Escaping Confinement

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Chapter 1

Heavy arms heaved him into the cell leaving him to land hard, scraping his hands on the rough cement floors. Beefy hands grabbed his wrists and chained him to the stone wall, just high enough so that he couldn't sit down. His weak legs tried to stand, but as underfed as he was, as well as how bruised and cut, he could not. His limbs just crumbled beneath him, leaving him to hang by his arms.

The thick iron bars were closed and locked, the sound of the rusted key turning filled the cave, which was quickly overshadowed with the men's' laughter. Their noise echoed, growing dimmer and dimmer as they left him in isolation once again.

Drip, drip.

His eyes dropped down to stare at the cold stone floor, which was one of the few things he could see under the faint light of the torch they had left hanging outside the door. It would be out within the hour.

No matter how he looked at it, he ended up with the same conclusion; they had caught him. The brief moments of freedom were enough to rekindle his dim hope. Now he knew that it was winter. That meant that he was another year older, since he was born in autumn. They had told him that at least.

Fifteen years of imprisonment. A life time of imprisonment to look forward to. He smiled grimly. That's what he got for being Naruto Uzumaki, the container for the Kyuubi No Kitune.

Drip, drip.

The noise of the continual dripping echoed in his ears, familiar but as torturing as always, but the noise was surprisingly intoxicating as well. After his escape attempt, they weren't going to be leaving water until after it wouldn't really matter. Not until after his punishment. That leak was the closest thing he'd have for hours. And his lips were cracked and dry to begin with. He smiled grimly. He always was lucky.

Drip, drip.

He knew that they would be gone off to celebrate his recapture. The men who kept him here weren't the brightest, so he knew that the idea that he escaped in the first place had already been wiped from their microscopic brains. Since they were celebrating, that meant he would have more time to himself.

He had always felt empty and he'd rightly assumed that it was because he had never had anyone to talk to. Loneliness. He sighed, his fingers groping around his seat until he clutched in his hand an oddly pointed rock, his one true secret weapon in the darkness he lived in.

Drip, drip.

He dug the rock into the weak notch that he had discovered in the top link of his chains and they quickly broke free, a metallic clanking noise filling his ears as they crashed to the stone floor. He may still have the 'chakra resisting cuffs', as he heard the men call them, on his wrist, but at least he wasn't nailed to the wall any longer and he could move them at will, which was always pleasant.

He sat down flat on his butt, fixed his dirty rag of a shirt that he only wore to feel more human and crawled over to the leak. His shirt was quite ripped, not to mention covered in blood and didn't do much for him covering wise.

Drip, drip.

Splatters of fresh water landed in his mouth, the cool liquid refreshing, making him glad that the winter was here. The drip was probably melted snow. He had always thought the snow was beautiful, the few times he had seen it. For a few weeks, five years ago, he was moved to a cell with a window and everyday he'd stare outside, even if the light hurt his unadjusted eyes.

He curled up on the floor, his legs coming together slightly, his whole body turning in on its self as he fell into a shallow sleep that he knew would only lead to nightmares featuring what he knew would soon follow.

Thundering footsteps echoed down the cave's tunnels heading toward him. Naruto knew it was time, and judging by how staggered their steps were, they were drunk as well. Perfect.

He clamoured over to his chains and reconnected himself to them, hiding his rock in the process. It would do him no good to lose his precious escaping tool to the thugs. It would also do him no good to give them another weapon. That was all they'd need.

"Today we've got something special for you Kyuubi! Today, for running away, our master let us bring in our brand new tools." A man's voice slurred from behind the bars, seemingly belonging to the blurry shape that was staggering towards him.

"New toys!" More of them replied happily, the statement sounding wrong out of their deep and loud boom boxes.

The key turned, the clatter echoing in the temporary silence that was caused through their anticipation. Their boss rarely let the use anything proper. Whatever the new toys were couldn't be good for him and his health.

Naruto's cell was entered, boots thundering as the one with the keys unlocked his chains once more, this time properly, unlike the way Naruto did. As he did this, other men grabbed kunai from their pockets. Many of the men seemed to be sticking with the usual steel toed boots. These men weren't shinobi and didn't truly know how to use shinobi tools properly, but Naruto realised that didn't matter. A blade was a blade, no matter how it was used. It would still cut flesh.

It was a foot that connected first, his back arching forward in pain, only to be thrown back in reverse by a separate foot much smaller than the first hitting his stomach. Naruto took the pain, making no noise as a blade was dug into his calf, and left there, only to be kicked by someone else, bringing it deeper.

Of the group, most of them were unskilled, and, after beating him a couple times, usually backed off to let the more experienced in. They would deliver more pain, until they had all faded except for the same man, as always, the deep scar on his mouth and hands showing the true depth of his experience. However he had received those welts from, they weren't from friends.

One blade was all the man needed. The strokes he made up Naruto's arms and back appearing like a painting, the kunai his brush and his blood the paint.

Searing pain filled him as he trailed up and down his arms, digging ditches in his skin, deeper and deeper. A pool of crimson slowly increased around him, but still he made no noise in protest. The agonizing cries that he wanted to yell out were resisted.

One last cross was carved into his back before the scarred man leaned down toward his limp body on the floor. "Maybe this time, we'll finally be rid of you, demon, and the families of those you destroyed will be able to breathe easy, knowing that their loved ones empty tortured souls will be free of your cage of destruction." he whispered, before kicking him one last time in the ribs and chaining him up to the wall once more.

A silver metal dog dish filled with murky water was dropped beside him as well as a plate of old stale bread at least three weeks bad, tints of green on the crust.

The doors were closed and locked once more, the thugs cheering faded toward the end of the corridor. When he knew they had departed once more, he sluggishly tried to remove his chains but he couldn't generate the amount of forced needed. His eyesight blurred before he collapsed once again on the floor that he had become to be used to.

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