Something Blue

Summary: It's Kim and Ron's wedding day and there friends are coming from all over. But the prophecy of the Great Blue is to come true. Alien plots are bound and they will be getting help a mysterious man known as the Doctor.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Kim Possible. I pretty much just own the original characters. Or Lilo and Stitch. Okay I own the OC, but frankly Alexis is mine I'm working on developing him for something else I'm doing.

Chapter 8: Better or Worse

The Doctor was running towards the beach carrying the staff that was about to explode.

"Oh come on let me be right about this one!" The he tossed the staff like it was a spear towards the open water. "Olympics here I come!" He yelled as he saw it slip under the waves.

The water boiled as colors filtered through the water, knowing what was next the Doctor ran as fast he could. He stopped when he saw an overweight man with sun glasses and a melted ice cream cone.

"You should run." The Doctor tells him.

Then the water erupts in a burst of color. The Doctor jumped behind the large man to escape the wave. The man gets soaked while the Doctor stays perfectly dry.

The man's face doesn't change but he seems beaten. He takes off his sun glasses and tossing them to the ground he says. "I give up."

Then he just walks away from the beach.

The Doctor takes the discarded glasses and puts them on. The energies that the staff collected are released their bright colors painting the early dawn sky. The energies hover in the sky until they reach their owners. As the mystic energies return to the Yono it snaps the spell and all across the universe those transformed into stone quickly reverted to their natural form.

The Yono examines the helmet. "To imagine something like this could cause so much trouble." As he poked it he poked the button on the helmet zapping him, the Doctor being wrong that it only had on shot left. Returning to his normal self the monkey bellowed. "NO! My power stolen! My mind warped! I have suffered too many indignities today! Yono Out!" With that he disappeared in a blast of light and smoke.

"What was wrong that monkey?" Han asks Yori who just shrugs.

"Oh there goes my new cuddle buddy!" DNAmy lamented.

"Who cares?" Monkey Fist told her. "He forgot about me. I'm getting out of here while I still again."

"Dormis!" Gwen shouted causing all the villains to fall asleep. "Okay that the last magic I have in me for the day. I'm going to have a headache for the rest of the day. I'm going to need a ride home."

"Yeah, I got you covered." Alexis said getting up. "How about them?"

"I know a guy." Lilo told them taking out a cell phone to call her social service worker named Cobra Bubbles.

"Now we are missing a few?" Alexis said noticing those missing. "Where's the bride? Where the run away time traveler?"

"About that?" Wade started.

"Sorry I'm late. Been late all week." The Doctor said strolling back.

"But we saw you get blown up." Wade said shocked.

"Blown up? That big boom was the staff not me. I threw it into the ocean to contain the worst of the explosion." Then he noticed the how some people where looking over the data of the on the computer. "Oh." He said in a quiet tone. There were only a few people there that could read that data and had the knowledge of celestial bodies to know what it meant or the basic transmission it received. The Doctor decided not to let more people know. He pulled out the screwdriver once more and pointing it to the screen the alien computer which then shattered. Before anyone could question his action he said. "What about Kim?"

"I don't know." Ron admitted. "She was here and then that thing in the sky closed up and she was gone."

"Oh she went that way." The Doctor pointed towards the trees.

"How do you know?"

"Low Level telepathic rapport." The Doctor said proudly.

"Also foot prints in the sand." Gwen added point to the impression in the sand.

The Doctor looked at Ron who seemed crest fallen. "Ron,Ron, and Ron. You have a question in your mind and I promise you Kim didn't run away because of you. She's scared and what do humans do when they're scared? They run. She just run away from it all, I know the feeling, she just wants to be alone."

"So I should just give her time?" Ron asked unsure.

"NO!" The Doctor shouted. "That' the last thing you need." He was very familiar with the emotion. "You should never be alone when you feel like that. That's when you need someone the most. That would be you Ron. You've been her friend her entire life. The person she trusts more than anyone. Now thinking. Now really think, Ron, what would happen that she would run away from you the person she trusts the most."

Ron was thinking. His mind running a mile per second. He was playing with the ideas the Doctor has just said. It was not surprise that he was the person that Kim trusted the most so why did she run away from him. "She's afraid that I won't love her anymore because what she did."

The Doctor nodded giving him a weary smile. "She's giving you the choice. She won't hold it against you. The choice is yours whatever ever you do."

Ron knew exactly what he was saying without saying it. "No! No, I'm not going to leave her. I love her. I'm going to tell her that. That' why I married her. So that I would never leave her."

With nothing more to say Ron ran following the foot prints. The Doctor looked over his new sunglasses and he smiled.

