Okay so I had a really weird idea, what if the members of the BAU from Criminal Minds were Twilight type vampires. Then I decided to write the last bit of Breaking Dawn adding the BAU into it so here goes. I'm using the team of: Garcia, JJ, Hotch, Morgan, Reid, Rossi and Prentiss and I'll have ReidxMorgan (so beware: slash) and PrentissxHotch. Also I'll try to include Will (as a vampire) but I don't see any way to add Henry :'( If you hate Twilight or the pairings I'm including just don't read this.


The team had just finished a case in Port Angeles. They had arrested and convicted Adam Smith for burning down 7 shops, killing 4 people and injuring 10, and for hacking into nearby security cameras and copying footage of it. The team had been able to prove Smith guilty using the footage, not only did he have copies, to 're-live the fire', but after seeing Smith's reaction to watching the buildings burn there was no doubt in anyone's mind he had committed the crime. Not that the team had needed this proof, because they had a secret, they were vampires. Morgan was extremely strong, even for a vampire, Reid had an enormous IQ and never forgot things and Prentiss could see auras. Due to Prentiss's ability they had known the UnSub was guilty, his inner aura, which represented himself, was violent, cowardly and slightly crazy; his outer aura, which represented his emotions was guilty and obsessed with the fires.

"I know we finished the case," Hotch announced to his team joining them where they were all seated around a desk at the local police department.

"There's going to be a 'but'" Prentiss whispered to her friend and colleague Garcia, who was sitting next to her.

"But," Hotch continued, "There have definitely been multiple vampires killing people off the streets here." The team agreed, they would know, being extremely experienced 'vegetarian' vampires themselves. They struggled every day to be able to work near blood. "I would like to try and find out if anything big is happening, so we're staying here for a while." Everyone groaned, except Morgan and Reid who exchanged a look that probably had something to do with the fact they were dating and, due to lack of space, sharing a room. "So tonight we'll be on the streets," Morgan and Reid's faces fell, "Looking for vampires." Unfortunately no one could complain about the lack of sleep seeing as, being vampires, they didn't need it. Everyone nodded sadly except Garcia who asked hopefully if she would be staying at the hotel. Garcia was not really an agent, the only reason she was there was because of the hacking. They had felt her better able to track whoever had hacked the cameras more easily if she was on the scene. Hotch debated then said, since they would be going in groups she could join. He put himself with Prentiss, Reid with Morgan and Rossi with JJ and Garcia. "And guys, please treat this like you're at work-don't get distracted."


Prentiss and Hotch walked together down the streets of Port Angeles looking for a vampire. It was getting dark but that didn't really matter to them because, as well as not needing sleep, their night vision, all vision in fact, was better than average. The two held hands, pretending to be a couple. Not very difficult seeing as they were one.

"Don't you hate being out working on a night that could be better used doing…other things," Prentiss hinted.

"Emily," Hotch answered, trying to be stern, "We're working."

"Live a little, Aaron," she whined. "One kiss?"

"Fine," Hotch gave in, "But only one."


Morgan and Reid strolled down the streets of Port Angeles talking, joking but at the same time scanning the small crowds of tourist for vampires.

"Did you know that despite the fact vampires prey on humans there so many more of them then us that only about 0.0002 percent of the population of Europe, which has a majority of the world's vampires at about 1500, are vampires?" Reid asked.

"Wait a sec Pretty Boy, you're telling me that you do know about everything, even facts about us well hidden vampires?" Morgan teased.

"I don't know everything, Derek." Reid corrected, embarrassed.

"I know, I know, just a lot about most things." Morgan grabbed Reid's hand and smiled at him, Reid smiled back. "It's getting dark," he commented. The two walked hand in hand in companionable silence. Suddenly Reid felt a tap on his back, he spun around, his hand on his gun, and saw Morgan do the same.

"Hello," said a young man, the cause of the tap. He had very pale skin but it was tinted a dark olive shade. Behind him was a young woman, the two looked Egyptian. The two also had bright red eyes, a giveaway of blood drinking vampires.

"Um…Hi?" Reid gulped.

"I'm Benjamin and this is my mate, Tia, we were out hunting and couldn't help but notice the two of you were vampires. Are you from around here?" Benjamin had a foreign accent, Egyptian, like his looks.

"I'm Derek Morgan and this is Sr. Spencer Reid, we're from Virginia." Derek decided not to tell these strangers they worked for the FBI. "You two don't look like you're from here, what are two Egyptians doing in the U.S.?"

"We're, uh, visiting friends. Do you know the Olympic Coven, also called the Cullens?" the boy said nervously.

"I've heard of them."

"They're having some trouble and we've come here to help them." Benjamin seemed evasive as if he was hiding something, his eyes flicking to the ground.

Reid frowned, "What 'trouble'?" Benjamin looked at him worriedly then apparently decided to trust him. "One of the Cullens, Edward, fell in love with a human; she knew what he was but didn't care. They got married and had a child." Noticing their shock he answered the question they were thinking, "Yes, vampire men can impregnate human women, the two didn't realize it was even possible. He was forced to turn the woman, Bella, into a vampire so she would survive after the difficult and bloody pregnancy. The daughter was seen and it was assumed she was an immortal child. Now the Volturi are coming to punish the Cullens. We and many others have come as witnesses that the child is alive, growing, and harmless." Benjamin rushed through his explanation and ended with a deep breath. For a moment Morgan and Reid just stood, almost gaping, trying to processes the information they had just received.

