Story Title: Detective Scooby-Doo and the Cesis Murder Mystery!

Story By: The Veronicas Music Is My Life

Disclaimer: I own only own my OC's, the fictional story and the festival. At least I never heard of such a festival before.

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INFORMATION: Do to the fact that this is now 2012, they year still stays 2011, to the end of the story.

Summary: When on another vacation, the gang meets a group of 3 kids from another country, who happens to be the famous Japanese High School detective – Kudo Shinichi, his childhood friend, Mouri Ran and the countries own detective, Karin Johansson, as they stumble upon a mystery that is taking turns way above norms both sides can imagine. Can Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Ran, Shinichi and Karin solve this before it is too late?

Chapter 8:

Set trap, Seek out and Argue!

Now the group was driving to the old factory just outside of Cesis, so that they can make a good trap to catch Wild Animal. Shinichi, sorry, Conan was still scolding himself for not checking if he has the antidote, before taking the shrinking Apotoxin. Well now he had to explain to them about what he meant by the 'Shrinking Apotoxin'.

"Wait, you got even some drug that can kill without leaving any trace of it?" Velma asked.

"Haibara said that I should keep at least few around. She had a serious scary face." Conan replies, while remembering that conversation:


In Agasa's house, Haibara's lab, Shinichi and Haibara were talking about the black pills with the drug that kills.

"I don't know Haibara. I solve crimes and I don't think I ever want to see these in my life." Shinichi looks at the black pills. (Dressed in his school uniform)

"Kudo-kun, you might have a situation where you must use them. They maybe are gone, but something else could appear, that could rival them." Haibara says, while standing with her back to him. (Wearing a brown top, white shorts and white socks)

"Demo, not said that I should kill them." Kudo says back.

"Next time you might not get so lucky with that 'I solve murders, I don't murder people' attitude." She turns to him, with such a scary look that could scare Grim Reaper.

"Ugh, now that you put it that…way…" Shinichi looks in another direction, tad scared, 'Damn, she's scary! I don't know what I fear more: Ran going to another guy; Ran using her karate on me or Haibara's scary look.'

(Flashback ends)

"I didn't feel like dying yet." Conan adds.

"At least you're cute. I don't think anyone can be this cute." Daphne made it clear that she would hug him, if she was next to him, while Shaggy, Fred and Scooby shudder of fear.

"Scary – for sure." Fred says and takes a turn to the old road.

"Hey, she's an ex-member of the organization, what did you expect?" Conan asks.

"Don't say bad things about Ai-chan. After all, she never wanted to be part of them." Ran defends the ex-black org member.

"Maybe. Say what is she doing now? Still choosing?" Karin asked.

"No, she decided to cover up for me with the cases Kogoro no oji-san gets for a while." Conan says.

"Wait, so the Sleeping Kogoro isn't really real?" Velma asked, disappointed.

"Sorry, but yes. It was me. Don't tell the press." Conan says.

"Aww and I thought he was a great detective." Velma replies, disappointed.

"Guess I forgot to mention that part before. But hey, he has some skills with solving cases. He's not very bright and I help in those." Conan adds.

"You made the Sleeping Kogoro act to find the men in black, as you called them in the beginning." Karin reminds.

"Says the girl who had 20 guitars, only because, she loved to whack those against the criminal heads when they tried to escape." Conan says right back.

"I don't need super shoes to kick." Karin mocks him.

"You couldn't solve a riddle, if I gave you one!"

"I could sing the answer and you can't even do that!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Do they bicker a lot?" Daphne asked.

"Sometime's it gets worse." Ran nods, "Not as bad when they met though. That was worse."

"Really? I thought 2 detectives like you guys would work perfectly fine." Fred asked.

"I didn't know that Kudo was shrunken when we first met. I thought he was just a young talented kid who will become a detective one day." Karin defends herself.

"But you got to give her credit for not falling for his tricks. He always made me loose the scent." Ran looked at the little teen with a weird look in her eyes.

"But it was to protect you, Ran-nee-chan." Conan replies with a defending sweet childish voice, that made all the girls go 'aww'.

"He is too cute to be mad at." Daphne cooed at Conan. Scooby saw that Fred did not like Daphne cooing over Conan like that, considering Conan is really a teenager.

"C'mon Velma, you can't really find a guy turned kid that cute, can you?" Shaggy asked.

