His eyes fluttered open, he could hear the steady beat of the heart monitor. The room he was in smelt of medicine, and sterile. Without hesitation, he clicked the call button. Not so much as one minute went by as a nurse came swiftly through the door and into the room.

"Agent Gibbs!" The nurse, Ella, exclaimed. "You're awake! Finally! We've been waiting on you for quite a while now! You've been in a deep coma." Gibbs looked momentarily confused, and then he realized what had transpired.

"McGee, Ziva, take that back door" Gibbs whispered while pointing to a white door at the side of the mansion.

"DiNozzo, you're with me!" With further explanation, they took off to their positions.

Gibbs and DiNozzo made their way through the kitchen of the large house, holding their guns straight forward. Before they could say clear, a fiery explosion knocked them both back, wiping them out almost instantly. Just then, McGee and Ziva made their way through the long corridor, and reached them, they got there just as DiNozzo was coming around.

"Tony!" Ziva yelled, she then got to him, and signaled Tim to help Gibbs.

Tony could hear her faintly, but all he could concentrate on is the limp body of his boss.

He couldn't believe it. What happened to his team, and where are they?

"Sir?" The nurse's voice snapped him back to reality.

"How long?" Was the only thing he could manage to choke out. "How long have I been in a coma?"

"Two years. Good thing only two, and not twenty though!" She said, trying to brighten the mood. "I have also had your team notified that you have woken up!" She added.

Gibbs breathed in relief as he finally got a little bit of an answer. It was that moment when his team-family (Not that he'd ever willingly admit it) came strolling in.

"Gibbbbbbbbbsssssssss!" He was then engulfed in a wave of black.

"Hey Abby" Gibbs was smiling…wow!

After a few minutes of settling, he greeted everyone.

While having a conversation an hour later, Gibbs realized something.

"Guys, where's Tony?" He was now very worried by the grim faces that froze still in awe, staring at Gibbs. Something was very wrong. But what was it?