Something Blue

Summary: It's Kim and Ron's wedding day and there friends are coming from all over. But the prophecy of the Great Blue is to come true. Alien plots are bound and they will be getting help a mysterious man known as the Doctor.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Kim Possible. I pretty much just own the original characters.

Authors Notes: This is a sequel to my story The Red Headed League, it is also part of larger thing I'm working on with multiple universes interacting with each other, but don't worry this is going to focus on the characters mentioned above Kim and the Doctor.

Chapter 1: Wedding Planning

Dates were set and plans were put in motion. At the news of Kim and Ron's both their families and their friends celebrated. What the happy couple did not know that there were others preparing for that day too.

Gil Moss was being lead through some dark red halls by guys wearing purple uniforms with greek letters. Gil had once again been unmutated and was once again human.

He was lead into a red large chamber, waiting for him there was a man with a metal right hand and an eye patch on his left eye.

He then turned to Gil and simply said, "Gil, I am Gemini I'm the leader of the Worldwide Evil Empire and I believe we have an enemy in common."

"Who would that be?"

"Ron Stoppable."

"The squeeb?"

"Yes, we offer you a chance to get your mutate form back in return for something."


"There is a plan in affect to defeat Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable but we need everyone we can get for this battle."

"A chance to get back at Ronny, you got deal."

"Oh goodie another little cuddle buddy." A plump woman with freckles and glasses came into the room.

"Whose she?" Gil asked.

Gemini answered. "That is DNAmy she is the geneticist that will help you get your mutate form back."

DNAmy put her arm around Gil and as they walked away she explained her plan. "Now don't worry we've gotten samples from the lab that changed you back. This time with my machine we'll make sure they can't undo it."

As they left the room Gemini pressed a button on the computer and a cloaked figure appeared appeared on his screen and all he said, "Gil has agreed to be apart of your plan."

As the months past on Kim and Ron decided to have the wedding in June and to have it in Hawaii. The news of their marriage had started to get around and for the most part it was good but they were getting annoyed with some of the attention. One good thing about having a wedding in Hawaii is that a friend of theirs by the name of Lilo agreed to keep any wedding crasher far away with the help of her Ohana.

As the wedding plans continued others made their own plans. The villain Elotronique had been zapped by the attitudinator turning her good, she served her time and got out for her good behavior. The woman with the eastern-european accented started her new life by opening an electronics repair shop. It was fairly simple work for her and she enjoyed the honest living. She just finished up working on a device that she was asked to modify, she was a little hesitant but was convinced to do it.

The man that ordered the modifications came in.

He was an older man with a thick accent. "I have come to pick up my device."

She said. "I have it right here. I have to say that I'm still a little hesitant about this. You said it was for a good reason but-" She pulled out a blue helmet with light bulbs on it, she knew it as the attitudinator.

"It is really quite simple. Someone has been affected by modified version of this helmet, modified like how you have modified it, I simply wish to use it to change this person back to how they were. Is that not how things should be?"

"Well I suppose people should choose how they act."

"I am glad to hear that." With that said Señor Sr. used the attitudinator on the woman.

As the energy blast hit her she fell to the ground. She jumped up her voice angry and harsh. "I can't believe that red haired pest and her sidekick! They altered my mind! Who does that! I can't believe I sent them a congratulations basket when they got engaged!"

"My name is Señor Sr and me and my associates think we can help you on getting your revenge."

Else where the bird based villain Aviarius snuck into a museum inside a lighthouse, it wasn't anything special it didn't really have anything of any real worth. But he had his orders he found a silver cutlass and took it running out. Outside the museum waiting in his hover craft was Professor Dementor with the treasure trunk he was sent to find.

Speaking with a thick bavarian accent he said. "Did you get it?"

"Yes, now lets go." Aviarius told him. We don't want to keep him waiting."

The two headed off.

The plans continued, the happy couple graduated from college and prepared for their future after their wedding. The invitations were sent out to their family, friends and allies.

The final preparations were put into place. In a desert a figure in a cloaked was followed a group of monkeys dresses as ninjas they were digging at the ground. They soon found a handle in the ground and the figure pulled it and soon a massive temple raised from the ground. With a burst of bright gold light a monkey dressed in purple robes appeared.

The monkey spoke in a deep voice. "Who dares awaken Yono the Destroyer?"

