~ Remember back in the first chapter when Aido tries to take blood from Yuki and Kain does nothing? Well now he does. ~

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*Kain's POV

{Aido grabbed her hand and pushed Artemis away. He was to strong for her to push him away. His fangs were showing.

"Is he a vampire?" I hear one girl say.

"No…there's no such thing…" the other one answered.

"I'm really very tempted" Aido said. Oh great….

"Aido…no…Aido!" She said, but it was too late, he had already bitten her hand. Great this is even better…..stupid Hanabusa…

"I want more," he said "may I partake from your neck?"

"No…no. no, no I can't give you any! Aido!"}

"Ok Aido I believe that is enough." I said hoping to come off sounding bored

"But Akatsuki her blood is so delicious, you should try some." I noticed Yuki wince in pain as Aido held out her arm in offering. I looked at my beautiful flower in a alarm, and wondered if he took too much blood.

"Hanabusa you are hurting the poor guardian. I think you should let her go, somebody could come." I said hoping that I could get her to her dorm quickly if she looked like she was going to collapse.

I saw her cheeks turn a light shade of pink and it made her even more beautiful. Stop thinking that! You aren't ever going to have a chance!

"Akatsuki, you should indulge sometimes! We could drain her dry and no one would know…"

"That is a lie and you know it! Get a grip Aido!" I yelled, I had to make sure that nothing happened to Yuki, even if my reasons were selfish. She recovered the quickest after my uncharacteristic outburst and pushed Aido out of the way and came over to my side with Artemis out in front of her defensively.

"Hanabusa Aido it strictly says in the student handbook that there is no drinking blood on campus!" She said defiantly. Wow she recovered pretty fast from that bite…

"Aww but Yuki you are so tempting can you blame me for wanting a taste?" Aido said putting on his ridiculous puppy-dog face. However, before I could hear her response, I reacted on impulse and set Hanabusa's hair on fire.





"AHHHHH KAIN!" Aido screamed while running around. It was a pretty funny sight although the smell wasn't exactly appetizing…

Aido, being the stupid idiot that he is, turned his fist into ice and started beating himself with it. It kind of worked until before he could get all the flames out he hit himself to hard and ended up unconscious.

I looked up from the intresting picture Aido made when I heard a strangled sound. My eyes widened for the second time that night when I heard Yuki laugh hmmmm what a beautiful sound….ughhh stop thinking that! I figured Aido couldn't do anymore harm while unconscious so I put out the flames and Yuki turned toward me with laughter still in her eyes.

"Well this has been an interesting night." She said.

I ran a hand through my blonde mane and gave her my trademark smirk.

"Sorry about my idiot cousin. He will be punished for his transactions Yuki-hime." I said haha what will she think of that?

"Wahhh? Wha- huh?" Seeing her so flustered was too funny and I knew that I couldn't keep all the amusement out of my face, try as I might. I could see her face turn bright red and decide to take pity on her at her puzzled look.

"You looked like you were about to go into shock. So I said that you to distract you." I said then I made sure that my face held no emotion. Sigh I wish I stood a chance with her…. I see her raise a single eyebrow at me and wonder at what she is going to say next.


"Well you are for Kaname, who is our lord, everybody knows that. So….-hime…it worked didn't it?" I cant believe I just told her that.

"Hmmm yes but…what do you mean 'for Kaname'?"

"I guess in human terms it would mean that you are Kaname's 'girl'." I said hoping that cleared some things up.

Now both of those delicate brows reached her hairline. How is she not getting this?

"Huh? No, no, no Kaname saved my life, he's like my brother. I don't see him like that" She said and I'm sure that my surprise showed.

"Really? You are always so flustered when your around him so we all assumed…but if it isn't Kaname, who is it?" I replied and I could see her face heat up. Again. She's cute when she's embarrassed…though I could never tell her that.

"Uh…well um you see…well…I like somebody else…" With my vampire hearing I could hear every word she said and my heart stopped Damn I hope it isn't that asshole Zero!

"Really? Who?" I lifted my eyebrows, hoping to come off with my usual indifference.

"…you…" She said..

I was sure that I hadn't heard correctly so I leaned in forward hoping she said it again.

"YOU!" I jumped back at her outburst. Yep I heard correctly. She hid her face in her hands. I looked around and had to admit that this was the most interesting confession that I'd ever heard. My foolish cousin knocked out with an iced fist and smoking hair and two humans lying unconscious because they couldn't handle the sight of a vampire.

"Hmmm," I said "Unexpected but certainly not unwelcome." I said wondering what had gotten into me

"R-r-really?" She said

"Yeah, I've liked you for awhile but I figured…hey she's Kaname's girl…off limits." I seemed unable to hold anything back. I rubbed my neck hoping to think of something to get us off the subject when suddenly she hugged me. I wasn't expecting it so I gasped and couldn't help thinking that she felt very good against me. As soon as it happened she let go. I was saddened at the loss of warmth.

"Sorry I didn't m-m-mean anything I d-d-didn't mean to p-presume anyth-"

She started stuttering and she just looked so cute that I couldn't help but place a light kiss on her soft lips. It was quick and I backed away quickly unsure of how she would take my advances. I saw a grin break across her face. I looked down, as the inevitable blush crept across my face and I ended up mumbling.

"Huh?" She said

"Ifyouaren'twithKanamewillyougooutwithme?" I said in a nervous rush. But I knew the young guardian had caught it all.





If her smile could get any bigger I was almost afraid that it would get stuck that way. Then I could feel her arms around me once again.

"YES!" She said

I relaxed into her embrace and hugged her back. I was glad she took it well but was confused when she looked up at me with a frown

"What?" I said leaning back but not breaking contact.

"Kain, what are we going to tell Kaname?"

"Um…" Shit I hadn't thought of that! However, I made sure my worry didn't show on my face as I could hear someone making their way toward us.

"Tell me what?" I watched in well disguised terror as Kaname Kuran, my pureblood lord, came striding toward us.


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