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Chapter 1 – A Decision

The familiar sounds of the Kyoto city filled Ichigo's ears and calmed him. The honking of the taxi's, the rhythm of the wind, the rattling of the trains and the sound of children's laughter; a small smile formed as he closed his eyes and just listened. He leaned back into his chair and relaxed, his arm still holding onto the huge sound microphone that was only used for recording music for soundtracks. The fuzzy microphone was attached to a headset which Ichigo had on.

Nothing felt or sounded better than this; the sounds that nature made were always real and each sound is unique in its own way. Same goes for people, each person had a different beat that they walked to and a different song that was them. Occasionally some of the harmonies of their song might mix and be the same, but no one song sounded exactly the same another.

Only in these moments that Ichigo felt completely safe.


A harsh, shrill voice broke his out of his reverie.

Unwillingly, he opened his eyes and took of his headset. His usual scowl appeared and he stood, slouching with his hands in his pockets. He left his recording equipment where it was next to his chair and headed over to the grouchy landlord.


The landlord pointed at the rather small pile of junk lying outside the unit.

Ichigo just stared at it.

"Sorry, but you've missed way too many deadlines for the rent. Why don't you get a proper job, Kurosaki?"

The orange head bit back a retort and concentrated on the problem at hand.

He had just been evicted.


He let out a sigh and went over to get his stuff.

"Make sure everything's gone by this afternoon Kurosaki."


This was the 8th home that he had been kicked out of in less than one year. And in the past year, he still hadn't managed to come up with a beautiful soundtrack that he could sell to various documentaries or movies. He was still living off the money he had made from his last big break, which had gotten him onto the National Geographic Channel. That was 2 years ago. Now he was 24.

To say his life was unstable was an understatement. Ichigo had always found a new place in Kyoto (it was home, he didn't really want to leave it. It seemed wrong to leave his family's place of burial.) But no matter what, each "fresh start" very quickly turned rotten. Maybe, just maybe, it was time for a change. It was time to make a real fresh start.

After all, what did he have to lose?




Hey, Ishida.

Still remember me? I heard that you moved out of your Tokyo place and that you're currently looking for someone to look after it so I was wondering if I could crash for a while.

How's the girlfriend, Orihime?






I thought you had died ages ago considering you stopped coming to the high school reunions and no one seemed to know where you were.

You can take the apartment; the key is under the 2nd flower pot in the 3rd row from the back.

And she's my wife now.


"Attention all passengers, this is your captain speaking, we are now landing in Tokyo. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for descent. We thank you for choosing to fly with Air Tsubasa; enjoy your stay at Tokyo and we wish you all the best . . ."

It was 8:30 in the morning and Ichigo was starving (he had gotten on the first flight that was available and arrived in the early morning); it was obvious that Ishida wouldn't have stocked up the kitchen. In fact, the whole apartment was so dusty that he had spent a whole 10 minutes coughing and choking before getting used to the musky smell.

Well, if one is hungry, then there is only one thing one must do.

Buy food.

She closed her purple eyes.


The world's noises continued around her.


For a moment, she wanted to open her eyes and forget about the whole thing.


But . . .


No more backing out.


She had to do this.






Just before the counted the last number, a small part of her prayed that she wouldn't pick a perverted looking man; or even a girl.

Just someone normal.



Ichigo was contemplating between the strawberry pastry and the chocolate croissant when something, or rather, someone walked right up to him. To his utter surprise, the girl didn't stop next to him to look for food; instead she turned to face him and stood on her tippy toes.

Time seemed to slow down as she neared him.

She kissed him on the cheek.

"Tomorrow. Same time, same place, don't be late."

She flashed a soft smile before turning around and leaving.

Ichigo was stunned for a while before he returned from la-la land and hurriedly ran out of the store. He looked around for the mysterious girl, but she was nowhere to be seen. It was like she just disappeared. Shaking his head slowly, he walked back into the bread shop, not realising that his hand was still on the place where he had been kissed.

What a weird way start life in Tokyo.

So the question was whether he would come here tomorrow and see if she would actually come back, or not.

He laughed.

Like he didn't already know the answer.


"Sir, are you buying bread or are you waiting for someone?"

Ichigo turned towards the smiling cashier and couldn't help but smile back. He picked up a random bread roll and walked to the counter. He looked at the name tag that the girl had on and his eyes widened with surprise.

Orihime, huh. Guess she wouldn't remember me.

I suppose if I didn't see the name tag I wouldn't have recognised her either.

"I'm waiting for bread and buying someone."

He replied, suddenly in a good mood because of Orihime's bright smile. He handed over 500 yen and she took it and gave him his change, along with a strip of paper. Ichigo looked confused.


"It's that building, over there."

She pointed to the outside building.


Ichigo walked outside and looked the slip of paper.


He looked up at the building and sure enough, there was a Mitsubishi sign on the very top. Ichigo frowned. What was he supposed to do now? Go into the building?


Ichigo jumped at the suddenly loud horn which had interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey! Get on!"

Ichigo's eyes widened as he turned around to see a massive caravan and at the seat was the girl from yesterday.

"Come on! We're blocking traffic!"


He opened the door and got in. As soon as his seatbelt was on, she took off. Now that Ichigo could observe her quietly, he noticed that she was actually quite short but petite. Although there was something about her aura that made her seem bigger than she was.

"I'm Ichigo. Kurosaki Ichigo."


She sang back, a small grin never leaving her face.

"I know who you are. I looked you up last night."


Ichigo had no idea what he was doing. A normal person wouldn't just get on the car with a total stranger would they?

"Your music was on National Geographic, right? That's pretty amazing."

He nodded, not knowing what to say.

"Uh, can I take a look?"

He motioned to the back of the caravan.


He climbed to the back and looked around.

"So . . ." He called out from the back.

"I want you to go on a trip with me."


"I want you to go on a trip with me."

Ichigo walked back and sat down, strapping on his seatbelt.

"But-why go on a trip? And why me?"

She shrugged.

"I said that I would close my eyes and count to ten. Then when I open my eyes, the first person I see would be the person I ask to go on a trip with me."

"What if you saw a really shady and ugly looking guy and you had to go with him?"

"Well, didn't I pick a shady and ugly looking guy?"

She joked back.

They both laughed.

Ichigo mentally filed away a note.

Her voice is so nice . . .

It'll be nice to record it and make a song.

"Tell you what, if the places I want to go match with yours, then we'll go. If not, let's call it quits."

"You haven't even asked if I want to go anywhere with you."

"You wouldn't have gotten on if you didn't want to go somewhere."

Ichigo was silent at this.

"Fine. Stop off over there and let's see."

She complied.

They got off and she handed him a piece of paper.

"Just write the places down and then we'll say it out loud."


They sat on the curb and wrote for a couple of minutes before Ichigo declared that he was done.

"So, I want to go to Fuji Mountain."

The girl looked up surprised.

"Me too."

"Um, and then Ueno Park."

"Yep, Ueno Park."

It continued until Ichigo's whole list was read out. And each one was the same place that she wanted to go too.

"Looks like we're going together then."

"Looks like it."

They sat there for a while in a comfortable silence, enjoying the sun. Ichigo was starting to think that was actually a good idea. It was crazy and stupid, but maybe it was what he needed. He didn't have any responsibilities or any family; he was free.

"Oh, yeah," Ichigo suddenly remembered, "What's your name? You know my mine, but you never gave me yours."

She grinned and her purple eyes sparkled in the sun. She attempted to brush away the strand of hair that was between her face but it just fell back again naturally.

"That's right, I haven't told you my name yet."

She stuck out her hand.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Kuchiki Hisana."




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