A/N This is the sequel to If Tomorrow Never Comes. Set after 5x6, we've had convergence and the whole world knows what's going on. MI6 are back and badder than ever and we will discover just how and why MI6 are involved in a situation which should have always been under the jurisdiction of MI5!

For now, we find out what happens on Becker and Jess's first date...

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Becker parked the ARC SUV in the public car park a short distance from his favourite Chinese restaurant. Turning off the engine he leant back in the seat and gazed at the young woman sitting in the passenger seat, her auburn hair glowing under the harsh street lighting, a soft smile playing about her mouth. Jessica Parker. Technically, his girlfriend, although nothing like that had actually been discussed. They were, however, about to go on their first official date. As such, she had pulled out all the stops outfit-wise. She was wearing the most stunning dress he had ever seen, shimmering pale purple ("Lilac, Becker!" she had protested) with some kind of floaty chiffon thing over it and little puff sleeves. Short, as always, and he was having trouble resisting running his hand down her soft, smooth thighs. Her shoes were cherry pink with very square and very high heels, and her handbag matched exactly. Becker smiled. She was utterly gorgeous.

Feeling his eyes on her, Jess looked up at him and returned his smile. Becker, her boyfriend, she supposed, although he had never said as much. Still, she could see this as their first date, couldn't she? She'd met his mother and made love with him in the elderly woman's orchard, so a date was definitely over due. He was taking her to his favourite restaurant, Chinese of course, and he had actually dressed up for the occasion - almost. He sported a non-black bomber jacket, albeit it navy blue, and a neatly pressed light blue shirt with silver cufflinks. Jess had giggled as she had bought the cufflinks the previous week - little silver tanks. Just so Becker! He had replaced his black combat trousers for a pair of navy blue chinos but still wore his black combat boots. She supposed a nice pair of brogues was just a stretch too far for him.

Becker hopped out of the SUV and jogged round to the passenger side to open the door for her, just as he always did. She knew better than to open the door herself; the first and last time she had done this he had stayed darkly moody for well over an hour. She accepted his hand and allowed him to help her out of the car. He pulled her against him and kissed her slowly, his lips moving over hers as if he had all the time in the world, and her body trembled delightfully against his. Lifting his head, he smiled at her, his hazel eyes twinkling, then looped her arm through his, leading her to the pavement. It wasn't far to the restaurant but there was now a chill in the air as autumn grew older and Jess shivered, making Becker shrug off his jacket and wrap it around her shoulders. She gazed up at him gratefully only to see a golden shimmering in the corner of her eye.

"Becker!" she cried out, diverting her attention to her right and the empty warehouse across the street.

What?" Becker spun around and saw what she was looking at. The warehouse was dark except for one window on the third floor which glowed and flickered with an eerily familiar golden hue. As they watched, stunned, a scream reverberated through the empty building, making Jess shudder and putting Becker instantly on alert. Grabbing her hand he turned and pulled her back to the SUV.

"Becker, what are you doing?" she asked urgently.

He wrenched open the boot of the car revealing metal case after metal case.

"What the -?" Jess was gob smacked. "Just how did you get this lot out of the ARC?" she demanded.

Becker grinned. "Being Head of Security has its advantages," he smirked.

He opened the first case containing two EMDs, the small ones. The second, larger case, contained one much larger EMD. The third case contained an anomaly locking device. Jess gaped and didn't know whether to be impressed or really annoyed that he drove around with this expensive and top secret hardware in the boot of his car. Becker handed her a small EMD, taking the large one for himself and slinging the locking device in a holdall over his shoulder.

"We've got no Comms and no black boxes, Becker," Jess reminded him.

"I know." He opened the car door for her. "Stay here, get on your mobile and call for backup." His tone was clipped and urgent.

She shook her head defiantly and he frowned. "Jess, please, that's an order!"

Without answering, she took her mobile from her handbag and stared at the screen. "No signal," she told him, shaking her head. "No bloody signal!"

"Fine!" Becker shoved her towards the car. "Stay here with the truck."

Jess resisted hard. "No, I'm coming with you!" she declared.