"He is a walking mystery. I can't imagine anything more exciting then this. And he isn't cute, he is adorable." Velma explains.

"Kudo you still got the charm to get the girls. I bet you could rival that witch girl Akako, Kaito told me about." Karin comments.

"Speaking of friends, I wonder what Hattori is solving." Conan says.

"Or what Kaito decided to steal." Ran adds.

"Who's this Kaito, like, anyway?" Shaggy asked.

"A friend. With a liking to see girls underwear." Conan adds. They finally stop at the old factory and get out of the Mystery Machine to look around the place.

Deserted, just like they expected. Only few old cans and lots of old metal stuff lying around. All in all, an old abandoned factory with not even a soul. There was a lock on the door, but it was hit off in a millisecond (coughRan'skaratecough). The inside looked like it saw the war. The walks across the floors looked barely holding, whatever machinery was left looked like it got some parts stolen and the windows were broken, with graffiti on the walls with the rudest words, that made Karin close her eyes with her hand.

"Some people are degrading faster then rest." She mutters and walks by them. The rest just look at each other with a look that says: 'Don't know what you saw, but I think I don't want to find it out myself'.

"We better hurry, if we want this place set for a trap, we have to start making it now." Conan looks at his wristwatch and up into the sky threw the hole on the roof to see the sun slowly descending into the night.

The gang made most of the traps, while the tantei helped as they can, like getting into small or high places. When the traps were set, all they had to do is now lure the Wild Animal into them. Easier said the done, since the Wild Animal isn't listed in the phone book. So Fred decided to take a risk and send the forever bait duo to try and get it out of hiding.

"Are you, like, crazy? No way am I going to bait that thing out!" Shaggy exclaims.

"Ruh-ha." Scooby nodded and they both crossed their hands.

"Would you two like a Scooby Snack?" Velma asked, they shook their heads.

"How about 2 Scooby Snacks?" She tried again and still got a 'no'.

"How about we give them a whole box, and give Ran, so that she can kick its butt." Karin points at the Asian girl, as Conan went into protesting mode.

"Oi, oi! You're not going to send Ran into something like this, Johansson!"

"Face it Kudo, between us all she's got the most strength and combat skill to beat the thing. Those 2 have been baits for a while. That can be a rather good combo." Karin tries to reason with him, as she bends down to his level.

"If so, why don't you go?" Conan rudely replies back. And soon enough it went into an argument with both Japanese and Latvian swear words, and the sky kept turning redder and redder.

"You guys better go; otherwise this would've been a waste of time." Daphne says as the baits slowly walk into the forest.

(Date and Time: Thursday, 12th July 21:47; Location: Forest of Cesis)

Scooby, Shaggy and Ran were walking around the forest looking for any sings of the Animal, with flashlights and a flashlight wristwatch. So far nothing and it was already becoming dark. The owls kept hooting, some wild normal animals howled afar, the river sounds came from afar, as somewhere in another location a car drove on the highway. Wild Animal wasn't in sight though.

"He's not here. We should probably head back." Shaggy said and was ready to turn back, but Ran stopped him by pulling his hand.

"We can't. We have to find him and lure him into the trap." Ran firmly states.

"Are, like, crazy? Even if we do manage to find it, how are we going to run back to the factory, before we get killed?" Shaggy asked her.

"We'll just think of something. Those people…who were killed…deserve justice. I know Shinichi wouldn't stop if this was a case back home. Everyone deserves to have their killer caught. Like Muzkant today, he killed his friend, out of revenge, but in the end he regretted and gave himself in. Some don't. And they stay free on their feet…dakara…dakara, we have to get it into the trap. If we don't then it will continue on it until it decides to stop, which I doubt." Ran said and turned to go down the path to find it. The two just looked at each other before following her again.

"Okay, you got a point, Ran. But shouldn't it be easier if we try to somehow figure out exactly more about this thing?" Shaggy asked.

"Rhat ro rou rean?" Scooby asked.

"We got practically zilch, besides that we know it tries to live forever and has killed more then a dozen times starting from the 30's. What if it already has a victim and is out simply for a night hunt of blood?" Shaggy voiced his thoughts.

"Maybe Kaito knows something or maybe he can find." Ran took out her cell phone and dialed it on video call.

"Who is it?" A groggy voice asked, as the screen showed a boy around the same age as Shinichi, only with brighter blue eyes and messy brown hair. Only clothing visible was a white jersey.

