Hero raise and Hero fall

Anko was setting in her room crying her head off she couldn't take it anymore this world it fighter it was to much she need a way out she need freedom... That was when a glowing ball appear... "If you have given up on life put all your energy into this..." Voice called out and Anko did not caring anymore she keep pushing her energy into it forgetting that she ask for eternity youth... which met should have suck up all of energy and die... She didn't care and it was done... Anko drop to floor dead as dust and turn sand... Just when Kin and Tayaya walk in they didn't have to see Anko kill herself and with that two girls walk out the room and cried for there weak friend...

Amstu... was seating by the fire watching the sunset... Amstu knew that Tsunade was late, but that only met one thing... She was caught by Zero, and her fate was seal... she would be misses... Amstu look at kin and Tayaya it wasn't save any where on this world anymore she didn't know what to do... there time was divide and broken... She could feel Shizune had left the time and Kin and Tayaya had there heart for Gohan... She was all that was really left...

Grand kai place

Kami-chan was shock at what just happen someone beyond her took Anko and when she look she saw two girls behind her standing and smiling she wonder if something happen because the smile seem fake to her... She turn to look back at the earth all of Naruto soulmates where died or finding other to take his place... Her hero was not even fighting why...

Back on earth

lab was glowing three different colors and wonder why this was happening... Next to the giant mechine was 3 seal doors, with the number 0G, 001, 002. On the other side... there was door number 24, 25, 26... The Lab Mechine start talking and the door for 25, 26, open and two women could be seen. "It time to get ready girls.. lets go..."


"Gya...Gya...Gya..." A voice appear in side the pink truck The Android look at moving figure in the sheets... "Gya..i...i feell ….we..ak..." 16... look at the figure and smile... Soon the group decide to had into the next town to pick up supply's and to see what going on... green eye look around, as the the other one was light blue... His hair was bright blonde with green piece of it in it.. "WHERE AM I!" A hand came out to grab Android 16 but the look in his eye stop everyone... "You are with friends do you know whom you're..." Android 16, look at him... "I have have many names... Android 00 is what Gero called me but I like Raizer... You must be Androids so tell me why did you call me to me..." Raizer stood up and let his naked body be shown to Android 16, and Android 18 blush and turn her head to not see his meat stick "I need some clothes... I also need to eat..." Raizer look around and smile... his naked body shiny as he look around the at driver... "Hello 17... It good to see you still alive take me to the shop with 18 and don't leave us..." 17 smile as his nod he wonder how strong strong this guy was... Raizer smile and kiss 18 on the cheek gaining power... "thanks for the power sexy..." 18 blush and nod and with that she turn back to road a head of them.

After few min's of driving The group came up to a nice shop and Raizer smile and got up jump out the door and follow behind 18 whom try not to turn around... they both enter the shop to see a man knock out with girl with green hair and giant tits... standing there in a green dress..."High my name sexcapades What can I get you?" Razier smile and look at the girl... "some food or a power drink..." The girl smile and nod as she been over and left her dress showing a pussy with no hair... 18 was looking at slut... and saw Raizer walking over... "You do know what will happen right..." The women nod and with that Raizer dick grew to 19in and with that he shove it inside and she moan as he keep his passion going for a good while... 18 smile as she read a powerlevel coming form the girl and she smile and went to shop...

Raizer keep pumping as he was going faster and faster as he was getting his energy back... Soon the desk was shaking and Raizer was going at it like it was nothing...

Outside the store

17 was moan about what was taking so long... while 16 was smiling as he saw Raizer was power was going up... "Not long give them time..." 16 said as his close his eye and hum's to himself... Back in the store a women looking just like Sexcapade came out the back but she had red hair and her body was the same... just with red eyes... "My name is Lustcapade enjoy me as well... " Raizer made some clones and with that she fall on the ground and two clone took her behind the desk... 18 was having to much fun then she saw Raizer power going up as he fuck those slut... Before she could say anything she saw the girls turn blue and where start to vanish 18 eyes widen at this and with in second they where gone. " I see you got some of your powers back..." Raizer smile and a women just like the rest came out but she had blue hair and golden hair with blue flower in her hair and lip piece... "Are you sure you want to do this..." She smile and nod... As Raizer kiss the girl on the lips and she also turn blue before she vanish.

