Author: This is a crossover between Hermione (Harry Potter series) and Mallory (film Welcome to the rileys).

Disclaimer: The creater of these two are the rightful owner, I'm just lending to make my own interpretation.

Story: I know Hermione is supposed to be a bit older than Mallory, but I've made them around the same age to make the story better. WARNING for some bad language, you read at your own risk. ;)

UPDATE: MANY THANKS to the very nice 93 Diagon Alley, who have helped me correct my text. English is not my native language.

Hermione was tired. She had made her way to the United States of America a couple of years ago and was now living in New York. She and Ron had started living together after the war and the last year of school. But she was tired of London; she craved something bigger, something greater. Ron had agreed to move to the USA for a couple of years, he did eventually want to move back though. This bugged Hermione, she was not nearly ready to start the big family Ron always talked about. She loved him, she truly did. Ron would always be her first love and first everything. However, Hermione needed worldly experience before she could settle down and start a family of her own.

Ron had moved back to the Burrow in England a month ago, and they didn't know where their relationship stood right now. Hermione was so tired of waiting and wondering. She walked around New York, watching all the people run around hectically – drinking coffee and calling for cabs. It was almost eight o'clock in the evening and Hermione hadn't eaten since yesterday. She sat down on a bench, observed the view around her and her eyes stopped on a bar. She got up, and ran across the street. The bar's name was "The Stumble In" and Hermione smiled at its name and opened the door.

"I'll be right with you!" a girl shouted from a corner when Hermione stepped in. Hermione removed her jacket and sat down in front of the bar, took a menu and started reading. It listed meals like Grilled cheese and Mac & Cheese and she giggled as she remembered Hogwarts' delicious and rich meals. "Something funny?" the waitress asked, and Hermione put the menu down. She met a pair of green eyes and a warm smile.

"I am not really used to your American food yet…" even though Hermione and Ron had lived in the USA for a couple of years they almost always cooked at home and their dishes were very British.

"Oh, you're British!" the girl said. "Sexy…" she continued and winked. "Just shout whenever you're ready to order!" She turned around to greet the other costumers. Is it sexy to be British? Hermione thought and shook her head. After awhile the waitress came back and took Hermione's order. At long last a plate of Grilled cheese and a beer arrived. She ate quickly, and in silence.

"Was it any good our American food?"

"Yes, thank you." Hermione smiled to the waitress who smiled back, and looked around to see if there were any new customers; finding none she sat down opposite Hermione.

"First of all, I love your accent. Secondly, how long have you been here?"

"I like your pub" Hermione answered. "I have actually lived in New York for a couple of years, but me and my…" she cut off. She had no idea why she would tell a stranger that.

"Don't be so British, dude. I'm a waitress for fuck's sake. I can take it!" The waitress laughed and this made Hermione sneer. Hermione had never been called 'dude' in her entire life and she lost track of her thoughts.

"Err, alright. If you say so. Me and my boyfriend broke off, he moved back to England actually, and I'm living alone at the moment."

"I'm sure there's more behind that story…" the waitress said. Hermione smiled shyly and shook her head a bit pathetic. "Well, maybe not to a complete stranger. I'm Mallory. I moved from Las Vegas two years ago, and New Orleans before that. So I'm new meat as well!" Mallory held her hand out and Hermione shook it.

"Hermione." She said, feeling a bit shy from the American's boisterous personality.

"Wow, such an odd but cool name." Mallory said. "Her-my-oh-nee. Did I pronounce it correctly?"

"Yes. Yes, you did. Great, not many do." Hermione smiled, she quite liked this girl. She was her opposite – she wasn't as well-dressed, and spoke a bit informally for Hermione's taste – but she liked her. "How old are you?"

"21 actually. Wow! It sounds so old!" Mallory began to laugh. She checked her phone and then muttered and turned around. She dialed a number, held a finger to Hermione – indicating that she should wait a minute – and put her phone to her ear. Hermione counted her bill, put some dollars on the bar and began to walk out.

"Wait!" Mallory shouted to Hermione. Hermione stopped and turned around. "Hold up a minute" Mallory said to the phone. "Just wait one second. I have to ask you something, please?" Hermione nodded and sat down again, giving Mallory a quick smile. Mallory ended her phone call quickly and sat down opposite Hermione again. "Alright, this is going to sound so stupid. And I understand with all of your… British-ness… if you don't accept – but just hear me out, OK?" Hermione was confused but nodded. "Well, my roommate just kicked me out," she began and Hermione held out a hand in comfort. "And… just… may I crash one night at your place? I'm sorry. This is… I'm weird. I know! I'm just all over the place but just one night? I can cook you breakfast in return!" Hermione looked at Mallory and tried to keep up with her fast pace.

"Of course!" she said.

"What? Are you…? Seriously? Wow, that's… Thank you!"