Story Title: Detective Scooby-Doo and the Cesis Murder Mystery!

Story By: The Veronicas Music Is My Life

Disclaimer: I own only own my OC's, the fictional story and the festival. At least I never heard of such a festival before.

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Summary: When on another vacation, the gang meets a group of 3 kids from another country, who happens to be the famous Japanese High School detective – Kudo Shinichi, his childhood friend, Mouri Ran and the countries own detective, Karin Johansson, as they stumble upon a mystery that is taking turns way above norms both sides can imagine. Can Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Ran, Shinichi and Karin solve this before it is too late?

Okay, quick explanation about Shinichi being Shinichi, and not being Conan. And about meeting Karin.

1) The Black Organization was taken down quietly, making almost no fuss about it with the help of the FBI; Haibara made an antidote to Apotoxin, while still thinking should she or should she not become an adult again, while Conan 'moved back to America' and Shinichi re-appeared.

2) He explained everything to Ran: about the drug, the reason he lied, about the Sleeping Kogoro and she wanted to pound him into oblivion first, but later understood why he did it and forgave him, after she gave him few good hits.

3) They met Karin, when he was still Conan, who was visiting Tokyo with her class to explore other countries and, both being Death Gods or Murder Magnets, a case appeared which they both solved, but Karin already figured it out and wanted to tell Ran about it, but Conan stopped her, explaining the situation, on which terms she agreed to stay quite about it and agreed to help him out during, either a case he needs another head, in case Hattori Heiji of Osaka wasn't picking, or if there was something he needed her to check out what she can.

Now about Karin:

If you want to find out about her, you better should read my profile for info about her.

Onto the story!

Chapter 1:

Meeting the Detectives!

A quite night in a small town in Latvia, called Cesis. A young boy was walking threw the quite forest near the river Gauja, when he heard some weird noises deeper in the forest. When he walked towards the source of the sounds. He almost screamed. It was a monster walking there. It was tall, fury and had deadly looking red eyes. It snarled at the boy, as it howled at the full moon. In panic, the boy ran away as quick as he can, but the creature began to hunt him.

"Palīgā! Palīgā!" The boy screamed as he ran to the town, but no one was there, when he suddenly gets captured by a big claw.

"Palīgā! PALIGAAAA!" The screams suddenly ended as it disappeared.

(Time: The following week, Monday, 9th July, 1:35 PM; Location: Venstpils Port)

The Gang finally got off of the Tallink Cruise Ship, in Ventspils Port, famous for its numerals of ports and beauty of the town.

"Ah! Ventspils! A town where both ports work and beauty of the old style is put in both." Fred breathed in the fresh sea air.

"Yeah, yeah. Where is the food?" Shaggy looked around for something eatable with Scooby.

"Calm down you 2. We just got onto a very famous country for its nature and history." Velma said.

"And also for food!" Shaggy exclaimed when they saw a small store of snacks.

"That isn't even this countries traditional food." Daphne said.

"But it is still food!" Shaggy went to look threw his wallet for some Latvian money, Lats, to buy some snacks.

"We better get going. That festival will only be for one week, in Cesis. Which is almost on the other side of Latvia." Velma looked at the map.

"That's why I brought the Mystery Machine." Fred looked at the van that was being let out of the ship.

Quickly getting in, they start driving towards the city of Cesis.

During their trip, they ran in some rather beautiful nature, old style towns with some modern in it, along with some bad roads.

"That must be why that guy said to watch the road." Velma said, when they avoided yet another hole.

They saw the Ventas Rumba, Cineville, Kuldiga and other amazing places, while on the road to Cesis.

"Wow, for a small land like this, they sure have some pretty impressive looking places. And some good food." Shaggy took another bite from his sandwich.

"Reah, rood food." Scooby also took a bite.

"Will you 2 stop eating? We're only 50 miles, I mean, kilometers away from Cesis now. Then you can try the delicacies." Fred read one sign.

"Look! Someone is waving at us!" Daphne pointed.

It was a group of 3 kids: one boy and two girls.

The boy, about 17, had dark brown hair, with a patch covering his left side of his forehead, sapphire eyes, tan skin; he is dressed in a stylish dark shirt with the top unbuttoned a bit, light brown jacket, a pair of red and white sneakers and a black backpack on his back.

The first girl, also about 17, had same brown hair, with something resembling a horn like style atop, while the rest was long and straight, her eyes were darkish blue, slight tan skin; she is dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black top and a brown jacket, wearing a pair of white trainers and a blue backpack.

The second girl, about 16, had chocolate brown hair, reaching her mid back, with some curl hints, but mostly straight, dark brown eyes, pale skin; she is wearing a pair a black jeans, a red top with black letters, making 'The Veronicas', a white jacket, pair of red sneakers and a red backpack. It was visible that the boy and first girl were Asian, while the 2nd girl looked European.

"I said that we don't need any direction help." The boy complained.

"Relax Shinichi! We need to get to Cesisu soon!" The long haired girl complained.

"It's Cesis, not Cesisu Ran!" The other girl said.