"20% recharge just enough to keep my body going until parts come..." Raizer said walking over and picking up the girl clothes, he smile as he saw they each ware a piece of man clothing. After few min's Raizer came out the ship with a black pants on and metal boots and he was wearing a Fusion jacket but he didn't know that it was big on his chest and show off his arms and he had a hood on it so he would cover his face. Before he got inside the food truck he hold out his hand and called out "COMBINE!" 17 and 18 look as three holes appear and out came metal parts that flew inside Raizer body and after few second it died down and he smile getting back inside the food truck... "WHAT WAS THAT!" Android 18 ask him "O that was my other parts you see Dr. Gero didn't trust Sakura or should I say Zero and want me to have extra parts to keep me out of her control. It work but it weak me a lot, but now i'm at 100% and able to kill anything gets in my way... 13, 14, 15 Roll... Get out base and get ready, I will take Zero out myself and you guys keep a eye out.. I know for a fact there some evil coming for us..." 17 and 18 look at Raizer as if he was crazy but a voice shut them up... "YES SIR!" Raizer nod and close his eye... "I can link up to any Android that is still alive and find out what's happening in the world... Right now there something evil attack people and I want it to die at all cost... Do you understand me..." Raizer said and only 16 spoke "I understand and will not underestimate this evil..." Raizer nod and rest his head... not caring that twin where look scared at the moment...

Raizer cover his face with the hood and went to sleep not wanting to see them anymore...

At Kame House

Roshi was busy have sex with his girlfriend to be caring about anything and then Chichi came scream out goku gone and then they heard sound and a shake when they all rush outside they saw Goku smiling at them and soon it was happy times again with all of them cheering and dancing..."It time for me to go to the next level.. I have to leave everyone but I will be back soon... okay..." With that he level them all alone but Roshi didn't stay sad as his girl called him inside... Chichi felt sick, but went in after them...

At the look out

Goku was telling them everything they need to know and what was going on, but before they could move popo came in and start talking... "You guys will not believe this Sakura or the one name Zero has been feeding this hole time on Tsunade and she has been sending out clone to freed of what cell miss. I was wondering would you guys be able to take her out as well... Or there is some good knews it seem that Raizer is awake and is with the other Android it seem that he will be keep save because Zero was afraid of 16..." The other none and smile... "Good that mean that he will not fight us and might just go after Zero it would be easier to do it that way..." Everyone agree and with on to pick there presenters.

Later that day

The android team was going through all of Chi-chi stuff when Raizer came in saw her wearing holding up a dress... "it look good on you..." Android 18 smile thank but no thanks... she drop it on the ground and walk away...showing off her clothes that look on her... "Nice look I think it goes great on your nice ass..." Raizer said as he left the room... Android 18 smile and follow after him she watch his ass and smile soon, they where outside when three powerlevel where coming there way... "it okay it just more Androids and 17 there not human model like us... so don't think about fighting them... If i'm right i'm going to kill two bird with one stone or maybe 3..." Raizer said as the first to land Android 14, he takes the appearance of a large, heavily built muscular man. He dons a brown brassard and belt combination, large brown gloves, a long green skirt, and yellow and black boots. His skin tone is a shade of silver and unlike all other androids created by Gero or his computer, has brown eyes instead of blue.

"Nice to see 14..." The tale man just nod his head... The next was Android 15 takes the appearance of a very short and small man large pink lips and dark skin tone. 15 dons a large green hat with a red ball on top, what some consider the rendition of a Pimp hat on..He has a black and white tuxedo shirt with a dark yellow and blue overcoat. He also wears a red bow tie sporting the "Red Ribbon" logo. He also wears baggy light blue pants and black boots. "#15 what hanging..." Raizer said that... and 15 said... "Getting ready for my greatest dance..." 15 said as he drunk his flask...

Then the last one that showed up... cowboy, man with a hat and normal pants... "LET DO THIS!" Raizer smile "Okay... so does anyone know where goku is?" 16 smile and said that "Goku last energy sigin was at Kame House in the water..." Raizer smile "So I guess we fly then..." Android 18 smile "Final lets go..." With that each one of them flew off into the sky...

