Chapter 2: Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a girl names Lily Evans. Her life was average, and she was fine with it. One day she got a letter delivered to her by an owl. She was very confused. The address it came from was very mysterious; it said "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". She had never heard of the school before. In the letter it explained that she was a witch, something her old friend Severus Snape had told her a couple of months before. She was so happy she couldn't believe it…

Once she was on the train heading towards Hogwarts she met a handsome young bloke and his friends. One of them she had taking a liking to. His name, she later found out, was James Potter. On the train ride she also met Sarah Latter, Catharine Gillies and Evangeline Jones. They became best friends.

The year went by and she went home for the summer.

The next year Catharine was very mean to her, and their friendship ended. While this happened Lily had developed a crush on James Potter. She did not know how to deal with her feelings and decided to be very rude to him instead.

The school years flew by. Containing hurtful things said by Severus Snape and hurtful thinks said by Lily to James. Severus's friendship with Lily ended, and her fake dislike towards James continued. Although, to an outsider it may not have seemed like Lily Evans would ever dream of liking a certain James Potter, she did. She did very much…

Later, during her 3rd year at Hogwarts, Lily had found out the James liked her too. She was very surprised and, once again, did not know how to deal with her feelings on the matter. She decided to pretend as if she absolutely hated him.

She could never figure out why she had a problem with dealing with her feelings. She just did. And that was that.

One day Sarah Latter decided to arrange a bet. The bet between the two girls was this: Whoever could properly mount a broom, fly to the top of a hill and back, would win. And if you lost the winner had to tell the person, the person's best friend, or both that they liked them, or the said person's best friend.

Yes, it was a silly bet. A bet that the two girls played every summer since they met. This summer, for the first time, Lily Evans had lost.

Sarah decided only to tell the person's best friend. The person was James Potter, and the best friend, was Sirius Black.

"UH!" I groan as I crumple up the piece of parchment I had been writing on and stuff it into my jean pocket. I tend to write about my life, as though I am the narrator, when I'm upset. Sarah is still sitting next to me humming to herself.

"Sooo," she says, "how ya doing'." Really Sarah? Really?

"Well, I think I'm okay now. But," I pause, "did you notice how James and Sirius were fighting!"

"YES! Ohmigosh! I wonder what's going on! Sirius is almost always so funny and cheerful!" She practically screams as she turns towards me. Wow. We're such girls. Always gossiping. Wait. Did she just say 'Ohmigosh'? PFT! I haven't heard her say that in forever! Apparently it's some saying she used to use when she still lived in America. It's the one thing that really just stuck with her I guess.

"Oh I know! I hope they'll still be friends though." I say.

"Ya, they're practically brothers. If they fight… I don't know what will happen to The Marauders as friends." Sarah says looking down. Oooohhhhhh, touchy subject. I should drop it.

"So," I say "Any clue as to when we will be getting off the train. Because I am tired, and hungry. Very, very, very hungry."

"If you are tired then go to sleep, I'll wake you up later." She said simply. Pft, I could've thought of that. But I lie down anyways and fell into a dreamless sleep.

"Hello there." I hear a guy's voice say. I slowly begin to sit up from my nap wondering who is in the compartment with me. Great. It is James-freaking-Potter.

"What are you doing here?" I demand.

"I am watching you sleep." He says as if that is completely normal.

"That is very stalker-ish of you." I say, "Hey, and aren't you supposed to be all sad and upset that your best friend is mad at you?"

"Why should I be all sad and upset, what is that going to do to help the situation…? Why? Is that what girls do. Cry all day when they get in a little fight with their friend." James replied.

"YES! That is what girls do; it is the normal thing to do if you don't do that then it usually means you don't care about your friend. See to me right now it seems like you don't care about Sirius…" I say.

"No, I do care about him."

"Really. Are you sure…"


"How positive? 70%, 80%, 90%..."

"500% positive Ms Math."

"I do not approve of that nickname."

"Okay, Ms Disapproval."

"I am done with you. I have to change before we get to Hogwarts, so I would appreciate it if you would leave." I claim

"Okay by Ms I-am-done-with-you." James says as he walks out of the compartment. Huh, I wonder where Sarah has gone…

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