Yes, I did make a lot of mistakes. I reviewed the story and tried to come up with a more realistic plot, based on the Manga. Thank you all for your help.

And I think I did manage to improve my grammar (since I can't say that my English is "Mother toung"-like) and writing style.

"Oh no, what am I supposed to do?"

Negi was pacing around in his room. Since Evangeline told him, he is supposed to train with Kotaro, he couldn't help but be nervous. He could clearly remember their last encounter as enemies and he had to admit that he would have lost the fight, if not for Mini-Setsuna.

"Maybe I can... no no! That won't work!"

"Aren't you just exaggerating, Negi?" Asuna asked.

"NO I'm not! You know how he was back then!"

"You are right, but I doubt Eva would do something that'd hurt you?" Negi and Camo looked at each other. A few seconds before they were amused by how Negi was panicking but when she asked that, his look changed to a concerned one.

"Actually, I wouldn't bet on that. She is pretty peculiar." Camo said. "But you do have a point. Negi IS her pupil and I'm sure she just wants him to get stronger AND she still wants to suck his blood, so it would be to no benefit, if he were to die."

Both of them looked up to Negi, when they heard a weird gagging noise coming from his direction. His face turned completely green and his face showed horror at the thought of Evangeline sucking his blood.

"A-Ah, uhm... sorry Negi." Asuna said apologetically. "I know you are horrified, but it is time for your training. You know how she is, when you are late."

„I know, but – I – I... you are right, I will go." - He got up and turned to the door but still hesitated. "We will come with you, so you don't need to be afraid." Asuna offered her hand. As Negi, obviously relieved, grabbed her hand, Camo let out a small mumble. "Oh perfect..."

After a few minutes, the three of them arrived at the castle in the dimension Evangeline created years ago with spacial magic. The castle was so big, it always took a few minutes to get from the arrival area, which was a small platform directly connected to the castle, to the main entrance.

When Negi first arrived here, it took him almost an hour to take in the beauty of this place. The castle was surrounded by huge mountains, forests and lakes as big as oceans and everything seems to glisten.

"WATCH OUT!" Negi pushed Asuna and Camo aside at the last moment, before a huge shadow hound crashed into the place, where they were standing before.

"I see, you've gotten better in the last few months." Kotaro appeared from the shadows of the castle. "I'm sorry that I almost hit you two, but you were standing in the way." He said to Asuna and Camo. That alone made Negi angry but Kotaro wearing that dirty smirk while saying that, made him completely furious.

"Kotaro! You almost killed them! You can't be forgiven!" Negi readied himself and summoned his staff. Kotaro already expected him to react like this and summoned at least twelve of his shadow hounds. Kotaro commanding the hounds to attack Negi and the latter casting a spell to shoot some lightning arrow at Kotaro, were so focused at each other, neither of them noticed the shadow creeping up at them and suddenly the small dispute ended.
Evangeline stand between them and neither of them could move anymore, the magic gone completely.

"That's enough boys. You are here to train, not to kill each other." She evilly smiled at both of them. "Now, both of you… undress!"

"Wh-What? Undress? Why?" Negi stammered.

"Yes you old Hag! Why should we undress?"

"Because, I said so! Now DO IT!" she said angrily, looking at Kotaro who was cowering beside Negi, holding his head, shielding it from another painful hit from her master.

"Yes!" Horrified and scared, both of them hurried to get rid of their clothes. Negis face flushed at Kotaros naked body. It was his first time seeing another guys naked body up this close. The black haired boy didn't even seem to be startled by this situation.

While Evangeline took a good look at their bodies to grasp the flaws in their training schedule, Negi tried to loosen up the situation. "Uhm – You have a nice body."

"Urgh Negi! Stop that, that's gay!" Kotaro remarked, his face slightly disgusted.


"Okay boys, stop blabbering." Evangeline got in front of them and started to explain, what they had to change in their schedule. "Negi, you need to strengthen your body. You look like a girl, all soft and smooth."

Kotaro looked at Negi and couldn't help but blush a little. He turned his face away from Negi and had to agree with her. "And Kotaro, you are fine for now, so you will be his mentor."
That said, she created a basic plan to get Negis body up to shape.

"Start your training now and don't you dare disturb me, until you finished the first part of the plan." She turned around and went into her castle, leaving the both of them alone.

"Okay then, let's get this over with." Kotaro readied himself. "Get over there, we will start by building up some muscles."

Asuna left a while ago but Camo watched the whole thing and had a greate idea to make them even stronger. While they were distracted with their training, he finished the preparations for it.

"Hehe, let's see what will happen in a few hours."