying terribly. I felt guilty, though my memories of Heaven were fuzzy I felt guilty that I wanted to stay there, away from my sisters and Brick. "How it feels to be alive?" she asked sounding a bit more like her old self. I laughed yet began regretting it, since I was coughing hard.

"Painful," I groaned with a grin. "But glad." I said and Buttercup began laughing a bit. Her green eyes were shining and I realized that Butch had his arm around her waist. I stared at her hand, shocked that she above all, she was hurt. "What happened to you?" I asked concerned. I wanted to move but I couldn't and I knew Brick won't like the idea too much. Brick tensed and he quickly looked at Buttercup, her expression darkening. Butch gritted his teeth as if remembering was physically painful.

"Is not of much import-" Brick began but just then my blonde haired sister and his dark blue-eyed brother came in. Bubbles looked at me with happiness and added to the roses with her pink blossoms.

"…for your namesake Blossom!" Bubbles sang as she gracefully placed them next to Brick's red roses. I looked at Boomer who was grinning at her, Butch and Buttercup were staring at her in awe Brick and I were too, Bubbles acted so normal. She had a few bruises but other than that she looked like she just had a rough night.

"Thank you Bubbles." I said and she smiled at me brightly yet her blue eyes were still fearful. "Where were you?" I asked and she looked at Boomer, her face going slightly a delicate red.

"Uhm…I spent the night away." She said nervously.


I finally realized why Mom chose to stay here and not go back in Townsville. There was more to fight for, family and love. I could tell why, after all these years, did Brick and his brothers choose to come back despite the fact that they were royalty here. Cittá Ville held an old charm, the mysterious way of love and life. Two different things but always in perfect balance with each other, there was no real life without love and there was no love without life.

Everyone came to visit me, Rosa more than anyone else (not counting my sisters) so she will translate and everyone kept telling me how brave and inspiring I was. For once in their history, there was a happy ending.

"Are you sure?" Brick asked. I nodded as I looked at my finger, the plain gold rings that the Friar had given us that were originally Benito Jocovini and Belinda Ubertini's wedding rings were not fully ours.

"You are brave Mrs. Jocovini," Rosa translated the Friar with a smile. "As well as smart, the rings do not symbolize your love any more than I symbolize friendship. The rings symbolize the love of Benito and Belinda while I am just a messenger of the friendly original Friar Lorenzo." Rosa said and the Friar smiled. I placed them where they deserved to be:

In the tombs of Benito and Belinda Jocovini in the Church of the Cittáian Lady, it took a lot of convincing from Brick's part for the priest to let us go and see Benito and Belinda's perfectly preserved bodies. The Church itself was the main jewel of the crown. It was beautifully painted and decorated in white, yellow and brown gold. The statue of the Cittáian Lady dressed in real and expensive robes, arches beautifully decorated the entrance towards the church and it was the biggest architectural achievement here, according to Rosa.

"They are so beautiful." Bubbles murmured. We were led into a room that looked like the final resting place of a Pharaoh. Paintings that were completed by the Di Angelo's (it turns out that Niccolo and Nino, the present-day Maestro, were not the only artists in their family) portrayed the feud and the tragic deaths of Benito and Belinda. It was sad and beautiful at the same time. For the first time I face to face with Belinda Ubertini, I finally knew why two men will fall madly in love with her. Her beauty was full of innocence and sadness that made you instantly protect her. She looked like a lost and hurt angel with her curly soft brown hair, high cheekbones, and her small and delicate frame. I saw Brick face to face with Benito. Benito reminded me of Brick; Benito had dark hair, sharp and strong features that were passed down to Brick. It made me sad to see that they died so young and for something pure and good. The priest began talking in Italian.

"Many people do not know this," Boomer translated for us. "The Cittáians were the first to perfect the art of preservation. Friar Fernando, a friend of Friar Lorenzo was able to preserve the bodies of Benito and Belinda. It was done after the evil Queen Alfosina tried to destroy them after the deaths of the Lords and Ladies in both houses. He had the bodies hidden here, where he believed they will rest."

"He did a good job," Butch murmured. Buttercup looked at the bodies with strange fascination, we all did.

"They look like they are just sleeping." Buttercup said. Buttercup was right, they looked like they were just sleeping and were about wake at any moment. Brick and I slid off the rings from our fingers and the priest and Friar Lorenzo carefully placed them in Benito and Belinda's fingers. For some odd reason, the moment the rings were placed back in their original and rightful owners they began glowing. I quickly looked at everyone and realized that they saw it too.

"Their spirits thank you," Rosa said translating Friar Lorenzo's feathery whispers. "They are eternally grateful that the peculiar eyed ones have made the relive their love once more and prevented another tragic end thus ending the feud once and for all." She said and the Friar began blessing their bodies.

"We should leave," Brick said with a small frown. "The priest isn't use to having visitors down here and it is making him uneasy. He fears the damage we will cause to them." He said and we all quickly left.



I liked the idea of using a car more and more. The public transportation here is terrible and I don't think I could stand outside in a hot day and wait for hours for the next bus.

"Visiting the dead," I mumbled. "Not weird at all." I grumbled once we arrived at the Santini home. Butch laughed. Rosa began ordering the brothers around and made them help her serve the food. Blossom and Bubbles began clearing the table and gathering chairs for us. All I could do was not get in the way. I was pretty clumsy when it came to doing things like that. Want me to do the dishes? You are going to have to go out and buy dishes once I am done with them. Instead I looked outside the window and hoped for something to happen.

"Why are you looking out there?" I heard Butch ask as he wrapped his hands around me, usually I would have shook off anyone who tried to that but I liked the feeling, it felt as if he was protecting and loving me at the same time.

