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Summary: I felt so bad for Maura in this episode - She's clearly been tormented by Constance for years, and now her chance to move on is gone. And while I think Constance is wrong for blaming Moira for her own attempted rape, I think Moira clearly blames herself and believes what she's saying. This is my attempt to get into her head. Enjoy!

Moira can't help but despair. All she wants to do was move on, but it isn't going to happen. Why is she being punished this way? Constance had definitely been right to call her a whore because that's what she is. She always will be. If she had just ignored that man's advances, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Moira blames herself for the mess she's currently in. Why hadn't she sent anyone to make that horrible man's mistress away before she got killed and ruined all her plans?

She thinks she'll be stuck here forever now. And so she cries.