Darkness Rising

Lilly Potty laid Harry down in his crib, tucking the blankets around him and watching as he breathed slowly and smoothly in the deep embrace of sleep. She loved her son. More than anything she loved her son, and because of that she would never let him come to harm if she could help it.

As she stepped back to head downstairs to James her gaze drifted across the two runic ritual circles concealed in the room. One directly above Harry on the ceiling and one directly in front of the crib on the floor, both covered by a powerful glamour that only she, as the caster, could see through.

She wasn't the youngest Charms Mistress in a decade, the brightest witch of her generation, and an unspeakable for nothing after all. When Dumbledore had come to them with the news of the prophecy that could spell certain doom for her child she had spared nothing in her quest to see him safe.

These two rituals were her last resorts, the one on the ceiling preferable to the one on the floor, but if she didn't have enough time to use it, she wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice her life to use the second.

She smiled down at little Harry one last time, the sight of his face beautiful and peaceful was more than enough to reaffirm her resolve to see him a happy and healthy adult, a wife and family of his own, by any means necessary.

Closing the door softly she was on the top step of the stairs when she felt the Fidelius shudder, an agonizing feeling to her as it was hers and her husband's Trust in Peter that fueled and maintained it. The feeling of the ward falling was very literally the feeling of torn Trust on a magical level that could leave them psychologically damaged if left untreated.

She swayed on her feet, barely holding herself up, the moment of weakness stealing from her what could have been her only chance to grab Harry and flee, as she felt powerful wards snap into place around the house, sealing them in to their fate.

"Lily, take harry and go! It's Him! I'll try and hold him off - just go!" James shouted from the den.

She hesitated for a moment, wanting to stand by James' side, but Harry came first, their child came first. She flung herself into little Harry's nursery and slammed the door behind her, she didn't have time to be quiet. She could feel to oppressive and illusive weight of anti-apparition wards and the sharp tingle of anti-portkey wards along with a humming angry strength in the outer walls of the house that didn't belong and wouldn't let her pass. She was trapped. Harry was trapped.

But there were other ways, she thought as she gazed upon the runic arrays. With one last glance over her shoulder, the sound of a fierce battle taking place below reassured that James yet lived and she still had time.

She stepped up to the edge of the circle on the floor, making certain she wasn't within its limits. Her eyes caught Harry's, her fear mirrored there in those same green eyes. Lilly smiled tremulously down at Harry, whispering almost inaudibly, "Don't fear, my child. Never fear, I won't let anyone touch you."

Lilly tore her eyes away from Harry's and focused on the ritual array in the ceiling, raising her wand and beginning to cast. She focused her magic and her will on the need to protect her child. This ritual was meant to transport a mother's child to another mother who could serve his he needs; created hundreds of years ago by a French queen who was dying and knew that after she died her infant child would be killed long before he could reach the age of majority to take the crown, this ritual was meant to find the perfect mother for any child that could no longer be protected by its own. It was just what she needed.

She focused on her need for the mother the be beyond the reach of Voldemort's magic, she focused on her need for the mother to be strong enough that she couldn't die and leave Harry once more without protection, on the need to be able to provide for Harry, on the need for her to never turn away from Harry -

The door behind her was blaster open and she spun, wand raised, terrified. The ritual wasn't complete. She hadn't had enough time! She steeled herself and took a single deliberate step backward, placing herself directly in the center of the ritual circle on the floor. If she didn't have time to complete the first ritual, then she would have to settle for the second - though, even with the rituals protection, she could hardly expect Harry to survive completely unscathed. This ritual would take her offer of her own soul and magic to protect her son; it would capture both as she was killed and wrap the protectively around her infant child and ensure nothing could harm him.

She stood tall before Voldemort, not allowing his sinister magic or hideous and terrifying visage to affect her. "You'll never have my son."

He sneered snapping his wand forward in a vicious stabbed the words "Avada Kedavra" clear and dooming.

A green flash of light and Lilly Potter's body crumpled to the ground, lifeless and soulless.


Lilly had expected a brief momentarily excruciating pain and then nothing as her soul and magic were directed to protect her child. That wasn't what happened though. Instead there was a sudden and disorientating lack of sensation, one moment she was standing facing Voldemort, and overwhelming sickly green light filling her vision and the next she could no longer feel the perspiration on her palms or the frantic beating of her heart, she could no longer see Voldemort or the light of the Killing Curse, she could no longer hear her labored breaths or the distant crackling of flames somewhere in the house, she could no longer taste the bitter tang of bile at the back of her throat, or smell the baby powder and oils the nursery usually smelt of.

In an instant she was stripped of every sense and sensation of her body and left only with the vague sensations of the magic around her. She could feel her own magic wrapped tightly around the pure and untamed magic of her son, she could feel the hideous, poisoned, and sickly magic of the Dark Lord, and she could feel the tightly leashed and channeled power of the ritual on the ceiling just waiting to be released.

Waiting to be released. She hadn't had time to finish the ritual, but she had completed the most important parts, it would take Harry away from Voldemort, take him to safety. So without hesitation her own magic reached up and snapped the leash that held the rituals magic quiescent.

In a single moment of overwhelming rushing magic Harry Potter along with the intangible and bodiless Lilly Potter vanished from Godric's Hollow.