"I have no idea." I said and I looked at him. "Why aren't you helping Rosa?"

"Why aren't you helping your sisters?" he asked with a snicker and I chuckled. He had a point there. We understood each other with too much clarity.

"Good point."

"Thank you."

"I meant mine."





"You forget I am a lawyer right?"

"Ex," I said and grinned at his defeated expression. "And I am a cop remember?"

"Retired," He said with a grin. I frowned and now it was time for him to laugh. "You are no longer a real cop."


"Thank you."

"I meant me."




"I said so."

"Then I win too."

"I never said that."

"But I did." He said with a cocky grin and I rolled my eyes but laughed.

"Are two going to eat?" I heard Brick asked raising an eyebrow. Blossom was next to him with cups, Boomer was helping Rosa pass the food while Bubbles was bringing the jar of lemonade.

"Yep," we both said at the same time and sat down with everyone. I saw a bunch of Italian food that appeared like a buffet out of Olive Garden. Suddenly we all began eating as if we haven't seen food in a long time.

After that…fearful night I wasn't paying much attention to my health and I could tell it affected Butch. It affected all of us we were all living but just barely.

"I have an announcement," Rosa said after we all stuffed ourselves. We all looked at her and Brick put his hand in hers. Rosa smiled at him and went on. "I am leaving my home," she said with faint sadness. "I will leave everything in charge with Antonio he will know how to take care of all this."

"Where are you going Rosa?" Bubbles asked sounding concerned. Rosa's eyes softened and she smiled at her.

"You are just as compassionate as Catalina," she said with a sigh. Bubbles' lips twitched as if wanting to cry but for the first time she didn't. "I have to go to my Mother's house." She said and we all knew she meant Nina. "Mother is not doing so well, she needs more help and she is not as strong as she was." Rosa said sounding sad. "I will have to be there for her." she said and we all nodded. She looked down and for the first time I realized she was holding a cross. "Brick," she began in a defeated voice. Brick looked at her, his red eyes like tamed flames. "Do you know…do you know anything about Ricardo?" she asked in a soft voice.

I completely forgot! I gritted my teeth as I realized that Rosa and Signore Evil- I mean Marcello- were siblings.

"No," Brick said in a tight voice. His expression softens though as he looks at her. "He is being looked for in nearby cities." He said but then Blossom stood up and hugged Rosa who began tearing.

"Everything will be fine, Rosa." Blossom said and I smiled reassuringly. As much as I hated the son of a b-tch, I had to give credit to leader girl. She forgave the man that not only wanted to kill her sisters but her as well.

"We'll find him." Boomer said and Bubbles nodded.

"Nothing will happen as we are here." Butch said and I nodded.

"Is not that," Rosa said and she looked at Blossom. "Mother will just break into pieces if she finds out if Ricardo nearly killed her granddaughters, Jonathan and Catalina's daughters!"

"Don't tell her then." I said and Rosa looked at me with a puzzled expression in her face. "It makes sense," I said.

"The point is that try to keep this away from her as long as possible." Butch said and we all looked at Rosa. Her face looked defeated.

"I-I will try." She said sadly.



I felt horrible for Rosa, I don't think that I would have ever dared to lie to Aunt Emma and she wasn't even my mother. Butch and Boomer were in charge of dropping of Rosa off in Nina Ubertini's home. Brick said he had to do something important in the meanwhile.

"Come back soon." I said as Boomer gently kissed me goodbye.

"Will do," Boomer said as he smiled at me, his blue eyes shining like illuminated sapphires. He quickly went to Butch's green Mercedes and left.

My sisters and I were exhausted. Unfortunately Rosa left before she could do the dishes and I honestly don't blame her. We actually did use a lot of dishes. Blossom was in charge of putting away everything, Buttercup was trying to sweep while I was doing the dishes.

"It feels nice to be doing something normal for a change." Blossom said with a soft sigh. I giggled, she was right. She of the three of us deserved it.

"Yep," Buttercup agreed. "I'll rather be in a nice home sweeping then staying in a killer's hotel." She said through her gritted teeth. We stayed quiet for a minute.

"Do you think we can watch a movie?" I asked trying to take away the fear.

"I'm in!" Blossom said.

"Totally," Buttercup said. I skipped towards the kitchen and grinned at myself when I found the popcorn. Buttercup was looking for the movies in a small closet while Blossom was clearing the area.

"This is English!" Buttercup said with a hard sigh. She put it on. We all sat down, Buttercup was lying down in her back with Blossom's head in Buttercup's belly while I was lying in Blossom's belly. The opening scene started with the fields of wheat.


I was still up unlike my sisters who were fast asleep. I could tell Blossom was trying to stay awake and keep me company but sleep was slowly claiming her. Buttercup in the other hand was long fast asleep. I heard Blossom yawned and I decided it was best to leave her be, she still needed to heal. I knew she will never admit to it but sometimes I saw her face in pain, as if her back still ache or her legs. It made me so sad, she didn't deserve it…but she kept a straight face, which made me love my sister more.

"Are you sleeping?" I heard someone ask. I jumped, quickly alert to find myself face to face with Boomer. I let out a sigh of relief a deeper fear had crossed my mind for the smallest of second. His perfectly sculpted face was in a frown. "What is wrong?" he asked concerned. I shook my head and let him carry me. In the corner of my eye I saw Brick picking up Blossom while Butch picked up Buttercup.

"What took so long?" I whispered with a yawn. Boomer chuckled.

"We had some errands,"

"…This late?"

"Well they had to be treated immediately." He said with a mysterious tone, his face in a grin. "I will tell you tomorrow, just rest Bubbles."

"I want to know…" I said with another yawn falling deep into sleep while Boomer laid me down in the bed.

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