Roshi was having a dream as Shizune was sleeping on Roshi lap... Piccolo was watching when he look out the window and his jaw drop and he scream... "THERE HERE!" Kirllen whom was still a sleep said "who..." Piccolo scream "ANDROID!" Everyone jump up to see a group of people standing outside... "Can goku play..." Soon Piccolo came out and stand stood his ground. "How about I fight you guys..." Piccolo said.. and Raizer smile "Good idea... 17 Vs Piccolo anything goes match... winner get the world..." Raizer said and Piccolo look at the kid whom look to be around 15 years of age... "Whom are you?" Piccolo ask.

"Me I am Android 00 or just call me Raizer I was once know as Naruto but I'm no longer a human...so pick the place..." Piccolo jaw drop... "Why are you here?" Raizer smile... "Just letting the fish take the bait... I'm sure she would be here soon..." Piccolo nod his head and told them follow him and with that the small group left...

The group land and it start with a bang... Piccolo and Android 17 where both going at each other and Android 16 was warning 17 to not lower his guard... The battle was a great and Raizer could feel two powerlevels coming his way... one must have been Sakura and Raizer could feel it... it was second one... "15... your teams up she coming fast... good luck and see you on the other side..." 15 smile and flew off with her panther knowing it would be a great battle... Android 18 look at Raizer and he smile and knew what he had too do... "Don't worry everything will be okay..."

Zero was flying at great speed when a blast hit her in face making her crash in the water... Few second later... Zero jump up...look to see two man standing before her "You will pay for what you did to Dr. Gero..." Zero smile and charge only to be punch inside of head by a gray fist... Zero smile as she kick the man way and laugh... "Your nothing..." Zero charge pink and then they all vanish and reappear all over the place, they where going a speed that most would never reach...

Fist for fist, kick for fist, elbow with knee drops it was a battle of the gods even if the two where losing, just then Zero kick 14 in stomach and 15 appear behind her and start to do rabbit kicks "This dance will be forever record in history..." They both disappear and when Zero saw her shot she was about to take when someone power fist her form behind sending her into the ground... Zero start and turn to see a new toy to brake and she power up and pink energy flew around her and 4 vanish as the battle was getting better and fast as Zero was starting to kick there ass...

Soon Zero had Android 15 in a trap with her hand and with one move she crush his throat and threw him into Android 14 and fire a blast destroying both of them... But she didn't see Android 13 coming form behind and kicking her into the wall...

When Zero turn around she saw something that shock her and she saw parts form the other androids being suck into Android 13 and before she could blink his skin turn blue and muscle turn blue and his hair got deeper red spiky and before she knew... a blue fist had just hit her in the stomach and another had just grab her boob and thrown her into the side of one of the small mountain below them...

"FOR MY BROTHER!" Super Android 13 said and charge into battle knowing that he would win this day...

On the other lands

Raizer was watching as Piccolo and Android 17 where battling each other on even ground as one of the powers where still coming so with that in mind he check on scret weapon... His eyes glow blue for a second as he was reading the report it seem everything was going to be okay but he would be need for his shield.

"14 and 15 lost and and 13 is now in his ultimate body so he should win..." Raizer told 18 and 16 as they watch the fight... "They did really good... I'm glad they where able to get the job done." Android wonder what he was talking about "You see 18 I knew that they could fuse, but I was hoping they would win without since two of them have to die... now it time for phase two...

Seventeen and Piccolo continued to trade thunderous blows, shock waves of energy releasing with every hit. Simultaneously both fighters landed hard punches to the face, sending one another flying back at high speeds. Seventeen smashed into the ground while Piccolo crashed into the sea at the edge of the Island. Seventeen recovered quickly and flew above where Piccolo fell into the ocean.

'This guy was nothing to us a few days ago, where did he get all this power in such a short period of time? I didn't even expect Goku to be this strong.' thought Seventeen as he waited for the Namek to emerge.

Seventeen sped after Piccolo aiming a kick at his face only to pass through an after image. Piccolo reappeared behind him striking down with an elbow that Seventeen blocked. The android followed his block with a spinning kick only for Piccolo to grab his leg , spin and throw him head first into a cliff. As he stared down the cliff face Piccolo suddenly leaned to the left dodging a punch from Seventeen. He turned and grabbed the outstretched appendage before hammering away at Seventeen with his free arm. His reach gave him a momentary advantage before Seventeen grabbed his arm and delivered a powerful headbutt that staggered both fighters. As the two fighters paused to regroup a cackling laughter rang out that sent a chill down Piccolo's spine. The two fighters and two observers all turned to face the form of Cell standing on the peak of a nearby cliff.