Maybe if she had been able to finish the ritual properly it wouldn't have happened. Maybe if she'd known what would have happened before performing the ritual she would have found a different way to go about it. As it was there was only an instant of blinding disorientation before the ambient magic of the world around her changed and she felt they had reached their destination.

The magic in this place was wild and weak, not the deep currents she was used to feeling when she meditated at home, this felt fresh and young in a way she hadn't ever felt in Britain. Perhaps they were in the America's? She couldn't be sure.

It wasn't long before she felt the approach of something living, it was hard to tell without her eyes but it didn't feel very strong magically, certainly not enough to cast spells, but the magic it did have felt sharp and aggressive.

There was a moment of terrifying clarity in the moment that followed in which Lily was certain the creature, whatever it was for it certainly couldn't be human, was going to kill her child. Not if she had anything to say about it. She lashed out.

It was so much harder than it used to be, when she had a wand and a body, now that all she had left was her magic she would have expected manipulating it to become easier, but it seemed the opposite was true. Still her magic crashed against the creature in a great wave, lacking the precision and finesse a wand might have had, but strong enough to crush any thoughts of easy prey in the creature. Or at least it should have.

Instead the creature ate her magic.

It wasn't like anything she had ever heard of, or seen before, but the tiny spark of magic in the creature surged forth and - tainted was the only word for it - her own magic, and suddenly it wasn't her magic anymore.

The creature barely even paused in its advance as this happened, continuing until it must have been crouched just over Harry's tiny body. Death didn't come instantly, instead even as Lily was paralyzed by horror the creature seemed merely to be inspecting the child. Its now significantly more powerful magic, becoming less and less like Lily's every second, washed forth to taste at them. Lily tried shying as far away from the creatures magic stealing power as possible, but tethered and powerless as she was she couldn't escape. This time when their magic met the creature it didn't take it, and in fact she could feel that the magic washing against her was still hers in some indefinable way and that it was just as dedicated to protecting her child as she had ever been. For a long moment she didn't realize what this meant until she felt the creature shift and curl tightly and protectively around Harry's little body.

If she had known what would happened, maybe she would have found a way to specify the mother she wanted to send her child to should be human. Maybe she would have found a way to specify that the ritual should find a place on Earth beyond the reach of Voldemort's magic.

Then again maybe she wouldn't have. Maybe there wouldn't have been a place Harry could be safe on Earth. She would never find out what could have been had she not activated the ritual.

A/N Okay, so this was initially going to be a Harry Potter/Riddick crossover, where the ritual Lily used sent harry to whatever that planet was where it was day for 22 years then a solar eclipse and the wee beasties came out to play. My idea was that Harry ended up on this planet about five thousand years prior to events of the movie and is taken in by the creatures under the ground as they form a sort of symbiotic relationship where they feed on his magic and in return they protect him so that he'll still be around to produce more magic for them to feed on. Eventually as he grows up he would learn to communicate with the remnants of his mother's magic and soul that remain and she would begin to teach him of his past and whatnot. eventually I figure without a body to produce more magic Lily would fade and, when she eventually runs out of magic, the tether that keeps her soul tied to her son would fade and she would move on (this would have happened when she used all her magic to try and block the killing curse in the story) - I figure harry would be about twentyish at that time (as lily would be very careful to conserve her magic as much as possible.

eventually the exchange of magic between harry and the creatures would become more and more two way - harry would start gaining magic more and more like their own. I figure the creatures are biologically immortal it's just starvation, disease, and injury that can kill them and harry would gain this from their magic. From him (at least the ones who feed on his magic the most and the successive generations of creatures that feed on his magic) would start to get smarter and a little less violent.

Eventually There would come a time when Harry notices that the life on the surface of the planet is having a harder and harder time recovering from their feeding frenzies every 22 years (maybe we can have that it was originally closer to fifty years and that the way the orbits work they were getting closer and closer over time) anyway harry notices this and knows that if they ever cross the breaking point and kill all life on the surface that the raptors (I can't remember the name their given in the movies) would suffer too, so he set about culling weak from the population of the raptors in between eclipses so that there are fewer when it comes time to come to the surface. Eventually Harry using the more intelligent raptors that have fed on his magic for the most generations and are nearest him will set up a sort of hierarchy underground with them at the top and they'll maintain order and balance - it won't be a government or anything like that - more like a very large extended pride with him as the alpha male...

Anyway this means that when it comes time for the Hunter Gratzner to crash land on the planet, they'll crash on a lush grassy planet (We saw the massive creatures bones in the movie, so it can't have been that long since there was life on the surface - and any creature of that size would need a sizable food source and lands to roam. - also there'd probably be some sort of creature that would use bioluminescence and sunlight to hunt the raptors during the daylight years - living on the surface and going underground just to hunt...) Anyway so they land on a living planet with no clue what's under the surface, just that almost every animal on this planet is an apex predator in some way shape or form. And of course being so near to the time of night their presence on the surface would catch harry's attention... From there the story could go almost anywhere - could be slash could just be adventure... I figure the necro's lord marshal is really just someone possessed by a horcrux of Voldemort - since Harry wasn't there to fight him and Lily didn't reflect his curse, Voldemort left godric's hollow victorious that night...