Chapter 14

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"Lucy... Is that really you?" archangel muttered he took a step back as eight human figures stepped out of the gate way.

"Niko? Your still alive!" A Spartan in SPI armor squeezed Archangel in a hug. "I thought we were the last left. But now your here." Lucy muttered stepping back Archangel could see tears streaming down her face.

"Hey bud, good to see you!" Tom said as he grasped his old friend in a bro hug (shaking hand while hugging) "How did you survive?"

"Me? What about you, going MIA after onyx blew up. By the way who are your friends here?"

"Fuck me, I almost forgot. This is Spartan-087 Kelly, G099 Ash, G100 Mark, G101 Olivia, SCPO Mendez and Dr. Hasley. God damn it's good to see you again. Now who are your buddies." Tom stated as he took off his helmet and pointed to each person individually.

"Well let me introduce you to the Spartan fours. Mihr, Dina, Raphael, Gabriel, Mukir, Nakir and Abbadon." he pointed to the group behind him. "Only partial augmentation though." the two groups converged swaping greetings.

A woman with grey hair, Dr Hasley, started up after a bit. "Your joking? I'm gone for a month and the UNSC already warps the Spartans again." she was clearly aggravated.

"Excuse me Mam but you have been MIA for almost five years now." Abbadon said.

"Impossible we were only in there a month." Ash said completely confused.

Kelly offered a theory. "Maybe being inside the shield world changed our perception of time by the way what planet are we on now?"

"Um about that we have no clue. We were about to slip to earth when we were attacked we had to randomize co-ords to prevent the covenant figuring out where sol was. We crashed our ship in two parts but.." Archangel started but stopped as a purple figure appeared.

"We got lucky breathable atmosphere, some sentient life and forrunner tech. But we got no way off planet." Catarina said folding her holographic arms.

"Cortana? Where's John?" Dr Hasley said worry entering her voice.

"I don't know because I'm not Cortana, my name is Catarina an exact copy of Cortana and you." the doctor just stood there mouth agape, absolutely speech less.

"Well I hate to break it up, but we need to find a way off of this dirt pile and since we are so conveniently in a forrunner temple there maybe a ship around here." Mendez said walking out the door of the chamber.


"Switch to camera three now." Belntino commanded. The camera angle changed just in time to show Azreal jumping out of the sixth story window firing his pistol as the glass shattered around him.

"God look at the kid go." James muttered as the Spartan took off from the impact crater toward the armory.

"Well I guess we can call it. Let's go down and debrief the kid." Pepper said but before he could move his communicator went off. "Hello." he answered "What? How long ago? Do we have any available teams? Dammit, I'll take care of it personally."

The hound closed his phone. "Star Fox I got a mission for you."


Azreal slowed himself as he entered the armory. He had sprinted the five blocks in less than a minute. He set the case down on a table and took a seat his legs resting onto of the metallic case, he took of his half mask as the four adults walked into the room.

"Good god, your fast." Peppy exclaimed as he entered. "You beat us here even thought we where two rooms away."

"I try." the human joked.

"Son, I have never seen someone fight so aggressively but hold so much control over their actions. Not once in the 20 years I've been General."

"Well when I get into action my body just takes over most of the time. Like how I jumped out the window, I didn't put a consious thought into that."

"Ya we saw that who were you shooting at? And how did you survive the fall without even a scrape?" James asked.

"That was nothing, in armor I've jumped from orbit and landed safely." Azreal leaned back in the chair. "And I shot at him" he thrusted his thumb over his shoulder at the door which as filled with an angry limping Falco. He had paint on his knee and groin.

James couldn't help but laugh at the sight. "God kid your aim must be exceptional to hit such a small target while fly out a window."

Falco hobbled over to the human and pushed his head forward "Fucker! You shot me in the nuts! I'd punch you in the face if I wasn't in so much pain!" he yelled.

