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'Demon thought'

Jutsu/ Chaos abilities

Chapter 1: The Return of Shadow and his new life

Naruto was scared. He was just blown away from his teammates by a gust of wind. Now he was about to be eaten by a giant snake. He closed his eyes to brace for the pain. As he did that he felt a tug at his being. One that seemed to be demanding of him, but didn't have the power of the fox he had in him. This one felt more… dark but benevolent as well. He them blacked out.

*Mind Scape*

Naruto looked around. The area he was in was new and totally strange to him. He met with the Kyuubi before and it was in a sewer like place. This one was styled as a metal corridor.

He walked ahead and found himself staring out into space…literally. He looked out and saw the earth down below. Looking at it only one word came to his mind.


"Amazing isn't it?" a voice said from behind him.

He turned around and saw the new comer. He was taller than him at 5'9" with slightly tanned skin. He had jet black hair that was spiked up in the back and had six red streaks in his air. He had on black pants with a red streak on both legs. He had red and white futuristic shoes. He had on a black jacket that also had red streaks down both arms with a white fur collar. The jacket was open to show a black shirt with a red symbol of a swirl that was spiked and not closed. (AN: The symbol that Shadow uses in his game. Want a pic use google.) He had on fingerless gloves that had gold rings on the bands and were black with patches of red. He had red eyes that were lidded with uncaring emotions, and what appeared to be understanding and loss. He looked about seventeen to nineteen. (AN: I made Shadow human because it would be easier to go with my plan with the story.)

All in all, he looked cool, and deadly. Naruto then felt the aura the man was giving off. He showed he had strong and dangerous power that was on par with the Kyuubi. But it also felt familiar to him. Like it was his but more powerful and slightly darker.

"Who are you? Where are we?" Naruto asked trying to stay calm.

"In reverse, we are on the space colony Ark. My home. But it is your mind. I made this place as it was my first and most loving place before it was attacked. As for whom I am, I'm Shadow. Shadow Robotnik." (AN: I gave him the last name as he did it to pay tribute to both Gerald and Maria)

"Why am I here? How am I here?" Naruto asked wondering about the strange man.

"You are here so you can be whole… or should I say we become whole. As for how, it's your mind."

"What do you mean we?" Naruto asked with an edge to his voice.

"Naruto, I am a being of enormous power. I live thousands of years ago but died in battle along with some of my friends. For some reason the gods decided to give me another chance. You are my other chance. You are the other half of my soul and I'm the other half of you." Shadow said with as much kindness as he could. Naruto didn't look convinced. Shadow decided to tell him his story.

After an hour Naruto could connect with the dark anti-hero. But a few things still bugged him and he wanted answers.

"IF we do merge, fuse, combine or whatever what happens?"

"Simple you will get my memories, my powers, some of my personality, and many of my mannerisms. Our personalities will merge but some would cancel out and others would strengthen. You would probably act more calm and collective and there is a high possibility of physical changes. But you will still be you and be able to retain you own abilities and skills. You will just be more mature and not loud." Shadow explained.

Naruto thought about it for a while. "Fine. I'll do it. I will accept your power and change myself if I could protect those that I care for."

Shadow looked at Naruto and gave a small smile. "That… is the exact response I expected from myself." Shadow walked up and placed a hand on Naruto. "We are going to do great things in this world. We will show them the true power of chaos and show that we are the Ultimate Life-form." As he said that his smile turned into a smirk of power.

Then a flash of light appeared and then the world vanished with Naruto.

*Real World*

Naruto opened his eyes and glared at the snake. Then green energy swirled around him and he snapped his fingers. While he did this he had a smirk on his face.

A ball of white and purple light appeared and sped to the snake while it was in mid lung. The ball of light hit the snake and exploded in a shower of blood and guts.

