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Epilogue: Continued


Arturo di Galimberti received papers from Captain Santini or now Jocovini. Like everyone he was shocked to learn that he was working with a descent from the ancient families and he was considering leaving the police force. Arturo joined the police force because it was a place where the ancient feud did not exist. However the Captain was in need of his most efficient and cleverest of his agents to track down Signore Ricardo Marcello. He had disappeared completely from Cittá Ville and the Captain was getting angry. Arturo did not blame him, the betrayal from Ricardo Marcello was devastating and it was maddening that they were not able to find him.

Arturo himself was angry at the signore. He was so close into killing the Ubertini girls. The thought of it made him wish for his death. He looked through the documents that the Captain have given him, they were medical notes on Blossom Ubertini's injuries which were life-threatening. It was a miracle that the red haired Ubertini was even alive. The next was a testimony of Bubbles Ubertini, where she describes the events; the empty desk in the reception, the foreshadowing letter of the original Friar, and the mysterious break in of the penthouse. The blue-eyed Ubertini was only aware that the Jocovini-Santini brothers and Signore Marcello knew of their rooms. The last paper was another testimony. It was from the beautiful green-eyed brunette, Buttercup Ubertini, where she describes the way the signore treated them in while they were kidnapped. According to her, Ricardo revealed that he had murdered Professor Jonathan Ubertini in a fire, had they come to Cittá Ville by bribing the Keane family lawyer into giving them a false letter from the deceased Emma Keane.

Arturo realized that Case 2011-FC1205 was the most complex case of the century. They had their criminal but it was hard to incriminate him since there was no hard evidence even though why will the Ubertinis lie?

"What is wrong Arturo?" he heard the Captain say. Arturo turned and saw the crimson eyed dark red haired man.

"This case," Arturo said in his usual monotone voice. The Captain nodded.

"It is beyond our comprehension but if there is anything else I want than to take away a murderer from Cittá Ville is to make that bastard pay for what he did to my wife." The Captain said in a hard and cold voice as he looked at the pictures of Blossom Ubertini's injuries caused from the explosion. Arturo nodded in agreement. He not only wanted to kill the strange eyed Ubertini but Buttercup as well.

"We lost track of Marcello, it seemed that according to the Ubertinis, he left while he made his accomplices blow the place up. It was well planned, Captain." Arturo analyzed. The Captain nodded, he and Blossom have thought the same even though he carefully placed her aside. He didn't want her to worry more he needed her to heal instead.

"If we could capture the accomplices then we could know where Marcello is." The Captain said as he studied the files of Coco and Mario.

"Captain!" someone cried. Both Captain and Arturo quickly left towards the entrance of the agency building. Two police men were grabbing a slightly overweight man who reeked of alcohol.

"Mario," the Captain said in a serious voice. The man groggily looked at the Captain.

"You bastard!" Mario groggily yelled. "He was supposed to destroy you…" he cried. The Captain gritted his teeth.

"We have you surrounded Mario," The Captain said in an ice cold voice. Arturo set his jaw he wanted to make Marcello pay.

"Talk, now." Arturo said through his teeth. Mario looked at the man with a now semi-serious face. He grinned loosely.

"There is no way you will make me talk, polices." He said and lay back comfortably in his chair. "I was paid to stay silent." Arturo gritted his teeth and the Captain crossed his hands. He knew how to deal with non-talking accomplices.

"Arturo talk to him." he ordered. Arturo nodded and grinned darkly.


Arturo calmly walked over the alcoholic man and sat down slowly in his chair across him. They were placed in a dark room with only one light bulb and he could tell that the Captain was watching their conversation. Arturo began analyzing the man he looked like he was abandoned to his luck, with barely any money and orders in what to do next. He was not the brain of the tragedy but simply a hand that was being used and tossed around.

"You do realize that you were involved in the worst case of Cittá Ville, right?" Arturo asked Mario. Mario turned around he didn't wish to see the police in the eye.

"I am not involved in anything." He said slowly as if trying to make the police man understand, like a man talking to an annoying child. Arturo chuckled darkly.

"Of course you're not." Arturo said and Mario looked at him confused. "I mean you just happened to be there, am I wrong?"

"You do not know what you're talking about!" Mario yelled as he banged the table. Arturo began to laugh darkly, his icy green eyes even colder and crueler. Mario backed down when he realized that Arturo was not stupid.