"Cesis? We are going there too!" Shaggy heard them talking.

"Yes. We are on our way, when we kind of lost our way." The boy said.

"We could give you guys a ride. I'm Fred Jones. These are my friends: Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo!" Fred pointed at each respectively, as he named their names and they waved back.

"Those names sound familiar." The boy thought, when he suddenly snapped his fingers: "Of course! You guys are the Mystery Gang!"

"Mystery Gang?" One girl asked.

"A gang of kids and their dog that solve a lot of mysteries involving monsters." The other girl explained.

"That's us. And you are?" Fred asked.

"I am a High-School Detective from Tokyo, Japan: Kudo Shinichi." The boy, Shinichi, introduced himself, while pointing at himself with his thumb.

"I am his childhood friend, Mouri Ran." The girl, Ran, slightly bowed.

"And I am Karin Johansson, a teen detective from Riga." The other girl, Karin, introduced herself, with a smirk.

"Kudo Shinichi? You mean, the same Kudo Shinichi, son of Kudo Yuusaku, the author, and Kudo Yukiko, the retired actress, the amazing Detective of East, that Kudo Shinichi?" Velma nearly fell out of the window of the car when she asked those questions, while leaning out.

"Correct." Shinichi nodded.

"Jinkies! We got ourselves here the Modern Day Sherlock Holms!" Velma practically yelled.

"Shhh! Quite! You got any idea how many fans I got here?" Shinichi asked.

"Yeah, in my country." Karin grumbled with a look on her face.

"Gomene, Karin." Shinichi apologized, knowing she hates the fact that even in her home land, he was still more famous.

"So what is a famous detective like you doing here?" Daphne asked.

"Ah, I and Ran got invited by Karin here to see the festival of colors that will happen in Cesis, but the bus kind of broke down and, not wanting to loose time, we decided to travel by feet, but got only so far." Shinichi explained.

"Need a ride?" Fred asked.

"Sure!" Ran smiled.

"Well then hope in." Fred gestured at the back doors.

"Arigatou!" Shinichi and Ran said, while Karin said: "Paldies!"

"I think those both are 'thank you' in their respective language." Velma guessed, as the 3 kids got in and Fred began to drive once more.

"So, what have you been doing before you came?" Velma asked, excited.

"Ah, nothing. Just solving few murder cases." Shinichi said.

"Murder cases?" Shaggy and Scooby asked, in fear.

"That's my job as a detective: I must solve all crimes to let the one truth prevail." Shinichi said.

"What case can you tell us about?" Fred got interested in his method of solving mysteries, eh, cases. Shinichi told them about the Roller Coaster Murder Case. (See Episode 1 of Detective Conan)

"That is how I knew she was the culprit." Shinichi finished his tale.

"What a trick." Fred was astounded.

"I would have never guessed it." Daphne said.

"Now I'm going to be scared of riding a Roller Coaster." Shaggy was holding onto Scooby. No one noticed Ran looking at the floor with her hair covering her eyes.

'That was the last time I saw Shinichi before he disappeared. Yeah, he was Conan and always with me, but still it wasn't him. Why did he decide to tell that one out of all the cases?' Ran asked in her mind.

"Kudo!" Karin sharply whispered and pointed at Ran. Shinichi now understood his mistake of choosing this case. He gently shook Ran, who gave no response.

"Oi, daijobu-ka? Ran?" Shinichi asked in Japanese. Ran made a fake smile and nodded. It may have fooled Shinichi, but it didn't fool Karin. It was clearly fake, but she wasn't going to interrogate Ran or anything. This time.

Finally, they reach Cesis, the home of the famous caves and the Gauja river, largest river in Latvia (Daugava is the longest and widest river in Latvia, for your information). The city itself was now decorated in amazing colors to match each season, each emotion, and each thing a color can represent. There were a lot of pictures made purely from colors, along with almost randomly colored statues.

"Amazing." Velma took some pictures with her camera.

"Told you it is worth it!" Karin told the 2 Japanese kids.

"And you were right." Ran looked at the city.

"Where can we eat?" Shaggy asked, as Scooby started to look: "Rover rhere!" That was a restaurant called 'Lido'.

"Good choice Scooby! That is one of the best in Latvia." Karin looked at the restaurant.

And it was visible why. The waitresses were dressed in traditional Latvian dresses, the floors and walls were made in old style house way, with some decoration, the tables had writings on them and the food was made on spot and served on spot.

"This looks like the best place ever!" Shaggy and Scooby ran to get a spot in the line.

"I'll say. Everything is made by old Latvian culture style." Velma looked in her map/information book about the Lido restaurants and stores.

"More stores like this should be made back home, but about America." Fred agreed about the coolness of this shop.

"Like, all take these fries, that meat, that pancake and that cola." Shaggy said.

"Me rwo!" Scooby said, as they both got their orders.

"Honestly, those 2 can only think about one thing: food." Daphne put her hands on her hips.

"Well, let's not waste time. We'll have to then book a hotel for our time here." Fred looked at the clock.