"Pitiful. Eggman had better minions than this thing. Now there is only one loyal snake summoner left in Konoha. She wouldn't use it to intentionally kill anyone and hers are nicer than this one. So that means the pedo is her in the village." Naruto's smirk came back in full force. "This will be interesting. Now little snake-man let the game begain."

*With the rest of team seven*

Sasuke was battered and beaten and scared out of his mind. The Kusa-nin was powerful. She could easily fight and win against Kakashi. Sakura wasn't doing much better as she was close to being knocked out.

"Okay here you can have our scroll. Just leave us alone." He said as he prepared to throw it.

The woman laughed and spoke. "Very good. Show your hunter better prey and he will leave you alone."

Sasuke threw it but then another person jumped and caught it half way. Sasuke saw the figure and grew scared thinking it was another enemy.

The figure was a few inches taller and dressed in all black with red streaks on both the arms and legs. He had weird shoes that weren't ninja sandals. He had spiky black hair with yellow high-lights. On the back of the jacket were two swirls. One was the white version of the one that's on every piece Konoha clothing. The next was s spiky swirl that won't close(AN: Shadow's symbol). He had the standard shinobi gear. He had a pair of red and black fingerless gloves with gold bands and the metal part of a leaf head band attached to his jacket. He had red eyes that showed annoyance at something.

"Who the hell are you?" Sasuke yelled at the new comer.

The boy looked at Sasuke with a deadpan look. "I'm the guy saving you sorry ass teme. Now shut up and let me beat up this stupid gay snake." He said shocking the two.

"Interesting. Who are you boy?" the Kusa-nin asked with interest that the boy knew things he shouldn't.

"I'm Shadow. But if you want to truly know me call me Naruto Uzumaki. What is your real name snake?"( AN: I'm going to call Naruto Shadow from now on seeing that he is essentially Shadow, just with newer memories, personality traits and chakra)

"I'm Orochimaru. One of the Sannin… And your killer boy!" He said as he launched snakes out of his sleeve to attack.

Shadow calmly pulled out a kunai and held it in reverse grip. He rushed forward but ducked under the snakes and cut of their heads with one slice. He kept running forward but as Orochimaru tried to punch him, he only hit a log then barely dodged a vertical slice that cut some of his hair. As Orochimaru tried to back hand Shadow substituted with a log again but he didn't go for an attack. Orochimaru saw him on a tree branch with a calculating look.

Shadow then made one hand sign and two clones came into existence. They sped forward while the real one disappeared in an instant. The two clones were working well together against the snake sannin and even Orochimaru would say it was hard fighting the black clad boy.

Orochimaru was able to dispel the two clones with a fire jutsu. But as soon as they dispelled two swirling balls of yellow energy appeared. He then heard the yellow hair streaked boy speak in a calm manner.

"Chaos Spear." As soon as the words were spoken they formed two arrows and moved towards the snake user. He managed to dodge the shots but one grazed his arm and the sheer force and power of the yellow energy arrow caused a deep cauterized wound.

"Interesting. You managed to wound me boy. What was that attack you used?" Orochimaru asked.

"That's none of your business snake. Now leave. I've sent a clone to alert ANBU forces. I also have a tape of your voice to prove my point. Now leave or I'll use more of my personal attacks. All of them would just cause ANBU to get here faster." Shadow's voice rang out from behind him.

"Fine but let me leave a parting gift." Orochimaru disappeared and reappeared behind Sasuke and bit down on his neck causing him to scream out in pain.

"Fucking hell!" Shadow shouted as he rushed to help his teammate but Orochimaru vanished but not before knocking out Shadow in a move he could not prevent.

"Soon Sasuke will come to me for power. Maybe if you peak more of my interest I'll give you my mark too."

Well here is my new Story. I had to do this. It just seemed so interesting after I've seen were Naruto was a reincarnation of Some one. I had to do Shadow. I mean just image Him with the abilities of Shadow. That is a fucking over kill.

Anyway This is the start off my new story and I hope it gets as popular as I image it will be.

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