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Summary: Harry has a diasterous summer with the Dursleys and ends up going to Hogwarts early. Due to unforseen circumstances, Harry ends up living with Professor Snape as his familiar, while Severus attempts to protect Harry as well as heal him.
This story contains mention of Rape and child abuse.
Will eventually have Severus adopting Harry

Silver Lining

"No" Severus Snape said, shaking his head as he looked at Albus in disgust.

"No Albus, you cannot ask me to do this" He said, his greasy hair drifting lightly around his face as he once again shook his head.

"Please Severus, you're the only one that I can think of who can properly protect him" Albus said gently, "Harry needs the protection this year with Professor Umbridge teaching here" He said, leaning forward slightly, hands perched on his desk. In the corner Fawkes trilled softly, causing Severus to shudder as he regarded the Head Master.

"But why me Albus? Why can't Minerva do it?" He wheedled, looking desperately at the wise man.

"Because Minvera has enough to do as it is, you are the only one Severus" Albus said again, looking at the man he considered to be one of his closest friends.

"I-" Seveus cut off, seeing the desperation in Albus' eyes.

"Fine, I'll do it" Severus said, slumping forward as Albus sighed in relief.

"Thank you Severus" He said gently, before letting the miserable potions Professor head out of his office.

Fawkes trilled again and Albus nodded, "Indeed old friend, Severus will be the right one for this job, even if he doesn't know it yet"


Harry Potter sighed, kicking the door to the cupboard under the stairs with a dejected expression on his face. Once again he was locked back in the dank, tiny room, only this time, he was alright with it. Being locked in here meant that he wasn't subjected to his Uncle's treatments of him, and he was able to lick his wounds in private and try and heal as best as he could. His entire back ached, but that was nothing in comparison to the fierce burning he felt from 'down there'. He had come home from his fourth year at Hogwarts utterly defeated by Cedric's death and the return of the Dark Lord and Vernon had taken advantage of that. Harry was his new favorite thing, his toy if you will. He couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts, even if it meant facing the drama of the wizarding world. Anything was better then staying here.

He shifted, hissing in pain as he looked around, wondering vaugly what time it was. He had recieved a letter from Dumbledore last night, stating that he would be coming to the school early and he'd been sending someone to pick him up at noon today. The Dursley's were gone for the day, something for Vernon's work, which meant Harry would hopefully be gone when they returned. He couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts, even if it was nearly a month early and he had no idea why.

The sound of the front door opening had Harry tensing rather badly as he waited with baited breath to see if it was either someone to rescue him, or the Dursley's back early.

"Mr Potter?" Snape's sikly voice sounded, causing Harry to breath in relief. Who knew he'd ever be relieved to hear the snarky potion Professor's voice.

"In here Professor" He croaked out, wincing as he heard the sharp intake of breath and the loud bang as the cupboard door was blown off its hinges.

"What are you doing in here Potter?" Snape hissed, though instead of looking angry at Harry, the Professor actually looked concerned.

"They lock me in here when they're gone so I can't mess up the house or steal food" Harry answered, he and Snape had come to a bit of an agreement last year when Severus had discovered Harry didn't lead the blessed life that everyone assumed he did. He and Snape had never been friends, but the Potions Master had tuned down his treatment of Harry once he had discovered the well kept secret.

"Well come on then Potter, we need to get to Hogwarts" Snape said, summoning Harry's trunk and school items as he looked the young, raven-haired teen over. Potter looked smaller then he had when he had left Hogwarts at the end of the school year. Vivid brusies stood out on his stark white skin, and Severus suspected the rest of his body looked just as bad.

"Poppy will heal you as best she can once we're at school" He said, taking the boy's arm and placing his shrunk trunk and items in his pocket before letting Harry's owl go, she was clever and would meet them at the school.

Gingerly he took the boy's arm, before disapperating the pair of them to Hogwarts.


"What happened to him?" Severus croaked from his place between Albus and Minerva, neither of them seemed able to speak.

