Here, I Hear

Cielo-chan 2002

I made a poem before I slept, so inspired when I saw that sky-line, starry, balcony scene between Kurapica and Senritsu (nota bene: I go after straight stuff first before gay ones). It's NOT a love poem, ok? More like a random thought thing... here goes:

I hear more than what I can see

What I feel; more than you can tell me

Lie as you please, we are all free

But your hear tells truth just so clearly

You do well not to show it, you hide

All the anger, pain welled inside

Thoughts, feelings, in your hear reside

Remords, joy, crashingly collide

But what can I do, standing here,

Under the stars, sky so clear?

I'm uncertainly sure, your being sincere

Not sight, scent taste and touch but by ear

Speak of anything, go on and lie

The heart never learns to deny

Frown, laugh, why don't you cry?

Fight and smile, you dissent to die.

Suppose all things could be true

As you read me, your eyes so blue

We throw signs, we have the clue

But I'll never get completely through to you.

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