Becker stared at her and she stared him down just as determinedly. Becker sighed, knowing that each moment he wasted arguing with her could be another life lost.

"Whatever," he conceded reluctantly. "Just stay behind me!"

Jess nodded, threw her handbag into the truck, and they both moved out across the road to the warehouse.

They entered the warehouse slowly and quietly, Becker checking each corner with his EMD at the ready before he would allow Jess to proceed. He motioned her forward and they started up the staircase, Jess's shoes clattering on the metal. Becker stopped suddenly and pointed at her feet.

"Shoes!" he hissed, not knowing what they might be up against and wanting to remain as quiet as possible. Jess nodded, her eyes wide and frightened as she sat down on the cold stair to remove them. They started upwards again, much more quietly, with Jess glad that Becker couldn't see her wince with every step as her bare feet came into contact with the cold, hard platform.

They reached the third floor without incident but Becker checked each room before moving towards the anomaly. Pushing open the door to the last room with his EMD a horrifying sight met their eyes making Jess gasp and press her hand to her mouth to prevent her from retching. A body, the uniform marking him out as the warehouse security guard, had been torn to shreds in the middle of the room. One of his arms had been viciously ripped out and now lay at Becker's feet. The rest of the body was a bloody mess, made even more gory in the flickering light of the anomaly behind it. As Jess got a hold of herself, Becker hunkered down next to the body, examining it. He grimaced as he realised this was the source of the scream he and Jess had heard earlier.

"What did that?" Jess hissed from her position beside the open door. Her gun was raised, her face alarmed and her eyes watchful of the corridor beyond.

Becker gazed up at her, his face contorted with anger and a small amount of fear which made Jess even more nervous. "Looking at these wounds," he paused and swallowed. "Future predator."

Jess squeaked in fear and her eyes widened in panic. Becker jumped up and gripped her shoulders with his hands.

"Jess," he hissed. "It's fine. We'll get the anomaly locked and then I will locate and kill it." His eyes held hers until the terror in them subsided. "Once the anomaly is locked, no more can get through. And Matt and the team will be here soon. Ok?" He stopped and waited for her response. She remained silent. Concerned, he shook her slightly. "Jess, are you ok?" he repeated, worriedly.

Determinedly Jess nodded. "Yes, yes, lock the anomaly, kill the creature," she breathed to show she had been listening.

Becker dropped her arms and crossed the room to the anomaly. He removed the locking device from the holdall and within minutes the flickering orb was locked and safe.

Satisfied that the anomaly was dealt with Becker took Jess's hand and led her to the locking device.

"Sit!" he commanded and she looked blankly at him. "Stay here for me?" he asked her, more gently this time, realising that she was still afraid.

"This situation -" she began in a very small voice. "Its hopeless, isn't it?"

"Hopeless?" he repeated. "No, its not hopeless. Doubtful, but not hopeless."

He smiled, trying to reassure her. "Just remember to shoot anything that moves!"

She didn't respond in the way he had hoped but he didn't have time to dwell on that now. There was at least one future predator out there and he needed to deal with it.

He raised his EMD to shoulder height, traversed the room and moved out into the corridor. As he began to search the first room he heard a slight noise behind him. Instantly he swung around and trained his EMD on to the source of the sound, his finger tensing on the trigger. He almost shouted in surprise and hitched his gun up towards the ceiling at the last possible moment as the light from his weapon picked out a person in the darkness.

"Jessica!" he hissed furiously. "I nearly shot you! What the hell are you doing?"

Jess moved forward and lifted her chin defiantly. "I'm not staying there in that room all by myself," she told him quietly.

"What? Jess, I need to know that you're safe!" he cried as quietly as he could.

Jess smiled at him. "The safest place in this warehouse is right behind you. I'm coming with you." The expression on her face, concentrated and determined, told him that he'd better not argue.

"Fine!" he agreed exasperated. "But stay close!"

