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Also yes Kushina is alive. No she wont be in the harem. Reason is simple. They still have mother son DNA links. When Naruto became Shadow things were added but it wouldn't make a huge genetic change. All the changes did were allow chaos energy to flow in him, condition his body and change his hair and eye colors. I repeat THEY WILL NOT BE TOGETHER, EVER in this fic. Sorry if you were looking forward to that.

Chapter 6: The Root battle

"Kaa-san?" Shadow asked.

Her eyes widen then got a defiant glint. "Who are you? Are you one of Danzo's cronies?"

Shadow lost the surprised look. "My name is Shadow, and no I'm not working for that damned cripple. I work only for the Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. I'm here due to a pull I felt emanating from down here, so I decided to investigate it. Was it you to called to me?"

"No I was calling to my son and friend Rena. Due to me being the last host of her I hoped she would send my son here to get me out of here." The woman said.

"Interesting. Now what is your name? I have to be sure for something."

"It's Kushina Namikaze. Wife to the late Yodaime Minato Namikaze." She said as she identified herself.

Shadow started to chuckle then right out laughed. "I can't believe you're still alive. This is perfect." Shadow said.

"What's so funny?" Kushina yelled.

"Nothing, just thinking of the face of your son when you see him. Now hold still, I have to get those chains off you." Shadow said as purple energy formed around his hand.

He swiped his hand through the air and the chains snapped at the cuffs destroying them. Suddenly a ring formed around Kushina and she felt all the deteriorated muscle from years of disuse reform and strengthen back to the time she was before she was pregnant.

"There you go, all better. Now you can move on your own and be at full strength. Now let's kick the cripple's ass." He said smugly.

Shadow moved to the and focused his Chaos Energy to his fist and punched the door. 'Man I am grateful I know how to use chakra now. It has allowed me to use my Chaos energy in ways I could never have imagined.'

Three ROOT agents appeared with weapons drawn with one wielding an O-katana. "Surrender and we won't kill you. Lord Danzo will love to have your skills under his command." The leader said in a monotone voice with no emotion.

Shadow simple smirked, than the next thing they knew he was behind the ROOT with the leaders O-katana in his hand with blood on the blade. Blood squirted out of their chests in a shallow but long cut then the wound seemed to cauterize. "Pathetic. I expected better from ANBU, even if you were ROOT. Kami, your weak." He turned to the surprised Kushina. "Let's go. I need to kill the cripple for treason to Jiji." He made a shadow clone and told him to go to get the real ANBU, Sarutobi and any other people needed to get rid of the traitor. Tell them he found Kushina.

Shadow got the sheath for the blade and put it on his back. He then stripped the root of any weapons and armor and put them in a scroll. He then tossed them in the cell and put them in chains.

Kushina was standing in shock. The boy in front of her managed to take down three ninja with ANBU level training mixed in with Danzo's and did it faster than they could blink. Whats more he did it while stealing a weapon from one of them.

"Who are you?" Kushina asked oh so intelligently.

Shadow looked at her with a blank face. "I'm called many things. My civvies, I'm a demon, a monster and other names of the like, same for a small number of ninja. To some I'm a teenage boy with that experience the worst of humans from a very early age. To my best friend and girlfriend I'm one of the best of humans if not a little cold. As I said earlier, the name I go by is Shadow, but to those who don't call me that I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, ex-host to the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune aka Rena, and future Hokage and master of the Chaos energy. I'm also your son." Shadow said with a small and soft smile.

Kushina heard it and saw the truth in his words. He really was her son. She rushed forward and gave him a bone crushing hug, whispering sorry over and over. After she calmed down a fire appeared and she grinned evilly. "Well sochi, what do you say we get the cripple back for making me miss your childhood."

Shadow smirk. "You read my mind Kaa-san. The clone I sent dispelled not too long ago. Guess, who is joining the assault."


"All of the clan heads. Even the stoic Hiashi is joining. We do get Danzo to our selves. Jiji promised."

"Good. I'll show that fucker what happens when you get between a mother and her son." Kushina said evily.