"He was raped, repeatedly" Poppy said in a detached voice, the one she used when speaking of patients who were injured or abused and she had to deal with it in order to heal them.

"Oh gods" Albus said, his gnarled hands gripping Severus' hand tightly.

"How can we help him?" Minerva asked, tears running openly down her face.

"Well Albus' plan for Harry's year might actually be extremely helpful" Poppy said, "Harry can heal and be kept away from the general population of students, it should help him. Provided Severus is still willing?" She looked at the Potions Professor.

"Yes, of course" Severus said, looking at the boy with sad eyes. He knew Har-Potter's life had been bad, but not this bad.

"Then when he awakes, we'll fill him in on the plan and set things in motion" Albus said, looking one last time at Harry before slipping from the room, followed by Minerva and finally Severus.


Harry was sitting up in the hospital bed, propped up by numerous pillows as Poppy cast a few more diagnostic spells, trying to be as quick as possible.

"He started this summer?" She asked Harry, who nodded distantly, there was a remarkable amount of damage done to Harry due to his Uncle's brutality, and she had thought due to the severity that he had been abused sexually for far longer then just two months. It distrubed the Healer greatly to know that Harry had been subjected to this kind of treatment.

"Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape would like to talk to you, is that alright?" She asked gently, not wanting to pressure the poor boy in any way right now.

"Yea" Harry said, shifting to look at the door as Poppy went to get the two men. He was in a seperate room, even though it was summer and no one, except a few teachers were in the school.

"Hello Harry" Professor Dumbledore said gently, sitting down in a conjured chair, Severus sitting next to him.

"Harry, Professor Snape and I have come up with a plan that we think should help you this semester at school" Dumbledore started softly, "In order to help you heal, as well as a precuation for this semester. A woman from the ministry will be teaching here this year, due to insistence from the Minister, and we know she'll cause you harm of some kind. So, we've come up with a plan" Dumbledore continued.

"What plan?" Harry asked, looking at the two men with glassy eyes.

"Well Mr. Potter, Albus and I have decided to send Harry Potter to a special training institute in the Americas" Snape started, raising a hand when Harry began to protest, "However, I will also aquire myself a new familiar this year, a Geoffroy's Cat" He looked pointedly at Harry, who at least had the grace to blush. The boy had achieved animagus form last semester by accident, a traumatic experience, seeing Sirius for the first time, had trigged the inate ability, and Harry had achieved animagus form, a small Geoffroy's Cat- a type of wild cat, about the size of a small housecat native to South America.

"So, I'll be staying with Professor Snape?" Harry asked, looking confused.

"Yes Mr. Potter, you will become my new familiar for this year" Snape said, an unreadable expression on his face.

"We think this will help you recover from your ordeals at the hands of your...family, as well as avoid the Ministry" Snape said, looking at Harry.

"You mean I don't have to go back?" Harry asked, looking beyond hopeful. It pained Severus to see the boy so hopeful over something so small.

"No Harry, you'll never have to return to them" Albus said gently, "Professor Snape will also take custody of you. You'll live with him during the summers from now on" Albus added, Harry looked at Professor Snape, fear on his face.

"Its fine Harry, I'd be happy to have you" Severus said gently, wondering vaugly when the broken boy in front of him had become Harry as opposed to Potter.


A few days later Harry was released from the hospital wing to Snape's quarters where he'd be living from now on. No was to be told, besides a few members of the staff, that Harry was indeed at the school and not training. Not even Harry's friends were allowed to know. Once they would have bothered Harry immensely, now he was a bit relieved.

"So Harry, in order for you to maintain your form, Minerva has given me a collar that will trap you in your animagus form during the day. I'll release you in the evening once my office hours are done, in order for you to become human if you choose" Snape explained, showing Harry the intricate leather collar with silver inlay.

"Okay" Harry murmured softly, trying to seem at ease with Snape.

He'd already been shown around, he even had his own room in the quarters, though he'd only use them as a human boy occasionally.

"Professor Dumbledore and I think you should get used to being in your form now Harry, just in case someone comes to the Castle, and Umbridge will be here tomorrow, she can't see Harry Potter here, only my new familiar" Snape said gently.

