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Chap. 2: Changed

"How can she die?" Belle said, her lip quivering. Bea shook her head as the hospital took their Aunt's body for the funeral. Bianca paled as soon as they saw their Aunt's body wrapped in a thick black bag.

"Is very strange," began a young doctor. Bea looked at her and smiled a bit as soon as she saw it was their old friend, Robin Reynolds. "Mrs. Keane was in great health."

"But she was old." said her partner, a dark-haired man with dark brown eyes.

"Mitch!" Robin growled but Mitch shrugged as he pushed Emma Keane's body towards the ambulance. "I'm so sorry," Robin began but Bea held her hand.

"Is okay," Bea said while she was tearing. "Aunt Emma knew she was getting less healthy."

"Well got to go," Robin said as she hugged her friends.

"Bye," everyone said and they went inside the now lifeless mansion.


"Yes," Bea said. "I understand…" she said with a sigh as she talked to the funeral home. She hung up the phone and turned as she saw Bianca.

"How's Belle?" Bea asked and Bianca sighed.

"Is impossible, she won't stop crying." She said with a groan. Bea nodded, she would have been the same but someone had to keep their head straight and that meant her. Bianca helped but she was too angry and rebellious to help much.

"Did you talk to Belle's boss?" Bianca asked she rubbed her temples. Bea nodded.

"I talked to all of our bosses," Bea said. Bianca sighed in relief.

"Thanks sis, Mr. Smith will kill me if I tried talking to him about this."

"That's because I don't lie to him."

"Whatever." Bianca grumbled.

"I got our bosses to let us stay at home for a whole month." Bea said as she rubbed her head. It was a very hard thing to do, all three of them were the best at what they did and their bosses had a hard time of letting them go.

"What?" Bianca asked bewildered. "…How?"

"Well they all know how Belle is…"

"Oh, right." Bianca said and she yawned. "Thank God for Belle's sensitivity." She joked half-heartily. Bea scowled at her sister but she secretly agreed with her. She was sad that their Aunt was gone, she was the only family they had and now they were all alone. "Maybe you should sleep, Bea." Bianca began sounding concern for her older sister. Bianca knew how close Bea was with their Aunt. Bea though disagreed, her sisters thought she was close to their Aunt because she stayed at home more but Bea felt that all her sisters had a special connection to their Aunt, one way or the other.

"Yes," Bea began. "Maybe I will."


Bea had no idea where she was. She looked around and squealed as soon as she was wearing a light white cotton dress. Her red hair was loose on her shoulders and back and she didn't felt her contacts.


She panicked, she always had her contacts…it wasn't because she was blind but because she had the strangest eye color. Since she had memory, her Aunt made her wear the irritating contacts, it was ironic really Bea felt completely covered when she wore her contacts but now she felt naked. Her Aunt made her wear the contacts all her life, not even her sisters knew her real eye color.

"Are you okay?" she heard a mysterious and deep voice. Bea found her herself nodding. At the sound of his voice she felt all her fear melting away, she felt completely happy and peaceful.

"Yes." She answered. Bea heard him grin.

"Come on Blossom," He said grabbing her hand. Bea frowned, she felt confused.

Who was Blossom?


"Bea!" Belle said shaking her redhead sister. Bea quickly got up and head to the bathroom. Belle was already use to this routine, Bea always headed to the bathroom after she woke up.

"What's wrong Belle?" she asked from the bathroom. Belle was sitting down in her sister's bed. She still looked sad but she was more composed.

"Nothing really," Belle said. "It was Aunt's lawyer, Mr. Lightwood. He's coming tomorrow."

"…Tomorrow?" Bea asked. Belle nodded. Bea came out and she was wearing the respectable black color.

"Nice," Belle said as she saw sister. Bea shook her head.

"You always out beat me when it comes to clothes."

"True." Belle said with a small smile.

The funeral didn't last long, as her Aunt's oldest niece Bea had to speak to all her Aunt's old friends. Bea never got along with them very well but they had a respectable relationship and sometimes they talked like old friends. Belle got along with them the best but she looked terrible as soon as she saw her Aunt's coffin being put in to the ground. Bianca had the worst relationship with all of them since she was a tomboy and the 'old hags' disagree with her style.

"Glad that's over," Bianca grumbled as the last guest left. Belle and Bea didn't say anything.


"Good morning Mr. Lightwood," Bea greeted as she saw her Aunt's old friend and lawyer.

"Miss Beatrice," he said. Bea led him to her Aunt's old study.

"My sisters are waiting in here," Bea said and Mr. Lightwood nodded. He sat down in the chair.

"Miss Bianca, Miss Belle." He greeted and they all nodded. "Mrs. Emma Keane, as you all know wasn't your blood grand-Aunt but nether less she raised you all like you were her nieces or even daughters."

"Wait she wasn't our blood-Aunt?" Belle asked shocked.

"No," Mr. Lightwood said. "Your deceased Uncle Erik was the uncle of your mother."

"What was our mother's name?" Bianca asked. Mr. Lightwood sighed.

"Perhaps I should move on with the will, girls. Every answer you want is here." He said pointing to the will. They all nodded. "Emma Keane, kept many things from you such as your parents mysterious disappearance and I believe that you never knew their identities."

