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Hermione was walking back to her apartment. She had a weird feeling about what just had happened. She knew it was a good thing to be friends again with Ron. She could now return to the Burrow without feeling guilty. But at the same time, she didn't want to return to England. She felt like she belonged here and even more so after meeting Mallory. They seemed to fit perfectly; Hermione as being the person Mallory never was and the exact opposite. They had experiences that completed each other's. When she reached the door and turned the door knob she heard a girlish shriek and when she opened the door Mallory jumped towards Hermione and covered Hermione's eyes.

"So, I had nothing to do… And I thought maybe you are upset after meeting Ron, so I made something for you," Mallory said really fast "you have to promise not to open your eyes until I say so, OK?" Hermione nodded. Mallory led her forward and placed her in the chair. "Now you can open your eyes!" she said and giggled like a little school girl.

In front of Hermione there was a beautiful cake. It was covered with exotic fruits and whip cream. It looked delicious and Hermione doubted anyone could create such a thing without a wand.

"You did this?"


"With your hands?"

"No, with my feet. Of course crazy!"


"Have you never seen a cake before? Go on, take a bite!"

"Oh should I? I don't want to ruin it. It's so beautiful."

"Thank you, but go on."

Hermione cut a piece to herself and then to Mallory, and with Mallory beside her they both took a bite. It tasted as good as it looked. She couldn't believe this!

"Where did you learn to cook so well?"

"After moving from New Orleans I started to work in a kitchen, a sloppy one, but it was still money and I learned a lot. When I moved here I started working at the fucking pub. And the guests liked my food, so I designed the menu. Kind of."

"Kind of?"

"Well, I designed three dishes. The one you ordered was one of them! Wow, I remember how hot you looked in that light."

"I'm not now?"

"Oh fuck off, of course you are!"


Later that night Hermione was reading a book in her bed, her wand was laying in the nightstand beside the bed. She was longing to it. She knew she couldn't tell Mallory about her magic, but she utterly wanted so badly. Mallory came into the room, dressed in only a bra and a pair of knickers. Hermione gave a wolf whistle and they both giggled. Mallory crept beside Hermione and she put the book away.

After looking into each other's eyes for a moment a silent conversation had been told. They leaned closer to each other and their lips met passionate. Mallory brushed Hermione's hair and both moaned as their kisses grew deeper and deeper. She broke the kiss to continue at the jaw line, making both herself and Hermione on edge with longing from touches. She undressed the fabric covering Hermione's body and sucked in a long breath from the beauty beneath it.

"You're so beautiful"

"Mmh," Hermione murmed "hush, you are…"

Mallory continued her kisses down her neck. She continued farther down and paused at Hermione's perfectly round and rich breasts. She nibbled the nipple and let her hand find the way down to the only resting fabric. She felt Hermione's wet slit and let her fingers search and discover at its one pace. Both girls were moaning loudly and she knew Hermione was about to come. She paused her fingers and her tongue searched its way down to Hermione's pulsing slit. She knew Hermione loved her tongue and she was eager to fulfill her longing.


Hermione was laying spread out on Mallory's chest, still out of breath.

"Who needs a wand anyway?"

"What the fuck did you just say?"

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just babbling out of orgasm."

Both laughed and Mallory gave Hermione a quick peck on the lips.

"I'm going to make some tea," Mallory said in a fake British accent. "I'm feeling British today. You want some, yeah?" Hermione nodded, relaxed and fell back to her pillow when Mallory strutted half naked out to the kitchen. Hermione felt so content. She was happy with living like this right now. She had no idea for how long she and Mallory had intended being together like this but she knew she should enjoy every last second of it.

Sure, she would miss being lazy and using accio when she needed something. But she could live like a normal human being for some years of her life. She was a witch after all, the best witch of her age actually.

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