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Chapter 8: Across the Acacia

It was the day after Scar had fallen and Mlinzi had been the shoulder Nuka cried on. Zira took Kovu and Vitani back to her cave to grieve. Nuka was left outside with Mlinzi, to cry over the loss of his father. It was raining; a few bones from old meals were washed away by the water, cleansing the pride of death maybe for just one night,

"I'm sorry" Nuka sighed, "I would have told you sooner but...I guess I was a coward."

"It's okay" Mlinzi replied, "Hey; you helped me when my dad died so I should be there for you"

"I didn't do anything"

"You were there" the odd eyed cub sighed as he hugged his friend, "so even if it's for just tonight I'll be there for you"

"Thanks" Nuka sighed, "I just hope mom doesn't lash out at Simba"

"I might do"

"You would"?
"Maybe" Mlinzi sighed, "I mean, he had us all thinking he was dead, suddenly turns up out of the blue and kills your dad. But, if he proves himself to be a good king, I'll tolerate him"

"Really? Bet you mom won't" Nuka smirked.

"She is very ferocious" Mlinzi agreed, "but no matter what, as long as we get to stick together nothing's going to change that we can't handle"

"One last chance Zira" the new king snarled at the former queen, "relinquish your loyalty to Scar or so help me"-

"I'll never let it go Simba" Zira hissed. It was the next morning and Simba was having a hard time. Zira had convinced some of the other lionesses to remain loyal to Scar. Kovu and Vitani were forced to sit by her whilst Nuka and Mlinzi watched closer to Simba. The youngest male cub looked scared so Mlinzi shot him a reassuring smile, trying to tell the cub it'll turn out okay, only he wasn't really sure himself. "I am still queen of these Pride lands and my beloved Scar is still king"!

"Scar is dead Zira and I'm ruler now so I'll give you one final choice" Simbe snarled, "let your cubs grow up here so they don't suffer with you in banishment or stay here and reject whatever loyalty you had to Scar"

"I choose the third option; I stay but you die!" Zira shouted as she pounced right at the larger lion before something else hit her on her side, sending the wicked Lioness to the floor to see her attacker, "well well well, I wasn't expecting this"

It was Mariah, claws out staring at Zira with a fierce but scared look in her eyes. Mlinzi had never seen that look before, never. "You and your mate hurt too many people Zira, you have to be stopped before anyone else has to suffer"

"Aw, isn't that precious?" Zira mock cooed, "Little Mariah wants to protect everyone. Maybe she should try to protect herself. The next minute was a blur. Blood and fur flew everywhere until both lionesses were struggling to breathe as they were exhausted. Mariah's fur was near drenched with blood with some deep cuts whilst Zira was pretty damaged with a large chunk out of each ear missing. She was about to attack the exhausted Marian again when Simbe jumped in her was and knocked Zira aside, protecting Mariah.

"Fine, if they mean so much to you take your cubs" Simba snarled, "I don't want you or your lionesses in the Pride lands again"

"Oh, Simba it's never over" Zira grimaced as she got Kovu and Vitani to leave with her and the lionesses, "Nuka! We're leaving"!

Nuka was frozen to the spot as he heard those words, tears forming in his eyes as he looked at Mlinzi and realised; it would be impossible for them to see each other again. "I'm sorry" the grey furred cub whispered to Mlinzi, "I have to go. I'll be at the tree if you need me"

As Mlinzi realised what his friend meant all he could do was see if Mariah was okay and watch as his brother, sister and best friend were taken from him. Before they became too far away to see Mlinzi saw Kovu turn his head to him.

He was crying too.

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