Together, they cleared all the rooms on the third floor and then progressed to the fourth and top floor. Beneath them, on the ground floor, emerging from the darkness, clicking like a bat and leaping from wall to wall, the grotesque future predator stalked its prey. It stopped momentarily at the foot of the stairs and lowered it head, knocking something from the step to the concrete floor below with a soft clatter. Raising its skull to the air it appeared to sniff as if searching for a scent, before leaping up the staircase towards the top floor of the warehouse. Below it, on the concrete floor, lay a cherry pink square heeled shoe.

Becker was finishing his sweep of the fourth floor when he heard it. The eerie clicking in the darkness, signalling the presence of a future predator. He tensed and felt Jess's hand touch his back. He knew she'd heard it too. He forced himself not to look at her, knowing her face would distract him and he needed to pinpoint the exact location of the predator. He almost heard her open her mouth to speak and, without thinking, he held up his hand to silence her. Listening intently he heard the clicking sound again, closer this time, and Jess pressed herself more firmly against his back. It was coming, stalking them, and he had no idea if he could stop it before one of them was killed. He backed them away from the stairwell towards the wall. At least that way it reduced the number of directions he had to defend.

Then he saw it, flitting across the ceiling, just a blur of motion. He fired his EMD and missed, badly. Cursing, he pushed Jess towards one of the empty rooms, hoping to trap her in there and make only himself the prey. He could hear the clicking behind him, rising and falling in pitch, like the predator was asking questions and receiving answers. It made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck and, pushing Jess to the floor, ignoring her accompanying scream, he whirled round to face it. The light on his EMD picked it out in the darkness, its ugly disfigured face staring straight at him. Or at least it would have been if it had had eyes. He fired his EMD, the blue light streaking towards the predator, just as it leapt at him, making contact and barrelling him into the room beyond, the door slamming shut behind them.

Winded, his EMD knocked from his hands, Becker pushed himself up off the floor, groping for his weapon. The predator watched him from the corner of the ceiling, clicking to itself each time he moved to re-calibrate his location. Becker's fingers curled around the barrel of the EMD just as the predator flew at him again. It was too fast and Becker's EMD missed its target again. He was rewarded with a slash to his left upper arm as the predator raked its claws over his skin. He yelled in pain and the predator's clicks now sounded like laughing.

Re-positioning the EMD, Becker was certain he was going to die. He only hoped Matt got here soon and rescued Jess. Her torn apart body flashed through his mind, her lilac dress all bloodied, her beautiful blue eyes dead and staring. He grimaced, shaking his head to rid himself of the unpalatable image. Damn it - where the hell was Matt?

Becker knelt on one knee, scanning the room for the predator. It lingered in the shadows watching him, clicking menacingly. As he locked onto it he fired again and it leapt at him, moving like lightning, knocking the EMD from his hand too far for him to reach it. Becker lay on his back, knowing it was almost over.

The predator moved forwards slowly this time, as if daring him to challenge it. It was toying with him, knowing he had no hope of escape but, instead of scaring him as it no doubt intended, the effect on Becker was to calm him down. He perceived the predator's movement as if in slow motion, giving him the time to react and respond. Becker pulled his leg back, allowing his hand to reach his boot from which he withdrew his favourite serrated knife. It had a thick, heavy, black hilt, comfortable in his hand, and a wide blade with an exceptionally sharp point. He lay there, knife in hand, waiting for the predator's attack. If he was going out, he was sure as hell going to attempt to take the predator with him. If he remained on his back, he hoped the predator would launch a frontal attack. And while it was on top of him, ripping his guts out, he would shove the blade of his knife as deep as he could into its chest. He grinned. He had a plan. Not much of one, but a plan nonetheless.

The predator approached, its clicking ceasing as it no longer needed to verify his position. Becker briefly thought the silence was more terrifying than the clicking sound and then it launched at him. Feeling its sharp claws rake his clothes, Becker tensed, his fingers clasped around the hilt of the knife so hard his knuckles were white. The muscles in his bicep and forearm flexed as he prepared to thrust the knife upwards into the predator's body. His mind was empty, prepared to die.

Jess sat out in the corridor where Becker had pushed her moments before. She was shaking, tears drizzling her mascara down her cheeks, gripping her EMD with trembling fingers. She leant against the wall, panicking. Becker. Future predator. In the next room, fighting to the death. And it would be Becker's death for sure. And then she would be next. Well, that was ok. She didn't want to exist without him anyway.