"Well done Piccolo! Thanks to your efforts my perfection is at hand!" declared Cell as he cackled with glee.

"Dammit! I thought I had more time! Merging with these two will make him unstoppable!" roared Piccolo.

"What the hell is that thing?" exclaimed Seventeen.

A glimmer of hope flashed through Piccolo's eyes, 'They don't know!'

"Ah, after so long it's as if I recognize them even though I've never seen them before! Androids Seventeen and Eighteen, and what's this one more? He bears the red ribbon insignia, must be a older less efficient model." stated Cell. He braced himself before roaring as he powered up to his maximum.

Cell look to see A old friend... "Raizer it seem you didn't die in this timeline o well good to know..."

"Such a terrible Power! What a monster, you killed all those innocent people!" yelled Piccolo.

"They should be honored to have become a part of me!" Cell cackled with glee as he completed his power up.

Raizer watch in horror as on the outside but inside he was happy this was happening... Sixteen had other thoughts, "Seventeen! I would not recommend doing battle against this creature. The risk is far too high. Escape is the best option for both of you. I will stay with Piccolo to buy you some time."

Seventeen snorted in disgust, "I'm through letting that old fool push me around. I'm ending his last chance at controlling us once and for all!"

Seventeen charged at Cell missing with both a punch and kick that Cell dodged smoothly. Cell brought his elbow down into Seventeen's back sending him to the ground. Piccolo attempted a kick from Cell's blind spot only to be blocked. He followed with a combination of punches and kicks only to be stonewalled by Cell at every turn. A sharp kick from Cell's left leg sent the Namek skidding along the ground.

"You should have minded your own business Piccolo." stated Cell as he marched towards the downed Namek. Just as Cell reached him Piccolo suddenly rolled over and jumped backwards away from Cell creating some distance between the two.

Raizer just watch not saying anything he had to let it all play out... Sixteen interrupted their brief astonishment, "Don't be fooled." Eighteen looked at him confused, "Huh?" Seventeen stared at the water in shock as Cell slowly emerged from the sea before hovering and landing on the ground in front of Piccolo.

"Well Piccolo? Are you through playing games?" mocked Cell. Piccolo gritted his teeth, "RUN SEVENTEEN NOW!" Almost faster than anyone could see Cell landed a powerful punch on Piccolo's jaw downing the Namek.

"All to easy Piccolo," stated the chuckling Cell as he picked up the Namek by the throat. "I could absorb you Piccolo, but I have what I need of your being in my cell structure already. You are of no value to me anymore, simply...refuse. Goodbye."

Cell lifted his arm and fired a blast right through Piccolo's gut. Piccolo screamed in pain before his body collapsed in Cell's arms. Cell turned and through the Namek into the Ocean.

Raizer watch in astonishment as 16 was giving Cell the business and smile he knew what he had to do.. and just wait for the right time to strike "According to my calculations my power and his are exactly the same." replied Sixteen.

"Get out of there Seventeen! He's behind you!" yelled Eighteen.

He turned back in shock to face the green monstrosity that had burrowed from underground to get the drop on him. Seventeen struggling mightily as the tail started to close down over him. Raizer watch as 17 was being eatan by the tail and as soon as only feet where showing Raizer use his attack and instead of boots high heels where seen being suck into cell body...

On the battle field

Super Android 13 just back handed Zero and she was falling fast she didn't think Gero had any warriors like this and as she was falling she felt like she was vanishing and where a woman stood now stood a man but not just any man it was 17 and he was looking around trying to figure out what happen... "It seem the plan work..." 17 saw a blue man standing before him.. "I'm Super 13... we need to you out of here come on Raizer will get 16 and 18 away form Cell..." Android 17 smile and follow after him...

Other battle..

"GAYAYAYGYAKAKJKAJAKKAKAJK!" Cell was scream as green light came off his body and soon sky turn black and "GHAKHAKAHGHSKA!" Cell called out as he start to change... "GHAHGKAHK!" Cell start to glow green and then a powerful wind blew them all back as Cell body start to change and then blinding light appear around them all. When the light fade there stood Cell in his new body he look more human and had a tail... Raiser smile... and about to attack when Tein did his ulitmate attack which gave Raizer time to move... "We are going now..." Raizer grab onto both 16 and 18 and took off like a bat out of hell... 18 was shock at the speed they where going and couldn't believe how fast he was...

