Yuna Lee stood in front of the floor length mirror. Her wedding dress glistened in the sunlight streaming in the window. She sighed, and put a finger to the glass. It was true she was in love with Kahyun and would soon be his bride, but the memory of Rieno still tugged at her heart strings.

"I wanted to be with you, "she whispered to the glass. Frowning, she gently examined her makeup; she really looked like a queen today. When she had woken up this morning, her mother had exclaimed that a package had arrived without a return address, and her veil comb was missing. Inside the box was her crown from Phantasma. There was a small note, wishing her luck; it was from Libera, Leon and Ehren.

She almost cried just thinking about them. What would have happened if she did stay and really stayed with Ehren, or decided to live with Rieno in a remote area far away? What if, what if, what if?

"Be serious Yuna," scolding herself. "It was a wonderful learning experience, learning to grow, love and be a woman." She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She never had the guts to cut off her hair completely. It lay just below her waist; tiny braids with small flower adorned her head, along with her crown. She giggled, at 21 she had truly become a woman, in shape and mind. Rieno would have been pleased with her form.

"You do look smashing," a male voice dragged her from her thoughts. "I'm so nervous Beum," she confessed, eyeing her brother. "You look handsome," she added.

Beum puffed his chest, "I told Kanyun this marriage gives me full rights to pulverize him if he makes you unhappy for even a split second." "YOU WHAT?"

"Kidding love, come on, its time. Dad's waiting. As is your husband," Beaum stuck his hand out. "Let's go Peanut."

Kahyun stood nervously at the altar; it had been a long engagement for them. He had asked her when they graduated high school but she wanted to wait to wed until they both finished college. They had and a year later they were ready to start their lives together.

There's so much I want to tell you, things I couldn't before this moment, this special moment when you are mine forever. Just like you were mine then, back in the castle, back in the forest. I truly got to watch you grow this time, from a child that was forced to grow up overnight, to being thrown back into this world, to being mine, and now you're my better half. I, Rieno the Knight, truly have defeated darkness, only with your love my queen. Only your love was the light for me. The dagger wasn't ment to kill me. It was a way out for me. Kahyun was my alter ego so to speak. He was just a decoy in this world until you found me. My love; how I long to hear my name on your lips. Once the spell is broken, we can go anywhere you want; even back to my castle. Oh my love, my sweet Yuna. I can't wait until our forever.

The music changed and the doors closed. Rieno felt his stomach drop to his feet. The doors opened. There stood Yuna looking like the queen she was and is. This time she was truly his forever, until death do they part. Yuna would be thrilled when she knew the truth. The dagger curse would be broken the moment the wedding vows were sealed with a kiss.