"Not necessary. My aunt lives here and she owns a big house, where she could also find rooms for you guys." Karin said.

"Gee, thanks Karin." Fred said.

"Don't mention it. Karbonādi un frī kartupeļus un spraitu.(Some meat and fries and Sprite)" Karin ordered.

(Time: 1 hour later, 7:45 PM; Location: The Johansson Estate)

Karin knocked on the door of an old style Latvian house. It was located near one small lake, right next to a forest and only few miles away was the city of Cesis, as the house itself is an old farm house.

"Kas tur ir?" An elderly voice asked.

"Tā esmu es, Karīna! Ar draugiem!" Karin answered. The door opened to show an old woman, in the age of 47 years, with a loose pony tail of dark brown hair, bit wrinkled skin, skinny body, but dressed in an old white, now grey, long sleeved top, with a pair of dark brown skirt.

"Karīna dārgā! Man ir prieks tevi redzēt!" The lady hugged Karin tightly, "Un kas viņi ir?"

"My friends that I told you about. They don't speak Latvian, so it would be nicer if you also talked English." Karin explained.

"But of course dear, I will. But my English is rusty so I might have some mistookes." Karin's aunt already made her first mistake with an unbearably heavy Latvian accent.

"It's 'mistakes'." Shinichi corrected her.

"Oh, my bad! Now, what are your names? Oh, I should get you kids inside first." She welcomed them all inside her house.

The inside was made in a classic farm style with wooden walls, a wooden floor, with a small piece of carpet at the doors, few black and white pictures hanging on the walls, old style furniture and a small staircase leading to the second floor. They were brought in the living room. It looked like the hallway, but it had more carpet on the floor, few old comfy couches with a small plasma TV, a fireplace, few bookshelves, an old lamp hanging from the ceiling and a particular picture with a black ribbon on it.

The man on the picture was an elderly man with almost no hair left on his head, with a think mustache, wearing a grey sweater and smiling at the viewer.

"Who is that?" Daphne asked.

"Who was that, is more correct. My uncle, he passed away from a lung cancer 10 months ago." Karin told them.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Daphne apologized.

"Don't worry. Not like you did that on purpose." Karin said.

"I am Katherine Johansson, Karin's aunt. What are your names?" Katherine asked.

"I'm Fred Jones."

"Velma Dinkley."

"My name is Daphne Blake."

"I'm Shaggy Rogers and this is my best pal – Scooby-Doo!"

"I am Kudo Shinichi, I mean, Shinichi Kudo."

"Mouri…that is, Ran Mouri."

"Such lovely names. Doesn't 'Ran' mean orchid, accidentally?" Katherine asked.

"Yes it does!" Ran answered excitedly.

"That's what I thought. Not like I know Japanese much, I'm a flower lover, so I know almost every plant's name in every language." Katherine explained, "You kids must be tired. I'll fix up the rooms." The aunt left for the second floor.

"Your aunt is a very lovely lady." Shinichi comments.

"That's why people love her." Karin comments.

"Such a nice lady got a tragedy." Daphne looked over the uncle's picture again.

"If the dead could be returned, he would be already back, but they can't. We just…have to learn to let them go." Karin looked sadly at the picture. Velma noticed some news papers on the table with some really big bolded letters.

"Hey Karin, what does this say?" Velma handed her the paper. Karin read it with shock evident in her eyes: "I really need to read more news papers."

"Why? What's wrong?" Shinichi got all serious.

"On 4th July this year, a dead body was found in the forest of Cesis. The victim was a resident 10 year old boy, but police was unable to identify the victim of this crime with more then dozens of clawed marks on the body." Karin read the information in English.

"D-d-d-dead body?" Scooby jumped in Shaggy's hands.

"Satsujin. To think I still would have to deal with cases." Shinichi grumbled.

"Demo, it happened before we came here, so it could be just an accident." Ran tried to think another possibility.

"The beds are ready! You should unpack!" Katherine called from the top floor.

"We probably should not think about cases for now. It has nothing to do with us." Karin went to unpack her bag.

(Time: 10:32 AM; Location: The bedrooms)

All the bedrooms mostly looked that same, with the exceptions of some decorations and bed sheets. The rooms could fit only 2 people as a max and the groups are:

Shaggy and Scooby; Velma and Daphne; Fred; Karin (She technically has her own room ever since she was little); Ran and Shinichi (Shinichi was told what will Ran do to him, if he does anything uncultured).

As they went to bed, but some had a bad feeling about something, but they couldn't tell why. Or see the creature looking at the house with murderous glint in its eyes.


The TVMIML Note:

So, what do you think? Was it good? Was it bad? Or in the middle?

The reason I put murder in this is because, well, Shinichi/Conan always seems to get cases happening around him, so why not? For the gang it might be a shock, but hey Ran at least stopped screaming every time she sees a body. Well almost.

So, keep your eyes peeled and you might find more chapters and clues to this mystery case.

This is 'Detective Scooby-Doo and the Cesis Murder Mystery'. Review it!