18 didn't notice when they stop, but she did feel really wet and then she knew what she was feeling... "Lets get you guys off this planet..." Android 18 was shock then she saw 17 talking with blue monster... "See you still alive sister your not to weak after all..." Android 18 start to cried and rush to her brother and gave him a hug.. "Good for you two now it time for you 3 to leave the planet to are King can bet Cell..." Super 13 said as the door open... "You mean we are leaving this planet why should I go?" Android 18 said... Raizer smile "easy think of all the planet with shopping mails and cute clothes..." Android 18 was shock at the idea of getting that many clothes... "17 worlds to play and have fun on..." 17 smile at that... "And 16 plants so many plants..." 16 nod his head, "Let go.." 16 grab onto 17 and both went inside the ship...

18 look at Raizer and smile... "I want to give you something before I go..." Raizer nod and follow after her while the other men smile...Once they enter the next room Eighteen suddenly reached up and turned Naruto's face to hers, bringing their lips together for a short chaste kiss. Naruto started to pull back to say something, but Eighteen pulled him in again, his slight surprise allowing for her tongue to gain entrance into his mouth. This kiss was much longer, and much more passionate, not ending until they both had to come up for air.

"Not that I'm complaining or anything, but what was that for?" asked Raizer.

"For being you." Eighteen replied simply.

This time Raizer leaned down and initiated the kiss, their hands exploring each others bodies until Eighteen pulled back.

"What was that for?" she asked coyly.

Raizer just whispered something inaudible and grinned before shrugging and turning away from her. Eighteen frowned before smirking as she attacked his weakness, scratching him behind his ear like a puppy. He melted in her hands and started purring as she ran her fingers over his whisker marks as well.

"What was that?" she whispered in his ear.

"I like you too..." he murmured between purrs.

"Good boy." she said with a smile.

"Not a dog..." he muttered.

She smirked, "No more like a cat, no...a fox!"

Eighteen pinned Raizer against the backseat before straddling him and reengaging her fellow blond in a passionate kiss. The two then separated momentarily, allowing for Raizer yank his shirt off while Eighteen ripped open her blouse and kicked off her heels. Raizer immediately attacked her breasts massaging, sucking and licking them as he freed her ample bosom from her red lace bra. Eighteen started moaning as her nipples hardened in Raizer's hand and mouth. She started to grinding herself against his rapidly hardening member. Raizer's hips soon started bucking in return as Eighteen dry humped him as if she was possessed.

"Enough foreplay." she commanded as she quickly discarded her panties.

"Yes mam!" Raizer didn't even have enough time pull his pants all the way down before she straddled him again. She reached down and guided his exposed throbbing cock to her entrance as Raizer placed his hands her hips and helped her guide himself into her hot wet pussy. "Ohhh..." moaned Eighteen as she bit her lip while he bottomed out inside of her.

Raizer let out a groan as he took moment to marvel at the feeling of her wrapped around his dick. He then started planting kisses down the side of her neck as she started grinding up and down on his member. As she built a steady pace, Raizer shifted his grip to her supple ass cheeks, giving them a slap as he started meeting her thrusts with his own.

"Yes! Fuck me!" shouted Eighteen as she arched her back and bounced up and down on his shaft.

"Fuck yeah!" growled Raizer as he slapped her ass again. He started pounding into her more aggressively and returned to ravishing her tits. He attacked the left breast roughly with his hand, tweaking her hard nipple as he worked the right one with his mouth. Eighteen ran her hands up and down Raizer's body, finally setting on his hair as Raizer's dick suddenly hit the right spot.

"Oh Kami..." gasped Eighteen as she road out on orgasm. Raizer struggled to keep thrusting into her as her walls clamped down on his cock, trying to milk him for all he was worst. He barely managed to hold back his own release as Eighteen started kissing him. The two worked in tandem, grinding their bodies together and the sounds of their flesh smacking against each other filling up the HQ. Raizer picked up his own pace and became more relentless in his thrusts, forcing Eighteen to cry out in pleasure as he reached her deepest regions.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Raizer as he grabbed her ass and really started to pound that pussy as he felt himself reaching his limit. Eighteen brought him into another searing kiss as he pounded into her. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Ah! Me! Ah! too! Fill me up!"