"You did that to on purpose." Slim came up to the Doctor.

"Maybe, I just said the right thing so that Ron could realize the full extent of the situation. The choice was his alone. They have always been family. This marriage is more of a formality but Ron does need a nudge towards being a husband." He looked at him. "Nice hat by the way."

"Shoot!" Slim told him. "You can have it for helping my Kim." He said placing the cowboy hat he had been wearing on the Doctor head.

The Timelord glanced at the broken computer. "Slim! I'm going to assume that your brother went off with his lovely wife to tend to anyone hurt. Now you should go help do that. Just leave the kids and me to clean up here."

"Well if that's the Doctors orders." Slim smiled before going off.

The Doctor rolled his eyes ignoring that joke which he must have been told at least the five million time.

"We're is going to have to talk to her." Gwen said to the alien.

"Yup, things are going to get worse just as they get better." He said grabbing the memory storage from the computer.

Those in the group from other universes traded looks before they went into the forest, some keeping their distance from the Doctor.

Lilo looked at the Stitch. "You think they're hiding something?"

The blue alien said. "Yup."

Monique, Wade and Joss were also noticing this and came to the same idea as Lilo.

Ron still in his tux, having removed the super suit before the Doctor returned and given it to Wade, walked through the lush jungle like of forest following in the foot prints, the path did seem familiar. Then he heard a sound that sent a sharp pain in his heart, he heard Kim crying.

"Kim." He said softly coming out of the forest.

Kim knew him by his voice but she turned her face instead towards him to the sky above the small piece of shore she found herself alone with. She wiped some tears away before she said barely more than a whisper. "Ron..."

"Kim, are you okay?"

"No." She bluntly said. "I-I did some bad things Ron."

He sat down besides her. "I know I was there. It wasn't really you who did it, well it was you, but it wasn't really you-you." He decided he needed to be more careful choosing his words. "It's like the time when that attitudinator messed with my brain waves. I tried to take over the world... though you actually got it done."

She gave him a small smile at his little joke. "It's not exactly the same."

"I love you." Ron told her deciding to be transparent and direct. "I love you, Kim. Yes, something bad happened today but it wasn't your fault. I know that you never wanted to do anything like that. You might want to be alone but I'm not going to leave you alone because you don't deserve to be alone." That was what she needed to hear and she started go cry as Ron hugged her. "It's okay Kim." He reassured him.

"Thank you." She whispered to him.

"For what?"

"For still loving me after everything."


"That's where we come in." The Doctor said coming out of the forest followed by the others.

"I knew you would know." Kim said sounding nothing short of shameful.

"Well, I can't say I'm proud of you."

"Doctor! Be sensitive on this." Gwen scolded him like he was a rude child.

"Sorry." He offered to Kim. "It was split second decision that anyone would have made. You know what would happen but you decided to save your world no one would hold it against you."

Ron looked confused so Kim answered. "It's basic physics. In space gravity of things pull on each other." She paused trying to come up with the words. "The drives that the Lorwardians used..."

"The shunt warp drives!" The Doctor decided to continue. "It warped space so it was like they two points were next to each other. It worked like a shunt the gravity from one world bled towards the other. What Kim did-"

"I reversed it. The shift of gravity was like snapping a rubber band. A wave of gravity struck their planet."

"You saved the Earth" Ron started. "But-"

"I cracked the other world."

"Yes," The Doctor said starting to take over the conversation. "It wasn't enough to destroy the world all at once but the crust was cracked open. The plates as pulling apart. In a few days the planet will be ripped open. Their entire fleet are there and are evacuating the planet. They're not going anywhere their ships engines were damaged with the gravity wave. But the Galactic federation is already there. I got a glimpse at their transmission. They will imprison those that are guilty and help relocate the others."

"So in the end the girl who can do anything can also destroy a world."

"Don't say that!" Ron told her.

"I might not have been in control of myself when I did those things as the Great Blue but I did do that as Kim. Kim the Destroyer of Worlds."

"Oh come off it Kim." The Doctor protested. "I've been called that before! Several of us have been called that before! Look at Raven! But do you think we're monsters! You are certainly not!"

"Wait!" What's this about me?" The dark haired girl with the cloak asked. "I was controlled by my demonic father! And it was only once! Unlike some of us." She finished turning towards the Doctor.

The Doctor completely ignored that comment. "Do you really think you're a monster? Frankly, you're the only one among us that actually goes out to look for trouble to stop it! If anything you might be the best of us."

"Thanks." Kim said still sad but smiling.

"Say nothing of it. We're practically family. One big strange megaverse spanning family." Turning to Ron. "That makes you family so make sure you take care of her."