"There is eye witness, the car in which appeared in Road 66 near the highway towards the city of Arezzo. You tell us where he is and you get a reduced sentence of 5 years," Arturo began. Mario swallowed for his crime was worth life in prison. He looked at Arturo. "Or, you would be sentenced to life in prison. Your choice Mario," He said. Mario looked at the young officer and silently cursed himself for allowing the police to catch up to him.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." Mario finally said. Arturo frowned but nodded respectively. He wanted the man to not feel pressured however time was ticking. Marcello could be long gone when he does finally talk. "Do not worry, I manage to look at his plans and leaving Italy is not one of them."


"You did not fail," the Captain said with a small smile. "In truth you did a much better job than I expected." Arturo was happy to work with the Captain, he was his second in command and he knew how clever and quick the Captain was.

"Very well," Arturo said. Suddenly he saw the green-eyed Jocovini, Adrian. He was casually standing in the Captain's office. "Signore Adrian." Arturo said in his monotone voice, he looked suddenly bored as he sat down he was used to being excluded from the Santini brothers' conversations.

"Antonio," Adrian said and he looked him with a grin. "Buttercup and I are getting married in a week, no one knows yet and she wants us to tell Alejandro, Bubbles and Blossom this night." He said. Arturo narrowed his eyes. Buttercup was getting married in a week?

He did not listen to the rest of the brothers' conversation. He was suddenly thinking about Buttercup's strength and bravery. The way her bright green eyes blazed with energy, wild yet caring, beautiful yet dangerous fascinated him. He knew it was dangerous for him to…be fascinated by the Captain's brother's finance but he could not help himself. Many people thought that the Captain's red-haired wife was the most beautiful of the Ubertini sister but he disagreed. Buttercup Ubertini was by far the most beautiful. Arturo couldn't help himself but suddenly fantasize about him being in Adrian's place. On him being the man that Buttercup will want, who she will want to marry.

It was impossible, even ridiculous that a beautiful and strong woman like Buttercup will even notice him. She did not even get his name right she will call him Arthur instead of Arturo.

"…Arturo?" Arturo heard the Captain ask. Arturo looked at the Captain and Adrian who were looking at him as if expecting an answer.

"What happened now, Captain?" Arturo asked. Adrian chuckled darkly as he narrowed his dark green eyes his boss looked at him as if Arturo lost his mind.

"We were asking if you would assist Adrian's wedding." The Captain said as he lay back in his leather chair. His red eyes looking into Arturo's ice green eyes. "Is in a week from now, what do you say? Coming?"

"Of course Captain." Arturo said without hesitation. He did not want to ruin his friendship with the Captain and perhaps now he could see more of the short brunette beauty.

"Antonio," The Captain said. "Call me that instead of 'Captain'." He said. Arturo nodded and Adrian smiled darkly.

"Yeah, you two are like best buddies in here." Adrian said with a chuckle. Suddenly there was a knock in the door.

"Come in," Antonio said in Italian. The door burst opened to reveal a short yet lean woman with short chopped brunette haired with blazing green eyes. She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Adrian. Arturo was able to see the lust in the men's eyes behind her. He knew instantly who she was.

Buttercup Ubertini,

"I'll take that as a 'come in'." she said. "Seriously I am sick and tired of not knowing what is going on around me!" she said. Arturo looked at her and he suddenly had the urge to run up and kiss her. He stopped himself however, that behavior was improper for an agent and for any man. She looked from Adrian to Antonio and lastly Arturo. She raised an eyebrow and kept her hands crossed making her look like a small and graceful wolf. "Arthur Gamberti," she said with an ice cold voice. Arturo narrowed his eyes. He did not know when he came to realize that he was fascinated with the ragazza maschiacco, or tomboy but he woke up one day and he loved her.

Yes, Arturo di Galimberti was in love with Buttercup Ubertini. He needed to see her to feel the strange warmness that took over him; he has never felt this way for any signorina. What made the green-eyed Ubertini so different for him?

"Is Arturo, signorina." Arturo said as he gritted his teeth, this ragazza maschiacco made everything feel hotter, uncomfortable and more tension. He hated feeling this way, he usually radiated monotone confidence. What was happening to him?

