~ Remember back in the first chapter when Aido tries to take blood from Yuki and Kain does nothing? Well now he does. ~

The stuff in the {brackets} is how it went in the book right before I started my story (sorry if some of it is wrong), italics are thoughts

And I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors


*Yuki's POV

{Aido grabbed my hand and pushed Artemis away. He was to strong for me to push him away. His fangs were showing.

"Is he a vampire?" I hear one of the girls say.

"No…there's no such thing…" the other one answered.

"I'm really very tempted" Aido said. Oh no this is bad.

"Aido…no…Aido!" I said, but it was too late, he had already bitten my hand. Great now he has had a taste…

"I want more," he said "may I partake from your neck?"

"No…no. no, no I can't give you any! Aido!"}

"Ok Aido I believe that is enough." Kain said sounding bored

"But Akatsuki her blood is so delicious, you should try some." I winced at the pain as Aido held out my bloody arm to Kain. I looked at my long time crush in a panic, and wondered if he really would take Aido up on his offer.

"Hanabusa you are hurting the poor guardian. I think you should let her go, somebody could come." He said instead.

I blushed at Kain's words. I had always liked Kain and to have him say something to try and help me, even if he was only trying to save himself, felt nice.

"Akatsuki, you should indulge sometimes! We could drain her dry and no one would know…"

"That is a lie and you know it! Get a grip Aido!" This outburst shocked me and even Aido, Kain was never this passionate. I recovered first and pushed Aido out of the way and over to Kain's side with Artemis out in front of me.

"Hanabusa Aido it strictly says in the student handbook that there is no drinking blood on campus!" I glanced at the Day class girls but they had long since fainted.

"Aww but Yuki you are so tempting can you blame me for wanting a taste?" Aido said putting on his puppy-dog face. However, before I could get a word out Kain, with a wave of his hand, set Aido's hair on fire.





"AHHHHH KAIN!" Aido screamed while running around. It was a pretty funny sight although the smell of burnt hair was gross…

Aido, in a panic, tried to put out the flames by turning his hand into ice and hitting himself over the head. He succeeded to a certain extent, but before he could extinguish them completely he ended up knocking himself out.

I quickly stifled the giggles that attempted to erupt from my mouth. Aido looked so funny there knocked out, with ice on one hand and still slightly flaming hair. I couldn't help myself I laughed…loudly. Only when I saw the flames go out in an unnatural snuff did I turn back to Kain with laughter still on my face.

"Well this has been an interesting night." I said.

Kain ran a hand through his golden hair and gave me a smirk.

"Sorry about my idiot cousin. He will be punished for his transactions Yuki-hime." I could feel my face heat up Yuki-hime?

"Wahhh? Wha- huh?" Then I notice the teasing glint in his eye. Now my face heats up in embarrassment. What has gotten into Kain? I'm sure that the confusion shows on my face.

"You looked like you were about to go into shock. So I said that you to distract you." He said and then his face closed down again. That's too bad. He looks good when he shows emotion. I quirk a brow hoping to come off jokingly.


"Well you are for Kaname, who is our lord, everybody knows that. So…-hime…it worked didn't it?"

"Hmmm yes but…what do you mean 'for Kaname'?"

"I guess in human terms it would mean that you are Kaname's 'girl'."

Now I raised both my eyebrows at the vampire. Is that what people think?

"Huh? No, no, no Kaname saved my life, he's like my brother. I don't see him like that" I said and Kain's eyes widened.

"Really? You are always so flustered when your around him so we all assumed…but if it isn't Kaname, who is it?" He replied and I could feel my face heat up. Again. Crap! How do I tell him that it is because he's there?

"Uh…well um you see…well…I like somebody else…" I said quietly. Shit I never was good at keeping secrets…

"Really? Who?" Kain lifted his eyebrows. Damn vampire hearing!

"…you…" I said in my smallest voice possible, wincing at having confessed. I really need to get better at lying…

Kain leaned forward, confusion on his face as if he hadn't heard me.

"YOU!" Kain jumped back at my outburst. I hid my read face in my hands. This was not the way I had planned telling Akatsuki Kain that I liked him. With Aido knocked out and smoldering and the Dayclass girls unconscious, it didn't make for the most romantic setting.

"Hmmm," he said "Unexpected but certainly not unwelcome." I raised my head to see if he was serious and looked into his cautious gaze.

"R-r-really?" I couldn't believe this, Akatsuki Kain was saying that he liked me back?

"Yeah, I've liked you for awhile but I figured…hey she's Kaname's girl…off limits." Kain rubbed the back of his neck, a drawn expression on his face. That saddened look tugged at my heart, I hugged him. I heard his sharp intake of breath and backed away quickly. My face turned red for the umpteenth time that night.

"Sorry I didn't m-m-mean anything I d-d-didn't mean to p-presume anyth-"

Kain silenced me with a chaste kiss. Then he backed off looking away. I felt a grin break across my face. Kain looked down, a slight blush across his face and he mumbled something at me. Unfortunately I don't have vampire hearing…


"Ifyouaren'twithKanamewillyougooutwithme?" he said in a nervous rush. But I had caught it all.





If my smile could get any bigger then my face would crack in half. I threw my arms around him.


I felt him relax as his arms came up around me. I was ecstatic but I looked up at him worriedly and Kain looked at me confused.

"What?" He said leaning back but with his arms still holding me.

"Kain, what are we going to tell Kaname?"


"Tell me what?" The new couple watched in horror as Kaname Kuran came striding toward them.


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