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A/N: This little fic is what I like to call a semi-drabble. It's not quite as long as my regular chapters, which lets face it, aren't that long anyway. But it's also not just 100 words. I'm gonna use this fic as a writing exercise for myself. I won't be planning most of this fic. I have some snippets of what I want to happen in it, but it's basically gonna be me flying by the seat of my pants.

I hope to update Monday-Friday, but I'm making no promises. This will be unbeta'd so that I will hopefully update faster. So, any and all mistakes, are all mine. Trust me, you'll probably be thanking my beta on my other stories, LOL.

She's waiting for me when I walk out of my apartment, begging me to talk to her as I fiddle with the lock on my door.

I really should have looked out of the peep hole before stepping outside, but I honestly didn't think she'd be stupid enough to show up here this morning.

I can't look at her because when I do, all I see is her bent over the desk in her office and my best friend behind her, his pants around his ankles.

I tell her to please move out of my way and that I need to leave before I'm late for work.

What I really want to tell her is to kiss my ass or suck my dick. But then I think about the last place her mouth probably was and it makes me shiver all over.

I want to scream at her and ask her how long she'd been fucking one of my best friends. I also want to ask her if he's the only one she'd been fucking, because apparently I don't know her at all.

I want to call her a fucking whore, because that's exactly what she is. My entire family tried to tell me she wasn't the type of girl for me, but I didn't listen.

But what I really do is push past her, stepping into the elevator. I push the button for the lobby and turn around to watch her standing there, fake ass tears running down her face.

She expects me to stop the doors from shutting, but I don't. Just before they shut completely, she gets a shocked look on her face and narrows her eyebrows just before flipping me off.

I shake my head and realize I never really knew the bitch at all.