She heard crashes from the room followed by EMD blasts and predator claws scraping on walls and ceilings. Then the room went quiet. Becker must surely be dead. While, here she was, hiding like a frightened little girl. Well, after all she had seen and done over the last few years, she was not that person, that skittish teenage girl, hiding from a Dracorex. She had taken on a terrorist and a future predator in the last few months. She stood, her mind resolved to go into that room with the hope that Becker was still alive, and do her best to protect him.

Panting heavily, her shoulders heaving with each breath, she edged her way along the wall to the closed door of the room. There was silence from the room and Jess feared the worst. Her fear for Becker spurred her on and, EMD raised, she lifted her leg and brought her foot crashing down onto the door, forcing it open with a loud boom. As she swung her EMD into the room, the light picked up Becker lying on his back, the predator looming over him, ready for the kill. There was a roar, whether it was from Becker or the predator Jess wasn't sure, but she opened fire anyway. She only had a small EMD so she emptied the power pack into the predator, knocking it off Becker just as his arm thrust upwards making contact with the predator's side.

The predator twitched twice before lying stiff and still about two feet from Becker. Wrenching his eyes from the creature, now widened in shock that he was still alive, Becker turned his attention to the door. Jess stood in the doorway, her EMD shaking wildly in her hands, her mouth forming his name with no sound coming out. Grinning with relief Becker let his head fall to the floor, the back of his skull thudding on the concrete. Jess recovered and, calling his name, ran towards him, throwing herself over his body and hugging him fiercely. He entangled one hand in her hair, the other wrapping round her waist and squeezing hard.

"Jessica," he murmured in wonder as he held her against him.

Then he stiffened, his senses still on alert. His peripheral vision had caught a movement from beyond the doorway and his ears registered a tiny scraping sound in the corridor. Rolling, he pulled Jess over him, placing himself between her and the doorway. He grabbed the EMD from her hand, noticing the empty power pack, but pointing it at the door anyway.

A light appeared in the doorway, blinding him, but he just made out the muzzle of another EMD.

"Becker!" Abby's voice cried and the light was lowered.

Becker dropped the EMD, hearing it clatter noisily on the floor and noticing the slight tremor in his hand. He ran his hand through his hair in an attempt to cover it up.

"Its about time you showed up!" he groaned exhausted.

Abby chuckled. "Why? It looks like you didn't need us!" She looked around the room. "Where's Jess?"

Jess waved her arm from her position behind Becker, being unable to do anything else as she was pretty much trapped by the soldier's body.

Abby tapped her earpiece. "Matt, Jess and Becker accounted for. And one dead predator." She grinned at something Matt said in her ear.

"Matt says, how's the date going - have you got to second base yet?"

Becker groaned and rolled his eyes before moving slightly to free Jess from behind him. She immediately wiggled over him, desperate to get away from the predator. Alive or dead, she really didn't like being so close to the damn thing.

Becker took the opportunity to clutch her to him. He stroked her face gently with his rough fingers.

"You saved my life," he whispered, his eyes warm with love.

"Again," she told him pointedly. "I saved your life, again!"

He chuckled and entwined his fingers in her hair, pulling her mouth to his and kissing her, a passionate affirmation that they were, indeed, both still alive.

Somewhere, deep in the bowels of MI6, a tech was hunched over his computer, hundreds of lines of code flickering over the screen. Clicking off the garishly bright desk lamp, he rubbed his tired blue eyes and took a long swig of coffee, grimacing as he realised it was two hours cold. He stood, picking up his red mug to refresh the drink, when the computer code paused and blinked at him. He stopped dead and then sat back down in his chair with a thump. No way. After all these months of searching, the hours and hours of code he had trawled through, there it was. Blinking away on his screen. The information his boss was looking for. The tech smiled. Amidst all the lines of code originating from the MI6 mainframe, this short line blinking at him did not belong. It had not originated from MI6. It was false. The information contained in this line of code was false. The tech's smile became an ear to ear grin. That was his promotion right there.

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