Hey everybody, the Prince is back again. I know it's been a long time since I been on fanfiction. But I'm back with a fresh new idea. Sad to say this isn't much of a simba/Nala fic, and isn't my usual work. But it's something that has been related to my life lately and hope you all can relate or enjoy as well. So here's chapter 1

It was a clear, cool, breezy night in the jungle. The stars shone brightly twinkling like sparkly dots in the black night sky. The young adolescant golden lion laid in the grass burrying himself in his half grown red mane. Doing what he does on most clear nights. Gazing at the white bright stars remembering what his father that past away told him so long ago. ''Look to the stars, the great King's of the past look down on us from those stars.'' ''So whenever you feel alone..know that those King's will always be there to guide you..and so will I.'' That was the last night he ever saw his father. The last good memory he had left of him. He could remember that very night he was in trouble for running off to the Elephant Graveyard with his best friend Nala. He couldn't help but reminisce on his lost memories. The thought that all of it was gone was too agonizing. Everything he had done in the past. He just wished he could go back and change it all.

Yet it seems time is always forward never back. That's the way it works, you can't change the past. Only the present can be. A few tears streamed down the young lion's cheeks. Gently he wiped them away with his paw. He missed his father so much, and missed Nala even more. She was always there when he needed her the most. But not this time, this time he was all alone in this empty paradise with two strange friends who couldn't possibly even began to understand what he was going through right now.

''If only Nala was here.'' He thought to himself trying to remember all the stuff they did together. The older he got, the more and more further apart she drifted from his memory. Now that he had realized it, he trully loved her. All the times the other cubs would tease him saying he liked Nala in the girlfriend kinda way. He always would stick his tongue out and pretend to be grossed out. But in reality he knew and she knew just what the other was thinking back then. The thought made him breathe out a depressed sigh. He trully did love her. Yet as time goes on he was beginning to think he couldn't onto her forever. What was he going to do, sit around and wait until he was a old lonely lion? He couldn't take the waiting any longer, the pain was too unbarable. She was just a cubhood friend that happened to be a female. Nothing more, nothing less. She never could be his girlfriend, never. Though if she was it would the most amazing thing that could happen to him.

It was just a point and time in his life, and that time was over. There was no way he was ever going to see her again, so he might as well let it go. Never would he forget her, but he couldn't hold onto it and wait for her to just show up in his life again. Suddenly he heard from afar Timon's voice echoeing in his ear.

''Simba! Simba!'' It echoed again. The little meerkat appeared out from a bush in the nearby tree's.

''There ya are. Hey kid watchya up to?'' Timon asked, seeing the sad expression on his face. He knew Simba was in one of his depressed moods. He approached his larger friend slowly.

''Why so glum?'' The meerkat put his arm on the teenagers shoulder trying to show some comfort.

''Just-thinking.'' His face turned pale, his eyes looked down he fuddled with the grass nervously plucking strands and twirling it around with his paw. He wouldn't tell Timon what was wrong. It made no difference to tell what was bothering him because Timon or Pumbaa could never understand his pain.

''Thinking huh? Well ya know nothin is better than some grub ta cheer ya up.'' The meerkat put on a smile trying to get Simba to smile. But it was of no use, the little lion just turned away with a frown stuck on his muzzle.

''I'm not hungry Timon-''

''And since when is Simba not hungy? huh?'' Timon bumped Simba's side with his elbow trying to put on a laugh, but it didn't seem to phase the sad lion. He sat there sighing still fuddling with the grass.

''Alright-well if ya get hungy. Ya know where to find me buddy. I'll leave ya to you're thoughts. Come to bed when ya ready.''

As the little meerkat walked off, tears fell from the young lion's eyes again. He sobbed to himself, the thump of his heart paced throbbing in and out of his chest as if it could burst open. He collapsed into the grass nearly having a heartattack, the thoughts ringed throughout his mind. Echoes of the loud shouting screams of his father's descend from the deathly cliff ringed his ears. He felt like he was deaf, the thoughts were so painful. They never seemed to go away, how could they? Slowly he closed his eyes after the quiet crying was over, slowly he placed his paws over his face and drifted into a slumber that was filled with nightmares in his dreams. And the only thing he could think of-is when the heartbreaking pain would ever end. He knew what it was like now, to be a rogue.

These days he had grown even more emotionless in front of people. Fearless, showing no restraint or sympathy for anyone or anything. He now knew what it was like for all the stray rogues out there. Trying to survive from any bit of scraps he could find. Sure Timon and Pumbaa offered bugs every now and then for a meal. But to him-that was no meal. He was growing teenager on the path to adulthood. Every bit and any chance he could get he would kill for meat. Secretly he was a killer and Timon and Pumbaa didn't even know what he did. He knew himself ever since he was a young cub he had been handesome, brave, and adventurous. But now he wasn't afraid of anything. There was nothing in this world that scared him, not after what happened that day in the gorge. Not after the loss of his very own father.

The thoughts left his mind as he closed his eyes fully blurring to blackness. Nothing but nightmares in his dreams.

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