*two hours later*

Shadow cut down another ROOT agent making sure he was still alive so he could be interrogated later and hopefully deprogrammed of the cripple's influence. Those to deeply set where killed without a moment's hesitation.

Kushina was deeply impressed by her son's skill and power. She made a mental note to ask who taught him and see if he could use the Uzumaki style. She also wanted to know what the energy he used was. She noticed he rarely used jutsu but used jutsu like moves a lot.

Shadow saw a door and shot a Chaos Spear towards it destroying it. "Knock knock. I'm coming in, whether you like it or not."

Suddenly sarbon get lunched at him. He pulls out a kunai and blocks the needles. In the room was the ROOT leader Danzo and three of his followers. Two looked to be the same age as Kakashi and one looked to be the same age as Shadow.

"So you are the one that released my prisoner and attacked my troops. Well young Naruto why did you do this." Danzo asked.

"Simple you held my mother captive for fourteen years, you helped the fucking idiots in the village try to kill me, you tried to make me a fucking weapon, you also probably caused many other problems in damn place and who knows what else you have here. All in all you need to be killed and have you body destroyed." Shadow said with a sneer.

One of the guards growled. "How dare you talk to Lord Danzo like that? He should be the leader of this world! He should be hokage not that weakling Sarutobi. Neither should you DEMO-" his words were cut off as Shadow stabbed him in the back much to the surprise of the others.

"Thank god he shut up. He was pissing me off." Shadow said calmly. He slowly turned to Danzo and placed his sword at his neck. "Now will you come quietly or do I have to kill you. Either you will die for the treasons you have committed."

Danzo then smirked. "You can try boy." Suddenly Danzo's bandaged hand grabbed the blade and moved it.

Shadow wide eyed, jumped and landed next to Kushina. "Kaa-san, can you take the lackeys? I want the cripple for myself."

Kushina nodded and ran to the two guards while Shadow rushed to Danzo, who pulled a blade out of his cane.

The two blades met, and sparks appeared due to the force the two were giving. Danzo then jumped back and removed the bandages showing a weird arm with Sharingan eyes in it.

Shadow saw this then growled. "You sick fuck! How dare you desecrate a body like that? Have you no honor and shame?"

"Please. I got them for power. The Sharingan is the most powerful kekkie genki ever. Nothing can match it."

"You are a fool to think that an eye makes you like a god. Nothing can compare to the power of a god. Not even the Kyuubi can claim that title."

"Doesn't matter, with these I can control the Kyuubi and thus you."

Shadow stared at him for a few seconds before laughing. "Not likely old man. Even if you could try, I have a near unbreakable will, that I'm sure your weakened one cant."

Shadow then vanished in a flash of green and appeared behind Danzo but the blade moved right through him not even hurting him.

"Impressed. It is an ability of the Sharingan called the Izumina. It allows me to move though space and not get hurt by attacks."

"Yes but I saw that one of your eyes closed meaning you can't use it ever again. Meaning I either, have to move faster than you, or just wear out your eyes. Should be relatively easy seeing as I haven't even taken off my limiters." Shadow said shocking everyone as he said it out loud.

Suddenly Shadow jumped back a good twenty feet from everyone. He sheathed his sword then placed a hand on his right golden band. "I think one should be fine."


The sound of the metal ring coming off was amplified due to no sound being made. Suddenly the power level exploded out, easily exciding the level of everyone in the room. Kushina was in awe in her son and had the feeling of being protected. The two guards were forced down to the ground due to the pure power. Danzo was sweating profusely.

"So you old fool, still think your all that? Pathetic, just pathetic… This is only one of the four limiters I've placed on me. Even then I have power that far exceeds that. Also this is just me letting it run rampant. Just image it controlled and being released in an attack." Shadow said with a devious smirk effectively scaring the hell out of the old man he was fighting. "Here let me show you."

The energy they felt suddenly retreated back to Shadow, causing him to glow a deep red color. His eyes seemed to glow, showing the red iris he had. The smirk never left his face, in fact it seemed to grow. He moved his hands closer together and over his face preventing anyone from seeing it and closed his hands to fists. He took in a deep breath.

