Silent Moments

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Summery: During the silent moments of their relationship, Bellatrix ponders their relationship.

The lights appeared out of the darkness as Bellatrix awoke from her slumber. Almost instinctively, she look around the room to see where she was, only to realize that she was still in her and Tig's room, at the SAMCRO Clubhouse.

Lying below her nude body was her husband, Tig, sound asleep. As she looked down at him, to her, he almost looked at peace when he slept. But she didn't fool herself into thinking that. Inside his own mind, he was more than likely wondering how he could get her into a threesome with another equally hot woman.

Though she knew that would more than likely never happen, it was in the silent moments that often got her wondering about their relationship and when it developed from just a forbidden relationship to a full fledged marriage 2 weeks ago.

Almost as soon as they had a quite moment when they arrived back at Charming in 1999, Tig had brought her into the very room that they were in and had told her basically what he was, and what he did for a living. He had told her that he was a pervert, and more than likely wouldn't stay faithful to her when he was on a run. However, he also told her that when he was on one, that the sweet butts he slept with didn't mean a thing to him, and that she was the only woman who mattered.

When she had asked if the same applied to her, he told her that the only way she was allowed to sleep with another man, or even another club member was if he was in prison for more than a year. And if she did, he didn't want to know if she had done it, or who it was. She then had made him promise that while he was on a run, that he never brag about his exploits in front of her.

He had agreed to those terms, and then their relationship started 'officially'. The word was put out that Tig had found himself an Ol' Lady. However, it was also made clear that he wasn't going soft, or even kind. In fact, to establish this, he became more of an asshole than he normally was around most people. Though his brothers knew this was his way of making sure they knew he wasn't going soft, or kind, he always had a different side to him when he was alone with her. With her, he made sure he provided for her both physically, and financially.

Aside from meeting those two needs, he also helped meet her own emotional and sometimes, psychological needs. Even though she was over 3000 plus miles away from him, she had nightmares about Voldemort finding her and making her suffer for her treason. Whenever she did, he was right there to help her get through it.

Though Tig didn't hold her hand in public, buy her flowers or gifts, he still took the time to show that he did indeed love her. Even if he was extremely reluctant to say the words in public, she understood him. Tig felt by doing that, not only was he protecting her from possibly being marked by the wrong person, he also didn't want to be seen as a softie.

Two years ago, he had been arrested for Assault and sentenced to two years in prison. It was during those two years that Bellatrix was truly tested to see how strong her will was when it came to their relationship. During those two years, she only used the prison clause one time. Bellatrix had made sure that it was a stranger in Hollywood and modified the man's memory afterwards. Following Tig's release, just as they had promised, she didn't let him know if she had and she didn't give a name.

After he took her out to dinner, they went back to the Clubhouse. That night, in front of God and all of his Brothers, he asked her if she'd like to get hitched with him. She said yes.

Now there they were, both living at the Clubhouse. He had told her that one day he'd get them an apartment but they haven't really been in a hurry.

As she thought all of this, Tig mumbled to himself in his sleep, "Come on, Bella. I might not be a Hell Cat, but I'll be earning the Sexorcist Patch. Don't worry. No one ever got canvas burn in the boxing ring."

As he spoke the words, she gave his ass a slight pinch, causing him to slap hers, thus ending the Silent Moment they had just had.

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