"Will do." Ron promised.

"Also those hiding in the bushes are your family too." He reminded Kim.

They came out of the forest. Lilo asked. "So you knew we we're following you?"

"Yes! You really not that good at sneaking up. But look at all this, Kim. All this people love and think the world of you. Kim, they say you can't pick your family but they certainly pick you."

"Ohana." Stitch spoke up. "Means family and no one get left behind of forgotten. So we never leave you."

"Oh I love that." The Doctor grinned.

"I get it." Kim told him. "Thank you but don't I still have to..." Kim let her voice trail off.

"Be punished? No, I don't think so. I mean you were under the effect of a device. The greater part of the universe blames everything on the Great Blue which they already know is gone. Besides there isn't any real evidence. Really outside the people right here no one really understands what happened. Maybe your enemies but no one will believe them. The guest don't know the full extent and I don't even believe the world is going to be sure why they lost a few hours. Besides we were involved and we can't get involved anymore than we have. You know best not to affect the casual nexus."

They all understood him. None of them wanted Kim to be in trouble even if the chance of her getting in trouble were small. So they just weren't going to talk about it, save Kim's good name, beside really she wouldn't be punished they were more saving time and avoiding knocking off the casual nexus. Besides a girl that had helped the world should be forgiven for something she didn't really have control over. But they didn't have too much time to dwell on that.

"Time for me to go." The Doctor said. "Time to face the music so to speak."

"Doctor..." Kim began. "I said somethings and I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

"It's all right you're are forgiven."

"But you don't have to go now I mean there is still food-"

"No, I have been putting something of for too long."

"Well, if you're going let me give you this." Lilo said placing one of the last lei around his neck.

"Thank you. How do I look?"

"Like a tourist." Lilo laughed.

The other looked at the Doctor and a pit formed in their stomachs. Those who knew this Doctor knew he only wore that outfit once, Those sunglasses, that hat, and a lei once...

"If you're Kim's Ohana than you're ours too." Lilo said. "So feel free to visit."

"I'll make sure I do that."

Then the Doctor pulled back some branches to reveal the Tardis. Kim knew it wasn't a coincidence she had walked near the Tardis events were coming to a convergence.

The Doctor swung open the doors and waved. "Good Bye."

They all said good bye as well though many did so reluctantly.

The Doctor stood next to the controls and stared at the central column in the room. "All right Ood Sigma what do you have to tell me?"

He went wild on the controls pressing button and pulling levers. Soon the big blue box started to fade away leaving only a whirl of wind. As it left many those there seemed to collapsed in on themselves out of grief and exhaustion and Ron was quick to notice Kim's distress.

"What's wrong Kim?" He asked her.

"He's gone. He was wearing that when he went to the Ood Sphere and then... then his song ended."

"What do you mean? You've introduced me to the Doctor. The last time I saw him he looked different-"

"He regenerated. As last ditch effort to survive his body changed. That version of the Doctor is gone. He's still in the new Doctor but only as a part. In the end that Doctor didn't want to go and-"

And as to interrupt the thought wind began to pick up as a bright blue Box began to fade in.

As soon as it settled Kim ran to it and opened the doors.

As the doors swung open Kim saw a young looking woman with long blonde hair done up in buns holding a nicely wrapped gift. "Hello Kim."

"Hello Usagi. You're not pregnant anymore. How- Right, time travel. I'm really starting to hate time travel."

"Sorry we're late." He jumped up from behind the blonde woman. "I had to wait until she wasn't pregnant anymore."

There was the Doctor. The new Doctor. He was wearing a bow tied tuxedo with spat and top hat. His dark hair and his youthful happy go lucky appearance could would lead people that he wasn't the same man but he was.

"Doctor." Kim scolded.

"Sorry Kim." He apologized. "I couldn't get involved, I already was. It was established events and I couldn't interfere."

He explained how after he left Kim he went to the Ood and how he got involved with the Master and how it ended. He knew what Kim's future was but didn't tell her because he knew that it could disrupt the timeline. They understood mostly cause they all had information on each others future they knew was best kept secret. They also knew this would not be the last time they would see the previous Doctor after he was gone. Thanks to time travel they had seen him twice already. Including a quick visit at Kari's wedding when a creature from a dark Ocean named Dragomon tried to steal the bride and eat their souls, which they agreed that wedding was less traumatic.

"Lets agree that none of us are getting married anymore. It's like Christmas for us just trouble follows." Alexis began. "Danny, you and Sam... well she's free spirited so I could see you two just living together." Then he turned to a dark haired girl with glasses. "Wendy, it's pretty much the same with you and Tyler. You are both artist so again just live together."