"It's me, Mouri Ran! Kaito wake up!" Ran yelled at the phone.

"Oh, Ran-chan. What do you want, it's the middle of the night here and I got a Kid…" Kaito rubbed his eyes.

"Shh, we got 2 people here and you are loud." Ran stopped him from saying the sentence to the end.

"Oh. What do you want? Where's my forever opponent?" Kaito looked around as much as he can for Shinichi or Conan.

"First things first, Kaito do you know anything about a creature named Wild Animal, a Heinzer and Geinzer knife company, Azorues Cometh, Araraziam Cult or a king Arozus?" Ran asked.

"What's with all those names?" Kaito wondered. With a sigh, Ran explained everything that happened.

"Oi, oi, oi. You have to be kidding. You want me to find on info about something that probably are some ancient tales in the middle of the night?" Kaito complained.

"Koruba Kaito, do you really want me to tell Aoko about your other side?" Ran asked with a devious look in her eyes. This immediately got Kaito scared and he changed his position: "Since you put it that way, I think I will try to find something about those things. Kaito out." The video call ends.

"Kaito will look into it for us." Ran turned to the two as they tried to figure what on Earth she told him to change his mood like that. Then again, they did find out that Ran can be pretty scary, when needed, and change her mood to sweet and caring in a millisecond.

(Back at the factory)

Conan and Karin finished their argument, but were still fuming near each other. Talk about a suspenseful atmosphere.

"Now we just have to wait for them to come and then we can finally catch Wild Animal." Fred said.

"In plain sight?" Karin asked, since…well…they were standing in a quite plain sight. If it wanted to attack them, it would do it quite easily.

"Then hide, but have to see who is coming, so we don't accidentally activate the trap on Shaggy, Scooby and Ran." Fred said, just as something came from behind. It sounded like footsteps.

"Who are you?" Karin asked loudly and Anna Kalinin came out of those bushes.

"My oh my, you don't have to be so rude to me, Johansson. I just want to see the trap which ou will use to catch Wild Animal. Me being the first reporter to see and document it, I will become beyond famous." Kalinin says it in a happy voice.

"Sorry, but there can't be a civilian here. This must be done by professionals." Conan walks closer to her, hands in pockets.

"And who you might be, little guy?" The reporter asked. Conan moved his head so that light reflected from his glasses for a brief second: "Edogawa Conan, a detective."

"So young, yet a detective? My, Japan really forces kids to grow up." Kalinin said and wrote something down.

"At least I can grow up. Unlike you." Conan said. This made Kalinin snap her pencil in half: "What do you mean little boy?"

"What I mean is what I mean." Conan replies. She huffs and quickly leaves.

"What was that about?" Daphne asked.

"You think it's so Kudo?" Karin suddenly asked.

"Yeah. No doubt about it." Conan nods, "Just place the clues we have so far together. It should turn into some picture that should make sense. And also this should help." Conan hands Fred, Daphne and Velma his cell phone with the search results. They look threw them and rethink the clues they got so far.

"Wait, you don't think…" Velma started.

"Yup, those cases all were investigated by the same person and this person is Wild Animal." Conan and Karin both nod.


The TVMIML Note:

I know, I know, I know, I've been gone for a while. Sorry, but when you have to learn new sheets of violin music, get ready for a concert, make another disk with the ensemble, dance with the ensemble, school chorus and few tests, you will feel overworked and I wanted to sleep more then write.

Sorry. But I get only home around 9 o'clock and let's not forget the homework piles which I have to do too.

(In the HQ)

"God damn it, Musy! Never disappear like that! We thought you forgot about us!" Karin complains, but stops when she sees the schedule I am showing her for my entire week.

"Hell, no wonder you look ready to fall down and sleep till the next decade." Shinichi looks over the schedule and sees it practically full, "Who puts concerts Sunday evening with a 10 year old as the musician?"

"Some old guy who's got life that's for sure." Karin agrees.

"Wow. Good thing I decided against going to a music school." Daphne said, while waiting for her newly manicured red nails to dry off.

"Lucky." I mutter and go towards the couch and fall onto it.

"Musy?" Fred pokes me and no reaction, "Musy? Music? I think she passed out."

"With this, passed out is easy said." Karin looks over schedule once again, while Ran puts a blanket and makes a 'shhh' for everyone.

I'm going to bed. G'night everybody!

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