The hooded figure threw off her robe to reveal herself. "Hi! I'm Amy. Most people call me DNAmy. I just kinda need a favor from you."

The monkey ninjas brought over the petrified form of their former master Monkey Fist.

"Why have you brought me him? He has met his fate following the path of the Yono."

"I just need you to unstone him."

"Why should I do such a thing?"

"Um because it would be nice?"

"Really? Is that the best you have?"

"No." said a voice before blasting the Yono with the attitudinator. The voice came from a tall figure in a cloak.

DNAmy looked at the monkey figure. "So will you fix him now?"

"Oh I'm sorry of course I'll fix him up." The Yono said with a chipper tone.

"Oh goodie! Aren't you cute little cuddle buddy! Thank you!"

With a wave of his hand the Yono turned the statue back into Monkey Fist.

Confused Monkey Fist looked around. "What happened? Where am I?"

"Hiya Monty!" DNAmy said picking up the Yono.

"What are you doing here?"

"I got you back with a little help from this cute little guy but Monty we need you for something."

"Why should I help you with anything?" The british monkey man asked.

"Because I said so." Said the grim figure in the black cloak with the attitudinator.

Next to the dark figure stood tall the alien warrior WarKry.

"Why should I do what you tell me?"

"Because we all are." Professor Dementor came out of the shadows with many other villains.

"He's the man with the plan and it's a kickin' plan like seriously." Said the mullet haired Motor Ed.

"What's going on?" Monkey Fist asked.

"You've been gone a while sweetie." DNAmy told him handing him a magazine. "You've missed a lot."

Monkey Fist quickly skimmed the magazine. "Kim Possible is marrying the buffoon!"

"Seriously!" Motor Ed shouted. "I mean Red could do better,seriously, but you have to handed to the geeky dude talk about dating out of his league. I mean like seriously."

"What are you planning?"

Simple." The cloaked figure spoke up. "You all have grudges against Team Possible, I have gathered all their enemies for this task."

"I do believe you are missing a few. Where are Drakken and Shego?" Monkey Fist pointed out.

"Like I said, "DNAmy began "You've kinda missed a lot. After you were turned into stone the world was invaded by aliens. Drakken and Shego joined Kim and saving the world and got full pardons for it. They started their own companies and are kinda legal. They may also be dating, I'm not sure they deny it but I think there is something there."

The cloaked figure said. "Beside those two there is Frugal Lucre and Hank Perkins. Neither are real threats and both now work for Drakken and Shego. Frugal as a personal assistant and Perkins as their accountant. They changed sides, they will be dealt with as well."

"So what is this plan?" Monkey Fist asked.

"We shall attack them when they least suspect. We shall attack them on the day of the wedding."

"You must be joking! I am all for revenge but attacking them at their own wedding that will just make things too personal. I have you know that they aren't as incompetent as they seem. You make it personal there won't be a place on the planet where they won't find you and come after you."

"Aye!" Duff Killigan began. "Don't waste your breath. He has means of convincing you."

Monkey Fist looked at the Scottish golfer with a perplexed look and then the cloaked figure raised his hand. "You said there is no place on the planet to hide but I'm not limited to this planet."

Soon as he finished a massive space ship descended from the sky, it's cannon pointed right at the monkey man as power began to fill it's barrel.

The villains all flinched having seen its power before.

Monkey Fist relented. "All right. I'm in."

"Good, soon there will be a new world order. You will all get what you deserve when the Great Blue rises."

It had been about a year since Ron proposed to Kim and today was the day they were going to get married. The year hadn't been without its problems but the couple had made it through and were stronger for it. They were in Hawaii, paradise on Earth they couldn't figure a better place for the wedding. Their guests were arriving and they were to have their wedding on the beach under the star filled sky. Kim couldn't image a better day.

Back in Middleton the town was a buzz with excitement that two citizen were getting married so no one noticed a large blue box on a random corner. A young looking man with an English accent was walking down the street and spotted a magazine on a news stand. The man picked up the magazine and flipped through it quickly.

The man at the news stand said excitedly. "Isn't it wonderful? Those two are getting married today."

"Today?" The man asked.

"Yes, today in Hawaii."

He dropped the magazine back and ran towards the blue box. Pushing the doors open the man with a delightful glee ran into it. The doors closed behind him. The big blue box started to vanish from that spot making a vworp sound as it did.

Kim looked at her white wedding dress on a hanger and with a smile said, "Okay it's time."

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