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That morning the team met at the small meal fast room at the motel they were staying at. They had checked into the motel in small groups-Reid with Morgan, Prentiss with Hotch, JJ with Garcia and Rossi by himself. JJ had called her husband, Will, telling him where she was and explaining the situation with the Cullens. Will agreed that saving an innocent child was important. So he told JJ not only should she stay but that he would be joining. JJ had put down the phone with a smile; being so busy with her job she felt she almost never got to see Will. Reid was sipping coffee; this brought some stares from his colleagues. Although they knew Reid was somehow able to enjoy and digest coffee, it was still strange. They were vampires, they drank blood, none of the others were able to eat or drink. But, as usual, they had other, more important, things on their minds.

The team drove to the Cullens' house in silence. Most of them were worried about confronting the Volturi. They had lived relatively peacefully by not breaking vampire laws and by staying away from the Volturi. On the other hand none of them could sit by and watch an innocent child, and probably her family as well, be murdered. Due to their consciences and the fact that for years they'd been trying to prevent these kinds of things there had never really been a choice-they were staying.

When they arrived at the Cullens' Benjamin, followed by Tia, went up to the team and took them aside.

"I don't suppose the Cullens have told you about their 'other guests'?" Benjamin questioned.

"No…" JJ trailed off allowing him to explain what he was talking about. She was used to dealing with the press for the team and to her this was no different.

"It's not really my place to say. The Cullens will tell you soon either way."

"So why not tell us now?" Prentiss suggested. Benjamin just shook his head-he wasn't changing his mind.

"At least answer our questions." Morgan was curious, "Are there more vampires?" he wondered.

"No," Benjamin said truthfully.

"Are they keeping humans?" Garcia asked knowing what humans in a vampire house, even if the owners were vegetarian, probably were for. Once again Benjamin's reply was to shake his head. The team gave up, who could be there if not humans or vampires. Just then Rosalie came over. Reid's first thought was, Thank god she's happily married, because I don't know if I could stand someone that beautiful flirting with Derek.

"Have Ben or Tia explained about the mutts?" Rosalie asked. Seeing the confused faces she correctly guessed they hadn't. "This is going to sound strange…"


After Rosalie explained that there were two packs of werewolves, descendants of the local Natives, the team was once again flabbergasted. It seemed in the last two days, since they'd heard about the Cullens, they'd learnt more about 'mythical' creatures than in the last few years.

"Also," Rosalie wasn't finished stunning them yet, "The werewolves have this thing, imprinting, which is extreme love at first sight. There is one person who, if the werewolf sees them after the change, they'll love strongly and forever. Since one of them, Jacob, imprinted on Renesmee the wolves are honour bound to protect her because apparently losing the person you imprinted on destroys a wolf and is terrible for the whole pack."

Hotch was the first to recover, "Are you seriously telling me you live next door to a bunch of werewolves and their goal in life is to protect humans so the only reason you aren't killing each other is because you're vegetarian. As well as this one of them is in love with a toddler so they're going to risk their lives against the Volturi." Hotch was incredulous.

"First of all Renesmee's actually five months old-she grows extremely fast-and imprinting is some weird wolf thing. When she is a kid he'll be like the best big brother or friend. Only when she's old enough will they date or anything and by then she'll already love him because he's loved her and taken care of her for her whole life." Rosalie did not seem pleased by this.

"If the reason we're out here is so that we don't attack these werewolves the instant we see them, I assure you we won't. May we come inside?"

"Of course, by the way you all introduced your selves by your full names so I have no idea what to call you."

JJ answered for them all, "Well, we all call each other by our last names except Hotchner who we call Hotch and me, I'm JJ. So I guess you should call us by our last names."

"Alright come and meet Jacob and co." They all followed Rosalie into the house, through a large, wide hallway until they reached the kitchen where Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Emmett, and three strangers, two men and one woman, sat around a large wooden table. The three the team didn't know had beating hearts but they did not smell human or at all edible.

Rosalie introduced everyone. "Jacob, Seth and Leah," the two male werewolves waved when their names were said, the female scowled, "Meet Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, Reid, JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia."

"What kinds of names are those supposed to be?" Leah asked rudely.

"Our last names mostly, we work together," JJ said. Using the voice she usually reserved for annoying reporters.

"Where do you work?" Seth inquired trying to remove the tension by starting a conversation. Unfortunately this was the wrong question because the team was still unsure if they should admit to being FBI. Since one of them read minds he at least knew already, if he hadn't told the others by now. They decided to tell them.

"We work in the BAU," Reid said, knowing they probably had no idea what that was.

He was correct, "The what?" Emmet wanted to know.

Reid sighed knowing he would have to explain and worried about the reaction. "The Behavioural Analysis Unit, we're profilers in the FBI." The mind reader was unsurprised and the child didn't seem to care but everyone else was astonished.

"You four," Emmett pointed to Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, and Rossi, "Are the only ones who look anything like FBI. Reid looks like a geek, JJ looks like a secretary and I don't even know what Garcia looks like." He definitely did not believe them. The others seemed to feel the same, the whole room turned to look at Edward, "They're telling the truth," he confirmed.

"Why are you here?" Jacob questioned suspiciously, coming, almost casually, to stand between them and Renesmee his pack flanking him.

"We were in Port Angeles and we heard about the situation with the Volturi. We didn't want a child to die for no reason so we came to help out; we're on your side." JJ once again used skill that came from years of dealing with nosy reporters. Jacob just turned his head slightly to look at Edward while keeping them in his peripheral vision.

