March 30 2250
ONI Headquarters

The room was dark the only visible thing was the desk holding a computer terminal. A man stepped forward and activated the machine with a swift motion from his dark black hand.

-Message received-

-Message identified-
-Priority 1-
-Classification: Unspeakable-
-Received from: The Director-
-For the Councilor's Eyes only-
-Perform voice recognition-

His voice sounded "Washington, Texas, Meta, Church, Vanessa"

-Voice recognition complete welcome Councilor-
-Playing Message-

-Dear Councilor

-I have taken your recommendation to pull archangel back for resupply, refit and recuperation into account. Send the message to the Lord's Vigilance to pull back. As soon as they arrive I wish to debrief them personally.

-I also want you to monitor the Spartan IV's augmentations and mental health, see if they have stabilized. He is the last his kind we need him to figure out where we went wrong

-Project Freelancer is proceeding rapidly and has secured the objective and killed the VIP. Agent Texas preformed admirably and should be put to tier one, with Meta at tier two. Meta also secured a brute shot and we have been able to reproduce the ammunition.

-The scientists have confirmed that the objective is forunner in origin.

-You and the freelancers have done well give them my congratulations.

-Message replay complete-

The man let out a small smirk but it quickly faded "Terminate message."

-Message terminated -

"Start new voice message"

-You may start-

"Dear Director...