Suddenly he moved his hands back to his arms back to his side and screamed.


The energy that surrounded him expanded in a dome of red energy nearly five feet in diameter and kicked up a lot of dust completely obscuring him. When the dust cleared Shadow had his arms by his side in a stance that seemed to be off guard. The floor he was on was pushed in a crater and seemed to be like glass.

Everyone was speechless and those fighting the former blond were scared for their lives, even Danzo.

"You see that you old cripple? That wasn't even truly using the energy that came from the limiter. I could do that without it easily. Give up and you won't die as painfully as possible, just by the blade for the executioners sword. Sarutobi-sama is here with most of the Jounin and the clan heads. You are dead either way."

Danzo glared at Shadow as if trying to burn a hole through him. "Never! Everything I've done is to make Konoha stronger. The fool Sarutobi can't lead this place to greatness, only I can. I will conquer the Elemental Nations and make us the strongest!"

"Correction you only want to make yourself stronger, you fucking bastard. You are just like that idiot Uchiha, thinking power means everything. Power means nothing in my eyes, it's just a stepping stone to the truly great. I want to protect those that I love, and that's why I use power. My emotions make me stronger will you just get weaker. It must be true if you resort to using those damnable eyes you have. Allow me to remove them from you." Shadow stated before he vanished and Danzo felt his arm fall off and something grip his left eye.

Then he felt something pull on it and felt immense pain. He opened his remaining eye to see Shadow standing there with the eye in his bloody hand.

"There, no monkey eyes left for you to use." He said as he crushed the eye and sent a blast of yellow energy at the severed arm causing a mini explosion destroying it completely so not even blood remained. "I leave the traitor to you Jiji." Shadow said as Sarutobi landed next to him in his battle gear.

"Thank you Shadow-kun. You will receive a huge pay-day for this. ANBU take the traitor to Ikibi and tell him to get everything out of him. Just leave him alive."

Two ANBU appeared grabbed Danzo and vanished. Kushina just knocked out the two remaining bodyguards and walked to Sarutobi, who smiled warmly.

"It's nice to see you alive Kushina. Maybe now Shadow can have the family he always wanted."

Kushina looked at Shadow with a sad smile and walked over to him and hugged him surprising him at the sudden action. But he calmed down and returned the hug. "It's nice to see you Kaa-san."

"You too Sochi, you too. Now lets go home. I really need a bath and you should get some rest. You look tried." Kushina said earning a chuckle from Shadow along with a mutter of 'being a mom, just two seconds in' which earned him a laugh from everyone.

Shadow ended the embrace and walked over to the inhibiter ring he discarded and slapped it on. As soon as it went on he felt the energy drain he should have felt hours ago. He closed his eyes and fell forward passing out being caught by a female ANBU wearing a cat mask.

Well Shadow got his mother back(as if it wasn't obvious). Now if you are wondering why Chaos Heal restored lost muscle mass, well I think of it as perfect healing. It will heal damn near everything, except severed limbs and long time death. If one died recently and were introduced to a chaos emerald powered heal, it will revive them. But there will be limits. after ten minutes it is too late and wont work.

Now Danzo will die after this. Sorry if you like him, but fucker needed to die to get the story going and to allow for the civilian council to lose a shit load of power so the shinobi can reclaim the power needed to work effectively.

Oh about the whole limiter thing. In this Shadow with all four limiters off will equal Gobi level powers. But just because he has all the power doesn't mean his body can handle it all. As in the fic when he took off just one he was exhausted and passing out just after putting it on again. That was also due to a lot of fighting. Him taking off all four will could cause his body to stop working due to overload. While he is stronger than most humans he is still just a human and thus his body cant handle powers that make him as strong as the Gobi with out serious repercussions.

Oh just for a tiny tidbit. Shadow will keep the O-katana. it is an awesome sword and will be very useful. Thus I am thinking of giving him a sword style but I cant really pick one.

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