"Do you have a name you wish to go by?" He asked curiously, wondering if the boy, like the blasted Maruaders had given himself a nickname.

"You can name my form sir, I haven't given it much thought" Harry said softly, smiling at the Professor.

"Alright Harry, I shall do so once you're in your form and I have a better oppertunity to see you" He nodded, and within moments, a small grey furred cat with black spots was sitting on the foor where Harry had been standing.

"Beautiful" Severus said softly, uable to contain himself as he knelt in front of Harry, attatching the collar to the tiny, furred neck.

"Silver?" He suggested, "It matches your fur" He said gently. Harry let out a small chirping noise, and Severus took it to him agreeing.

"From now on, when you're in this form, I'll refer to you as Silver and I will be introducing you to others as such" He reminded the cat, gently picking him up and raking his fingers through the soft fur. Harry was a kitten, not a full grown Geoffroy's Cat, and was way underweight as both a boy and a kitten.

Sev couldn't describe what he felt when he saw Harry in this form. He was adorable, though he was loath to admit it, and he immediately felt protective over the tiny bundle.

"Well Silver, shall we go get some supper?" He asked, tickling the kitten's chin. Harry mewed, butting his head against Severus hand, enjoying the attention. In this form, Harry had much lowered inhibitions and lived mainly off of his instincts, and instincts told him that Sev was safe. He began to purr softly, cuddling closer to Sev's warm chest, ignoring the fact that the man's breath hitched.

Severus grinned softly, already attatched to the small kitten curled in his arms, he wasn't about to let him go. He walked towards the great hall, smirking as Har-Silver he corrected himself, climbed into his robes, curling up and promptly going to sleep.


"Ah Severus, is this your new familiar?" Albus asked, drawing Severus attention to the head table. He frowned, realizing Umbridge was there a day early and seated next to the Head Master wearing an awful pink conncotion. He sneered, sitting down and settling Silver in his lap.

"Yes Albus, this is Silver" He poked the kitten gently, who glanced up, yawning a bit. Minerva and Poppy, unable to resist, both began to coo.

"What type of cat is that?" Umbridge asked, leaning across Albus in order to see.

"He's a Geoffroy's cat, native to South America. I found him in an exotic animal store just outside of Diagon Alley" Severus explained, petting the kitten some more.

They had found the shop, him and Albus and implanted memories of the sale of Silver to Severus in case Umbridge decided to enquire.

"Well he's darling" Minerva declared, resisting the urge to cuddle Ha-Silver, she couldn't believe how adorable the boy was.

Severus ate slowly, occasionally feeding scrapes of meat to Silver who was sitting attentively in his lap now. He'd feed the kitten properly back in his quarters, but a small treat was okay now and then. Throughout dinner, Umbridge continued to pepper Severus with questions, all which he answered thanks to the research he and Albus had done in the previous weeks before obtaning Silver. The woman was a cat enthusist, which would hopefully go far in protecting Harry from the witch, as long as he maintained his form. Severus silently thanked the gods for the collar, maintaining an animagus form for a long time was difficult for fully trained animgaus' but for one so new, with no training, it would be near impossible. He scratched Silver's ears, looking over the empty hall with a bored expression, in a few short weeks the students would be back, and he was not looking forward to that at all. Yes, he enjoyed his students in Slytherin House, but the other little brats, he had no desire to be around, nor teach.

"Come on Silver, dinner's over" Sev finally murmured, scooping up the sleepy kitten and heading towards the dungeons.

"Good thing we were prepared, the toad's a day early" He explained to the kitten, resisting the urge to laugh as Silver batted at his robes playfully.

"Now you're awake" He teased, whispering the password for his chambers and stepped inside, making sure the wards on the door set behind him.

"Here you go" He put Silver down and conjured a few toys, watching with amusmant as the small kitten began to play with a feathered ball, batting it about as if it were a mouse.

"Little hunter" He teased, sitting down on the couch and summoning one of his potions manuals for him to read.