"Whatever," she grumbled and turned towards Adrian. "Are we going?" she asked. Adrian nodded and left his brother.

"See you later bro," Adrian said with a smiled and nodded towards Arturo. "See you later man." He said and left with Buttercup. Arturo nodded back and turned his back to Adrian, what did Buttercup Ubertini see in him? Arturo realized his hands were in fists as if preparing to embrace a punch.

"I have to go…Antonio." Arturo said. Antonio nodded and dismissed Arturo. Arturo quickly walked towards his locker in the other side of the building. The building suddenly felt uncomfortably hot for Arturo, he was sweating and he realized he was having symptoms of a nervous and a secretive man, in truth Arturo was trying to hide his love for Buttercup Ubertini from everyone. He knew she was taken, forever with Adrian but Arturo still hoped, hoped that one day Buttercup Ubertini will see Arturo and fall in love with him.

Keep dreaming, Arturo thought harshly as he pushed away his secret desire. He suddenly realized that he had to get away. Get away from everything.

To get away from the ridiculous feud, even though the feud in Cittá Ville no longer exist it was difficult to accept the peace and harmony the marriage between the peculiar eyed ones brought.

To get away from the agency, he believed it was a sanctuary from the criticism of the Cittáians but he still felt their stares in his back.

To get away from Buttercup Ubertini, she will never fall in love with him…she will always be with Adrian. But she was so perfect, so beautiful…so strong too.

He had to get away.

Arturo started his car and began driving towards somewhere, anywhere but the station. He wanted to take her away from his mind. She was like a drug, strong and beautiful yet dangerous and addictive. Arturo gritted his teeth, she had him feeling. He never felt, his father was a police officer too and then he became a soldier, he taught Arturo to not feel a thing.

Which is why he did not regret leaving Cittá Ville when he was 18, he was so confused back then, to leave the ridiculous beliefs and traditions of Cittá Ville.

"STOP!" Arturo heard someone cry desperately. Arturo obeyed without hesitation for the voice seems to command with royal power, one that it is impossible to do the opposite.

"Auntie!" someone else cried. It was a little boy about 4 or even 5 years of age he had brown wavy hair and strange dark blue eyes. He looked at Arturo with an angelic face yet he looked annoyed as he held a soccer ball. Who is he? Arturo wondered, he never seen this boy in Cittá Ville. "He was about to crush my ball." He said. The woman though was familiar to Arturo. It was Rosa Marcello.

"Patrizio!" she scowled recovering her breath. "I have told you many times to play in the backyard not outside." Rosa said. "Go! Go inside with your grandma!" she said. The boy looked down and went inside the old Ubertini house. Rosa finally looked at Arturo who had gotten out his car. Rosa's scowl turned into a tired smile. "Thank you for stopping Arturo." Rosa said. Arturo nodded. He did not want to crush the life from the little boy.

"Your welcome and I excuse myself for not seeing where I was going." Arturo said his voice monotone yet there was a hint of regret. Rosa shook her head.

"Is fine, I am just happy to have Patrizio well." She said and looked at Arturo curiously, as if studying him…something his mother never did. "You however do not look well." She said. Arturo didn't say anything. "I am sorry you seem to see me as if I am nosy."

"No not at all," Arturo said. He went back to his car. "I will see you later Signora Marcello." Arturo said and left.

You however do not look well, she said.

Signora Marcello was right, Arturo felt terrible. Suddenly something occurred to Arturo, he could leave Cittá Ville. Just like before, except this time it might be forever.


"Hello?" Arturo asked in Italian as he answered his phone.

"Arturo," Leonardo Rossi said, he was the head police officer in the police force a sort of manager. "Mario talked."

"What did he say?" Arturo asked suddenly interested. "Does the Captain know?"

"He doesn't." Leonardo said. "I was not able to reach him. Mario said that Marcello was planning to go in Rome." He said. "Should I contact the Roman police?"

"No," Arturo finally said. "I'll go there myself." He said as he realized that this might be his chance to get away from Cittá Ville and Buttercup Ubertini. "I'll ask the Captain."

Arturo hung up his phone and parked his car in a random spot. He looked up at the moon with its silver beauty and power that reminded him of Buttercup Ubertini, her beauty and power over him.

I will forget you Buttercup Ubertini, Arturo thought determined, even if I have to rip my heart out.

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