"She's my daughter, do you really think I'd let them near her if they were going to harm her?" Edward seemed to be vouching for them.

Renesmee was paying attention now that her father and Jacob were glaring at each other, "Daddy," she asked in a high clear voice, "Are you and Jacob fighting?"

"Of course not," they both said. The two calmed down, not wanting to upset Renesmee.

"Well, now that we've dealt with that issue me and Bella will be outside, bye." Emmett went outside practically cackling. Bella followed mournfully.

"What's up with them?" Garcia's curious nature got the better of her.

"Emmett's teaching Bella self-defense. Want to watch?" Rosalie suggested.

"Sure," Garcia agreed. Most of the team left, Reid stayed, empathizing with Bella. He'd practically lost track of the times he'd been thrown around trying to learn self-defense. Morgan stayed to keep Reid company; Edward went to give Bella 'moral support'. This left Renesmee, Reid, Morgan and the werewolves. No one knew what to say so they sat in silence until Leah stormed out Seth chasing after her.

"Ignore Leah, she hates everyone," Jacob said.

"She do that often?" Morgan asked.


"Seth's her brother right?"

"How'd you know?"

"I have two sisters myself." Jacob and Morgan started a conversation about family, especially sisters. Reid, being an only child felt left out until Renesmee walked over. "I'm bored," she whispered.

"Me too," Reid said surprised she was talking to him; usually kids and animals had a natural dislike of Reid for no apparent reason. "How about I do some magic?"

"You can do magic?" Renesmee's eyes went huge.

"Yup, watch this. Turn around for a second." She turned and Reid quickly took a coin out of his pocket and hid it between his fingers. He then said she could face him. He showed her his hands, both apparently empty. He closed the one and when it opened again there was a coin inside. Renesmee giggled, "Again, again." So Reid repeated the trick.

"Do you know this trick saved my life once?"

"Tell me," Renesmee commanded. Reid explained, leaving out a few of the more gruesome bits, about when a crazy man named Ted trapped his friend and threatened to hurt her. How Ted thought he had something in his arm so Reid had had to pretend to take something that didn't exist out of Ted's arm. He ended the story after when he pretended to take a microchip out if Ted's arm. He didn't want to lie but also didn't want to explain that Ted had been seemed content with this explanation and fascinated by Reid. "Do you know any other magic, Mr. Reid?" Renesmee was curious, she had a friend, Zafrina, who showed her 'pretty pictures' but she knew those were not real. What her new friend did was real and hence even more marvellous.
"Call me Spencer," he said. "And yes, look away for a second." Renesmee obeyed wondering why she always had to do this before the trick. Reid took a few things out of his pocket put them in a film container shut it upside down and quickly told her to look; she stared at it as it began to bubble and fizz at the opening. Suddenly with a loud pop it burst and flew across the room. Renesmee laughed and Morgan and Jacob turned to stare at Reid.

"What do you call that?" Renesmee asked.

"Physics Magic," Reid smiled sheepishly.


For the rest of the day Renesmee followed Reid around. She asked him questions about anything and everything. From why the birds that liked her and Jacob flew away from Rosalie – Reid told her the birds had never smelled anything like Rosalie, knowing Renesmee could smell the difference between vampires and werewolves – to why he came – he said he and his friends wanted to meet her. Renesmee had even wanted to know why she had to breathe but her mother didn't – to this Reid simply explained that no two people people are the same.

At around twelve Leah and Seth came in and joined Jacob and Renesmee at the kitchen table. It seemed the werewolves, Leah especially, preferred to eat in human form. During the meal Renesmee talked to Reid more than Jacob, apparently this was a huge event.

"Looks like you've got some competition," Leah commented to Jacob in a stage whisper. Reid ignored her. He saw Renesmee as a little girl and a friend. The only person Spencer loved in that way was Derek.

Esme was in the kitchen making lunch, which Reid found surprising since she couldn't eat.

"Do you have any coffee?" he asked her.

"Yes, right here," she pointed out a cupboard with coffees, teas, sugar and sweetener. "Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if I could have some."

"Of course you may. Not to be rude, but how do you drink coffee?"

Reid shrugged, this was one of the few questions he had no answer to. He made himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. Renesmee seemed shocked by the idea didn't know the answer to something. Just them Morgan walked in. He sat down next to Reid, wondering why everyone was staring at his boyfriend. Then he noticed the cup of coffee and laughed. "Hey, kid, remind me – is that stuff you drink coffee or sugar?" Morgan made one of his many jokes about the amount of sugar in Reid's coffee. Reid replied with his usual eye roll and explanation that it was coffee. He backed himself up using the definition of coffee and , gave the average ratio of coffee to sugar showing that his amount of sugar wasn't even that abnormal.

"You have beaten me with facts as usual ."Morgan knew that when it came to facts Reid was the expert. He also enjoyed watching Reid list statistics. It was one of the few times Spencer had confidence in himself. Derek gave Spencer a peck on the lips. Spencer looked down at his coffee, if her could have blushed he would have. Esme was unsurprised after their reactions to Tanya's flirting yesterday, but the werewolves were disbelieving.

"You're gay?" Seth was gaping.

"Yes," Morgan said. He knew he did not look like people's stereotypical views of gays. "Well, Iguess he isn't competition," Leah whispered to Jacob, this time quietly enough that the vampires could not hear.

The two magic tricks were from Derailed and Profiler, Profiled. Also, I know it's weird for them to have family but I'm keeping siblings, parents and spouses (I'm writing after Hayley's death) if I can. Please leave a review or idea cuz I'm just making this up as I go and hoping people like it.