Eighteen went first, her pussy clamping down hard as her second orgasm was even more intense that the first. Raizer released his seed inside of her in response, causing Eighteen another intense burst of pleasure as she felt him filling her up inside.

Eighteen extracted Raizer from herself, sliding off to the side to slip out of the rest of her clothes as she caught her breath. Raizer quickly disposed of his own remaining garments, leaning back against the seat with his rock hard penis standing at full mast, still covered in their juices. The blond leaned back and closed his eyes as he felt a warm sensation envelop the tip of his dick.

Eighteen placed the tip of the massive member in her mouth, licking around every inch of the head, before shifting her mouth of the tip and sliding her tongue down to the base of it. Grasping the top with her hand she made her way around shaft, licking and applying kisses to it, each action sending a shiver of pleasure down Raizer's spine.

"Damn that feels good..." moaned Raizer as she made her way down to his balls, giving each of them a good sucking as she stroked his cock with her hand. Her hand then stopped at the base of his dick as her mouth made it back to the top of his cock. She took him her mouth this time, really sucking on his dick. When Raizer looked down, the sight of his girl with his cock poking at the side of her inner-check with her eyes looking back up at him only intensified the sensation even more.

Eighteen moved him down her throat and started to hum. Raizer grabbed the back of her head at the sensation, and she felt his cock start to spasm in her throat.

"Ah shit! I'm about to cum!" exclaimed Raizer, ready to burst.

Eighteen moved his head back into her mouth just as he let of his first spurt of cum. She kept the head in her mouth until it finished firing ropes of cum into her mouth, gulping it all down. A little sperm dribbled out the corner of her mouth as she pulled him out, but she quickly licked it back up. She grasped a hold of the still firm member, pleased to find her lover still ready for more and turned around facing the front of the Gero Computer. Positioning herself reverse cowgirl style, she impaled herself upon his rod, initiating round two.

On the battlefield

Cell was looking all over the mountain trying to find 18 he didn't see that Raizer took her and that she was long gone and was in heaven... But Cell wouldn't stop he would keep checking the island, or he would have if he hadn't felt two powerlevel come at him... He smile thinking it would be a good work out and smile...

Everyone else watch as the greatest battle would be seen or so they though...

In a Bedroom

"leave everything to me big boy" she grabbed his member feeling it spasm in her hand she started to jerk his member slow at first causing him to groan this caused her to speed up as she reached her fastest speed he released his seed all over her dress and a bit landed on her lip as the master recovered she licked the bit of juice off her lip and started to take her dress off seeing this the master recovered quickly and was twice as hard.

The women started stroking the member again and grabbing it she started to suck the member cleaning the fluid of the member as she got faster the member went deeper down her throat the master was about to cum, but the women stopped sucking him and laid on him facing his erect member kissing the top and said "you lick mine I'll lick yours" after hearing this he nodded and started to lick her tight wet passage; while licking the passage he stopped to add his fingers making her scream and finally orgasm on him again.

She began sucking him again making his member go all the way down her throat the master started thrusting she got off him and put his member between her cleavage and pushed them together, he started thrusting again making her smile and opening her mouth swallowing his member finally after a couple minutes of the woman pleasing him he poured his orgasm in her mouth filling it up so it went all over her face causing her to lick it all off and swallowing his seed and saying "I want you in me".

Looked at her he powered up into his muscular form and his member grew twice the size she looked in amazement and said "no not in me I don't want to get pregnant" she screamed. As her tight passage swallowed his member her legs wrapped around his waist as he pumped faster in her now she screamed in pleasure as she was having multiple orgasms he was fully inside now and she was screaming faster as he picked up the pace he knew he couldn't last any longer as the women, but it was already to late he had buried his seed deep in her womanhood as they both laid there him still inside her holding each other as the rest of the juices flowed out of her and her blue dress laved scrupled in the corner as they both fell asleep.

Chichi open the door to see her old friend and new friend sleeping in the same bed and she close the door..

Gero lab

18 suddenly found herself up against the wall with a very aroused Ultimate Android in front of her, his eyes glazed over in lust.

'He's mine now.'

Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, 18 pressed her lips to his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. The rest of Raizer' self control snapped and he began kissing her back, the two of them lost in a state of lust and passion. 18 remained wrapped around Raizers as he moved them away from the wall. They went crashing down, rolling about in a tangle of limbs.