Calling an elf, he had the small creature bring a bowl of fish flavoured kitten food for the cat. He knew that Silver would need meat, mainly hare, but he didn't want to upset the delicate kitten's digestive system just yet. He looked at Silver with a small smile, already enamoured with the kitten, even though as a teen, Harry wasn't his favorite person and the son of his enemy, in this form, he had no animosity for the boy turned kitten.


Time flew by at Hogwarts, and soon it was the night of the opening feast. Harry had settled into his role as Silver with ease and seemed indeed happier was a kitten then he had been as a boy. He had grown attatched to Severus almost extremely so, and was often distraught if the man left him alone for extended periods of time. Severus had even taken to bringing Silver with him everywhere, and the kitten was often seen curled in the dour Professor's arms as the man went about his business. Thankfully, the staff, including Umbridge were enamoured with the little kitten and no one minded him and often he was fed treats when Severus wasn't watching him like a hawk.


The Great Hall was filled with students, three of the tables were animated, chatting with friends and catching up on the summer. The Gryffindor table was rather subduded however, talking in low whisperes and sending glances at the head table often as well as around the other tables.

Once the first years had been sorted, and Dumbledore had said the customary greeting, everyone sat down to the feast and began to dig into the delicious Hogwarts food prepared by the house elves.

Silver climbed up onto the head table, trying to sneak pieces of meat when Severus wasn't looking. Few students noticed the kitten at first, but soom a familiar hush fell over the hall as everyone watched the tiny kitten, a few girls cooing or giggling at his behaviour. A surprised gasp escaped numerous students as Severus plucked the kitten off the table, trying to frown at his behaviour though everyone could see a tiny smile playing over Severus' features.

"I see you have all noticed our newest addition" Albus said, rising to his feet and rising a hand for silence.

"First off, I'd like to introduce you all to Professor Snape's new familiar, Silver. I ask you all to treat him with the same respect you'd treat anyone else at this school's familiar" Dumbledore murmured, though his voice carried through to everyone in the hall.

"I'd also like to take a moment to introduce out newest Defense teacher, Professor Umbridge" A scattered applause sounded through the hall, though it seemed half hearted as the pink clad professor waved.

"As I'm sure most you have noticed, Harry Potter is not seated amongst us. We have deemed it necessary to protect Mr. Potter by moving him to a private training facility in the Americas, any mail you wish to send Harry can be given to your head of house, who will see that he recieves it" Dumbledore added, ignoring the murmur that broke out amongs the students, particularly the Gryffindors who immediately began to try and get information out of a confused Ron and Hermione.

"I wish to inform you that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students, and Mr. Filch has asked me to tell you all that fanged frisbees, dung bombs and numerous other objects are forbidden and use will result in detention with Mr. Filch. A full list can be found inside his office and I invite you all to take a look at it in order to avoid detention" Dumbledore said, ignoring the twin boos from the Weasley Twins.

"Lastly, I ask that you all take care this year, remember that old dangerous have returned and I advise you all not to do anything foolish" He smiled, "With that being said, good night"

Students began to rise, a long with Professors when Umbridge rose, her pink outfit clashing horribly with Dumbledore's purple robes.

"Hem Hem" She coughed, catching the attention of confused students and Professors alike.

"Yes?" Dumbledore asked, gesturing for everyone to sit back down.

"I'd like to thank you, Professor Dumbledore for those kind words" Umbridge began, before launching into one of the dreariest speeches Severus was subjected to. Instead of listening, he played with Silver, entertaining the kitten with his fingers and a conjured toy.

When Dumbledore rose again, he scooped up Silver, smirking as the kitten yowled in annoyance and tried to bat at the toy again. He kept the toy just out of reach, making sure that Silver was entertained as he followed his students out of the hall. The prefects would get them settled and then he'd come in and give his first day of the school year speech, as well as introduce the Snakes to his new familiar and make sure they understood that he was to be protected, especially from the Lions. He knew any familiar he had would be a target for the other houses, but particularly the Lions who detested him.

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