Witchcraft is the most popular politic among history regarding the Victorian era. Little do teachers nor educators in the board know that all their information that they've falsely gathered is not proven true one bit.

Now why, you may ask, that I, Hermione Granger, question such high athority? Well I, for one, am not who I say I am. Yes, I am Hermione Granger whom is in year 6 of her school curriculum. But the only fact of that is which bit of that statement is actually true? That's for you to find out actually but if you're intelligent and already figured it out, then ding! we have a winner.

The Victorian era is not how we say it is mostly, only I know what has happened and what it's caused. Because I am a witch from the Victorian era whom performed witchcraft. To explain my story, you must first understand that every single plot of this is not accurate to reality so don't try this at home or anything.

To introduce the first part, I must first admit that Draco Malfoy is not and will forever never be my love interest, only an annoying ferret who just can't seem to get over the fact I'm a muggle-born witch. Just placing it out there. Now enjoy your story, everyone.

So this was basically just an introduction to what I'll be writing. All I want is 2 reviews in order to get this whole story going. So please R&R, thanks! :)