Grabbing his face, she pressed more kisses to his lips, nipping him playfully. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she rubbed herself against him, trying to get as close as possible. 'Take me now!' she ordered him telepathically.

With a powerful thrust, he was inside her. 18 inhaled a deep breath at the sensation. Their lovemaking was fierce and passionate. 18 met each of his thrusts, wriggling beneath him in pleasure, her nails wracking down his back. Their gasps and moans echoed through the ship as they lost themselves in each other, finally unleashing their built up desires for one another.

'Beautiful.' 18 thought, riding out the last few waves of her climax. 'So worth the wait.' She began trailing kisses down his chest, getting down on her knees Raizer stood frozen solid. He heard her chuckle before her mouth engulfed him, causing him to suck in a breath. His body tensed as her mouth worked over him. The sensations were overwhelming.

"18…" he grunted, trying to fight off the waves of ecstasy running over him. She looked up at him, giving him a smile. "Yes, Raizer..." Raizer was growing in power he time to get use to it..."Please stop." With a lustful look in her eyes, 18 stood up, making sure to rub her breasts against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding herself close. "Make me." she replied, pressing her lips to his.

Raizer felt his control slipping again. In a last ditch effort to stay sane, he grabbed her and held her up against the wall, breathing heavily. That's when he made the mistake of looking up at her. She was staring at him lustfully, making his blood boil. This time he kissed her. 18's eyes widened in surprise, but she was pleasantly surprised. She kissed him back, her tongue dueling with his. 18 jumped up, wrapping her legs around him as Raizer devoured her mouth. He pressed her up against the wall and she gasped at the sensation of being crushed between the cool tiles and his warm hot body.

"Now." she told him. "Now!"

She cried out as he thrusting into her again. She bit his shoulder as he thrusted into her, bringing them closer to climax. "I'm not letting go." She whispered into his ear as they built up a rhythm. Through Raizer' clouded mind, he heard her words. And he knew that she meant it. But at the moment, he didn't care.

Battlefield everyone else in the world was watching not noticing a ship getting read to take off...

Cell was fighting Super Vegeta and was doing a okay job as he was getting a few good hits in and his power was still raising and he didn't know why... Cell was start to feel more power then every before... As Vegeta was shock he was getting stronger...

Gero lab

Raizer came out room with a smiling Android 18 behind him... "I guess this is good by king..." Android 18 smile and kiss Raizer on the lips and enter inside the ship... Raizer watches as the Gero 1 a ship shape like a penis with two giant balls as a it was blasting off... Raizer smile and walk away as he felt Cell power raising and knew that Sakura was helping him skip to stage 3... Raizer smile and just then green looking Android 18 appear... "Poison 18 time to full your part..." The girl smile a bit with tears coming down her face... "Don't worry if they use the Dragonballs they can wish you back..." Poison smile and with that two flew out the base and flew off then a island... and with that Raizer hides and watches...

As the battle was going on Trunks look at Cell his power was going up to fast and his skin start glow... That was when Vegeta hit him and he went flying back, as he was flying he saw a green looking Android 18 sleeping the sensations that hit him gave him a idea and he crash into the water...

Vegeta watch and wait he didn't see Cell then they heard a scream and both look to see Cell sucking in half of body as to legs where hanging out his body and then they where gone... Vegeta smile and Trunks Scream out in rage and went in to attack... Vegeta just watch as all of Trunks Attack failed and now Trunks was looking at a god his skin was green with black spots and his small pink dots around his arms... "YES YES YES I AM FINISH!" Vegeta charge into the attack and was soon push back and KO.

Trunks charge in a gave it all he got and smile as he watch the warrior go way past his father and then he lost and Cell call for the Cell GAMES! Raizer smile and laugh as he appear by trunks side... Trunks look at boy and his jaw drop... "Naruto..." Raizer look and smile... "Call me Raizer and it good to see you Trunks... Sorry it took me while to get my plan in order..." Trunks look at Raizer and smile he would ask later. After Cell gave his speech he left and Trunk look at Raizer "so.. what plan.." Raizer smile... "Just keep Cell fighting long enough and you will see..." Trunks look shock at this and nod his head and wonder if the power he was feeling was part of a trap... With that Raizer stood up flew off leaving a shock trunks behind...