"No offence, but do you seriously see the Volturi stopping when they're about to kill you so you can explain the situation." Reid looked incredulous-no could be that stupid, could they?

"The Cullens believe if enough of us come the Volturi will stop for a moment, giving them time to talk and, hopefully, convince Aro, Caius and Marcus the child can live in secrecy without harming humans."

Morgan pondered this, "What do you think of this plan, will it work?"

"I don't know, but the Cullens are our friends and the child is an innocent."

"Have you considered what you'll do if the Volturi attack anyway?"

"We have a lot of witnesses, some will stay and fight, others will leave. All I know is what I will do, and that is to stand up for what is right."

"I'd go with you but Reid I are staying with friends. Come on kid," what Morgan didn't add was that they would probably be coming with their 'friends' to help these Cullens. Morgan headed towards the hotel, Reid trailing behind him.


The next morning Hotch and Prentiss ambled into the hotel's breakfast nook, hand in hand, and sat down with JJ who was waiting.

"Well," Hotch asked, "Did you see anyone?"

"Nope, you?"

"None." Just then Morgan and Reid walked in, Reid immediately got coffee then the two went to join the group. "We found a vampire, two in fact," Morgan whispered once they were seated. "Kid said his name was Benjamin and his mate was Tia. Apparently the Cullens, a nearby vegetarian coven have some half-breed kid that the Volturi think is an immortal child. So the Cullens' friends have come to witness that the girl is not a threat to our secrecy." Rossi and Garcia had walked in during this explanation.

"Immortal children," Rossi murmured, thinking.

"The immortal children were an extreme danger to vampires." Reid explained, "They had no conscience or control-adorable children killing rampant. They were destroyed and prohibited, they had to be or we would have been discovered. We would then have probably been hunted and burned by humans."

"Let's pay these Cullens a visit," Hotch said.

"Wait," Garcia checked, "We're going on a field trip to visit people we don't know, and who the Volturi want to kill?"

"Yes." Hotch stated in his no nonsense voice.

"Okay, Okay, I get it Boss-Man; your wish is my command."


The door opened before they even knocked. A red haired, amber eyed vampire looked at each of them for a moment then told them to come in. The team and was surprised the man didn't question their intentions, they didn't know him and he did not know them.

"I'm Edward Cullen," the man explained, "I read minds."

"Really?" Reid asked, his thoughts flying, "How does your gift work? You obviously don't require physical contact like Aro, but how many of my thoughts do you see?" Reid took a breath to continue but Morgan cut him off, "Doc," Morgan laughed, "give the guy a chance to answer." Just then a pale little girl with curly red hair and chocolate brown eyes walked in followed by a young woman with brown hair and golden eyes, with the woman looked like a mother. Edward introduced them, "My wife Bella and my daughter Renesmee," he stated proudly.

"Hi, Renesmee," Prentiss greeted the little girl, shocked by the purity of her aura. The little girl, who didn't look more than two, waved at Prentiss then stretched out her hand. Prentiss looked confused, "If she touches your face she can show you her story. Just be warned it's strange," Edward explained. Prentiss kneeled down towards Renesmee's palm. Suddenly she saw flashing images of the little girl's life.

"Wow," Prentiss needed a minute to compose herself, "Well, they're definitely telling the truth. You should see this." All the agents went through this process and it seemed that the Cullens were telling the truth. While this was happening Edward explained his power to Reid and Prentiss examined everyone's aura, they all seemed open and truthful, she didn't think they were lying.

"Well, now that we've dealt with that, why not come meet everyone," Bella suggested. Hotch looked at Prentiss she gave a small nod confirming from their auras that it was safe.

"OK, let's go," he declared.

The team walked into a large bright room. It was filled with expensive furniture and about thirty vampires whose conversations died once they noticed the team had entered.

"Who's this?" A beautiful blonde vampire asked, breaking the silence.

"I'm Aaron Hotchner, this is Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, Jennifer Jareau, Dr. Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss and David Rossi." Each person waved or nodded when their name was mentioned. The vampires introduced themselves, there were the Cullens-Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, and the beautiful blonde, Rosalie. In the Egyptian Coven along with Benjamin and Tia, there were Amun and his mate Kebi. One of the other Covens had 'vegetarian' golden eyes, the Denalis. As they approached one blonde gave Morgan a once over apparently liking what she saw. "Hello," she said seductively, making obvious she was talking to Morgan. Reid was annoyed, why did girls always hit on his boyfriend. A hiss escaped from a between his teeth and he glared at the woman, who'd introduced herself as Tanya. "I'm dating someone," Morgan said, looking at Reid out of the corner of his eyes. Tanya put two and two together and scowled.

"Oh really?" Edward asked laughing, obviously at something Tanya had thought.

"What's so funny?" Every one turned to look at Edward.

"Apparently, and I quote 'all the good ones are gay' I was wondering why she chased after me for years. I believe I have a wife who can confirm that I'm straight." Tanya glared at him and stormed off, as soon as she left the room every one burst into laughter.

I've never written romance before, hope that was okay. Please leave a review if you like it or see any mistakes. (I know the visiting vamps hunted out of state and vampires don't eat or drink 'human food' but it was necessary to the plot/characters)