"You're having a break down?" Wendy asked him as they all walked back to the hall.

"A little bit." Then he turned to the brown haired young man with the sword. "Syaoran you're the exception since you are engaged already. By the way did you and Sakura pick a date yet?"

"Uh, yes." Syaoran answered. "Christmas."

"Congratulations, your wedding will be our last one. Also I need a hug." Then Alexis collapsed to be caught by Syaoran.

"Is he all right?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, he's just being overdramatic to amuse himself." Kim told him.

"Cheer up." The Doctor said. "We still have cake and Ron's present."

"Right!" Ron said realizing something was off. "I need to set up. Meet me at the hall." Ron finished running off.

"And we're supposed to help." The Doctor added before leading the other away.

"The cake better not be a lie!" Alexis ran after them.

Kim turned to Wade, Monique, Joss Lilo and Stitch. "Do any of you know what they have planned?"

"No." Wade said. "Ron's been keeping this pretty secret."

"Can't say I do." Joss told her cousin.

"I not sure what's been going on all day." Monique answered.

Indeed the cake was not a lie but someone one had already cut a piece out.

As Kim the others arrived Ron was standing on a stage. He started to speak into a mike. "Um, so I wanted to make Kim's gift something special and from the heart. Then I figured what I was going to do I needed some help. That's when some of Kim's friends from, uh, 'out of town' helped."

"Hello!" The Doctor said waving a guitar. That's when Kim noticed that all of them were on instruments or working music equipment or lights.

"So this is something I wrote for Kim." Ron said as the music began to play. Ron sang the song he wrote.

You can do the things

That can't be done

You can win the fights

That can't be won

When you're on a mission

You see it through

'Cause the save the world thing

Is what you do

That's the way it has to be

It just comes so naturally

It's just you

Doin' the impossible, it's you

You're practically unstoppable

It's you

Totally untoppable

It's you, it's you, it's you

You're Kim Possible

When the earth's in trouble

And we're in distress

We can call you, beep you,

Send an SOS

Situation resolved

You never say maybe

From here on out it's

Plain that - baby

That's the way it has to be

It just comes so naturally

It's just you

Doin' the impossible, it's you

You're practically unstoppable

It's you

Totally untoppable

It's you, it's you, it's you

You're Kim Possible

It's not a secret, or a sign

It's not the way the stars align

It's just exactly what is true

Not a superhero, it's just you

It's just you

Doin' the impossible, it's you

You're practically unstoppable

It's you

Totally untoppable, it's you

You're simply Kim Possible

It's you

Doin' the impossible

Practically unstoppable

You're totally untoppable

It's you, it's you, it's you

It's you baby.

As he finished Ron was surprised to see Kim run on stages. He would have said something but Kim's kiss had stopped him from doing so. The wedding celebrations began even if it was hours later than expect and most guest had their clothes a little ruffled up.

The Doctor watched as Kim and Ron began to dance.

"Doctor?" Gwen asked him "I've been wondering about something."


"The whole casual nexus thing. Each of Universes has one. When we interact with each other we risk causing it to tilt to much and alter things. That's why I don't get Ben or Kevin involved in things, they don't need to get caught up in all this. Our lives are already started to interconnect. I was there when Kim got proposed to and she was there when you finally decided to go to the Ood."

"So what's you're questions?"

"Are we getting too close? Are we risking changing our whole lives?"

"Maybe," He said simply "but what' the difference. We're apart of each others lives. Like Stitch said: Ohana were there for each other."

"We could make things worse."

"Yes, that's a possibility and we should be careful but look at them." He pointed to the happy couple. "The prophecy was there before we met her. Things might have been worse. I say we should just be careful and watch out for each other."

Gwen looked at the happy couples sharing that dance. For the first time that day Kim was truly happy. "I guess you're right."

"Everyone brings some bad things into other peoples lives, arguments and fight, but they can also bring new experiences and memories. In the end I just we make each other lives better." The Doctor smiled. "Though you might want to stop Kirby and Alexis from eating all the cake, one less bad memory for Kim for this day."

"Why can't you stop them?"

"I'm going to hit the dance floor, Tennyson."

She knew better than try to stop him from dancing during wedding so with a groan she went to stop the cake from being devoured.

In the end they might cause trouble for each other but that was a risk they were willing to take. They say you don't choose your family but in reality you do. You choose those people you surrounded yourself with and those that you love and grow close to. Families are made of not only those you are related to but with friends and those that love you. Those that will be there when you need them. To share the worst and the best.

Authors Notes:

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