"Watch your language young man." Pepper scolded but he left to talk with James Peppy and Belntino.

The rest of the kids filtered into the room all talking about the human. Azreal caught snippets of conversations. It brought a smile to his face.

"when I got up there all I saw was a huge hole in the wall, a broken window and Falco lying on the ground holding his nuts."

"I didn't even see him once."

"Last thing I saw was the ground."

"I got paint everywhere."

"Hey, are you okay I saw you jump." a voice said from right beside him. He turned his head and saw Miyu sitting in the chair next to him. Azreal could tell she had a little fear toward him.

"Ya I'm fine but I'd be better if you weren't afraid of me, I'm not going to hurt you." Azreal said trying to be comforting.

"I know, it's just you are so... I don't know, it's almost as if. Never mind." she said slightly embarrassed at her stumbling of words.

Azreal could tell she didn't want to talk about it so he didn't chase after the topic. They sat there in slightly awkward silence for a few minutes.

"Oh by the way me and Katt are going to help you pick out some clothes." Miyu said smiling.

"Oh really, that sounds great." Azreal said sincerely.

"Umm Az... I got a question."

"Az? I like the sound of that. But what do you need."

"I just wanted to know why your eyes are yellow?"

"Oh shit are they that's not good. Well part of my augmentation left me with a condition where my aggression goes up. I need yearly gene therapy to fix it. My eyes change when My aggression bleeds through."

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know." Miyu said while staring into his piercing yellow gaze.

"No it's not your fault, besides there are other ways to fix it."

"That's good. But what else did your augmentations do?"

"Well I'm stronger, faster and have more endurance than any other human. My reflexes and adrenaline are boosted. That's the short version."

"That must be amazing to be..." her phone went off. "I'm sorry but it's Wolf."

"No problem."

"Hey. How you feeling. That's good. Are they both there? Kay I'll be right there." she hung up and pocketed her phone. "Come with me to the nurses office. Fox and Katt are there we can pick them up and leave."

"Alright lead the way you know this place better than me."


Fox slowly opened the door to the nurses room inside lay three people on separate beds and one in a chair. Wolf was up and was talking to Katt and the new girl while Panther just laid unconscious on his cot.

"Hey guys how you feeling?" Fox asked as he took a seat next to Krystals bed.

"Like someone cracked my skull, pup. What are you doing here?" Wolf said sitting up straighter.

"I came to see how our new friend here is doing. She was in pretty bad shape after her match."

"Really I'm here for an hour and I've already been beat up and now I'm friends with a very handsome vulpine." the blue vixen teased.

"th-thanks, so how are you doing?" Fox stuttered.

"I'm doing good just a little shaken up. I've never been beat before and what was that guy I fought? I've never seen any thing like him."

"He's a new alien race, his name is Azreal. He is augmented to be a better solider. Or something like that." Katt quickly answered.

"No wonder he beat me, bastard had the advantage. One sec I'm gunna call Miyu." Wolf growled. He pulled out his phone and left the room.

"I doubt he should be up, he's probably concussed." Katt commented mostly to herself. "So, Krystal whats your story?"

"Well my planet was recently found by you guys, and your general suggested to my king that a family was to be sent here to learn your ways. So my family volunteered and I ended up getting my ass kicked but I balanced out." Krystal yawned she was tired from unpacking.

"How so?" Fox asked.

"Well I get to learn about thing my people would never even dream of and I got to meet you." her tone changed after the word ,and, to slightly flirtatious.

"W-well I'm glad your enjoy it here." Fox stuttered nervously. "Umm... If you feel up to it... Me, Katt, Miyu and Azreal are gunna go to the mall for a bit would you want to come with us."

"I'd love to Fox besides if I don't feel good you'll take care of me, right." she said seductively.

"R-r-r... Of course. I'll be right back." he final managed to get out.

Once he left and the door closed Katt broke out laughing. "Oh. My. God. You are so mean."

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