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"Boss, we found the traitor. What would you like me to do with it?" my second in command, Nathan, said.

"Hmm...I don't know. Male or female?" I replied. It wouldn't make a difference on how I would kill the bastard, but a girl has needs. Needs that can only be satisfied by the opposite sex.


"Bring him in," I watched as Nathan went outside, said something to the guards and then came back into my office.

"Will it be the usual procedure?"

"Yes. You know the drill. Alert the centre. You know what happens to anyone who will disturb me during the coming hours," I felt my eyes darken and a slightly worried look crossed Nathan's face. "Can't control your new men?" I teased.

"Of course I can, Ma'am, it's just we have visitors soon, and I don't think they'll like waiting-" Nathan's words were cut off by sounds of a scuffle outside.

"Tough on them, then. They should have come earlier. Right now I have business to attend to. Leave me and bring it in, I'm hungry," Nathan nodded at me and went outside to bring the man in. Yes, by the way, I refer to traitors as an 'it'.

"Boss, here it is," Nathan said before I heard the door shut softly as he left me and the traitor alone in my office.

"Who do you work for?" my voice was low and deadly as I inspected my pen closely.

"I don't know their names," a Russian accented voice replied.

"Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit," I said in a sing-song voice. "I wasn't born yesterday. So tell me...who. Do. You. Work. For?"

"I. Don't. Know. I never worked directly with them. It's not my job."

"Of course not. You just pretend to be working for someone when actually you're just worming the company and getting info so you can shut said company down. Well, it might have worked in other places, but, buddy, you ain't in an amateur business. I'm Rose Hathaway, and I do things properly. You just fucked with the wrong woman," at this point I looked up into the traitor's eyes. I saw him shudder - it alwayas happened, and a smug grin always spread across my face when it did. My eyes are red, due to my living status - Strigoi. For some reason mine are more of a vivid and bright red. In the Strigoi world I'm sometimes known as the Girl With The Blood Eyes. "What's your name?"

"D-D-Dimitri," he stammered and I laughed. All the confidence swept out from under people's feet when they saw my eyes. I like to say it's also my captivating beauty, but that makes me sound vain. Don't get me wrong, I know how great I look, I just don't have to marvel at myself everytime I pass a mirror.

"Well, Dimitri, I have a night of fun lined up. Fun for me, of course. If you're good I might repay the favour of all the good work you did do for me, but at this point in time I'm hungry, and can't stop staring at your neck. Relax, this will only hurt if you resist it. It could be so good if you embrace it. So relax..."