"Yes." They all said.

"Your Aunt leaves everything to all of you," Mr. Lightwood said. "There is nothing else to say only that she gives Beatrice Keane this," he said handing Bea an envelope. "She says to share whatever you find." He said but Bea didn't open it and her sisters didn't pressure her.

"Thank you Mr. Lightwood," Bea said and Belle led Mr. Lightwood to the door. Bianca and Belle fallowed Bea to her room.

"You should open it." Bianca said. Bea sat in her bed.

"I don't know Bianca…"

"Bea!" Bianca said. "Is not only yours but ours too."

"I have to agree with Bianca, Bea." Belle said. "Mr. Lightwoods said that everything is answered in that letter."

"Fine…" Bea said and she opened the envelope to find another envelope. It was old and yellow but she was still able to read it. It said:

My nieces,

I know that I never told you, your mother's name or your father's but I did so because I was afraid. Your mother's name is Katelyn Keane, she was my only niece and I loved her but she had a strong temper and once she sets her mind on something she completes it.

She left work undone in Italy in a small town called Cittá Ville, please go there…ask for a man named Pablo Uccello. He will know how to help.

Please finish your mother's work. I should have listen to Katelyn…this could have happened differently.


"Cittá Ville, Italy?" Belle asked shocked. Bea re-read the letter to herself…it was a strange letter, her Aunt never wrote her letters in a typewriter…

"Why will Mom be there?" Bianca asked. Bea shook her head, she had absolutely no idea.

"Should we?" Belle asked. Bea thought for a while. Her mother's diary did in fact named that they were distant relatives from the Uccello's but it made no sense.

"I think we should." Bianca said as she took another small envelope from the bigger envelope. There were three passports with their pictures but different names, Blossom Ubertini, Buttercup Ubertini and Bubbles Ubertini.

"But that's not our names…" Belle said feeling nervous. Bea quickly went through her aunts archives.

"Bea what are you doing?" Bianca asked. Bea though finally found what she was looking for.

Their birth certificates, made out to the Italian newborns Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles Ubertini. Born in May 12, 1994, in Cittá Ville Mother: Katelyn Keane, Father: Jonathan Ubertini.

"Oh my…" Bea began and her hands shook. Bianca took the papers away from her sister and she angrily began kicking the walls. Belle took them and she paled.

"IT CAN'T BE!" Bianca growled. Bea just sat there. It wasn't possible…they weren't even American, they were Italian.

"Italy is a nice country…" Belle pointed out. Bea and Bianca just stared at her. Belle blushed. "Well Aunt Emma must have a good reason to hide this."

"I don't care what the reason is," Bianca growled. "My name was Buttercup all along! Not to say but we aren't even American!"

"I guess we must go." Bea said. "Mom wrote that we were descended from an Italian noble family…maybe we could go and see."

"With what money do we buy our plane tickets, Bea?" Bianca growled. "Plane tickets are expensive these days…"

"Look!" Belle said when she found a stack of money in the envelope. Bea pointed at it.

"With that money…" She said.


"Did you give the envelope to the Keane sisters?" asked a dark voice at the other end of the phone. Mr. Lightwood nodded.

"Yes sir," Mr. Lightwood said.

"I have sent the money and I hopefully that will silence you." The voice said and hung up on Mr. Lightwood.


Bea spent the whole day looking through her mother's diaries, it wasn't easy because her mother (despise having writing up to 20 diaries) barely wrote more than that one entry in their family history. It seems that the diary that Bea found with the sticky note was the more current one. She angrily kicked away the boxes. She looked around her mother's study but nothing seemed to help her. Her mother didn't kept books about Italy, except the old classic Romeo and Juliet. Bea groaned but took that book because it was her favorite book (along with a few other classics)

"Bea?" she heard Bianca say. Bea turned around and saw her sister with the passports.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Bianca handed her the passport.

"This is strange Bea," Bianca began. "This passport is brand new and is made for American-Italian girls."

"That's us." Bea said as she rubbed her head, she had a huge headache and her eyes hurt from reading every single entry written by her mother. Bianca rolled her eyes.

"Well yeah but don't you think this all strange? Maybe Mom lost a few…"

"Mom was not crazy, Bianca."

"See? What kind of Italian girls have name like Blossom or Buttercup or Bubbles?"

"It fits us, in a weird way…"

"But I'm not Buttercup Ubertini, Bea!" she growled. "My name has always been Bianca Keane."

"You always complained that it was too feminine for you."

"Well yeah…"

"Give it a chance," Bea pleaded. "You don't know how much time I felt like there was something missing, Bianca. Now I will find out who I am really."


"Please Bianca?" Bea pleaded. Bianca gritted her teeth, she hated seeing her older sister this way, Bianca always depended on her older sister to be the strongest one (mentally because Bianca knew she was the one who was physically strongest) but seeing her this way…Bianca hated herself for pushing her sister to their mother's study, she hated her Aunt for dying on them and leaving them with a huge mystery.

She hated it but she couldn't stop it.

"Fine Bea," Bianca said with a sigh. "Only because I know Belle wasted at least 1,000 dollars on clothes and she will hate me for canceling the trip." She said and Bea laughed.