Jennifer took a deep breath before handing her papers to the guard. She needed an audience with the director of the school, this was urgent. He looked at her and said,

"The FBI knows about our secret organization and they're coming tonight to shut us down. Who tipped them off?" He asked with suspicion in his voice.

She didn't want to go through all of the explanations.

"That's classified. If the director want's to you to know, you might just be told." She snapped at him. He gave her an irritated look before buzzing her in.

She tried to look confident as she walked into the office, but she was screaming on the inside.

"Good morning sir." She addressed the director.

He replied, "Report Jackson."

She handed him her papers.

He read them, then just looked at her. He finally found his voice.

"You expect me to believe this cra*?"

To which she replied, "Sir, not mentioned in the report, Megan Roberts was the one who tipped them off. They have been following this as a lead, treating it as a minor threat. They received enough information yesterday to attack tonight. We were informed by the institute of higher living this morning, they have a double agent in the middle ranks of the FBI. I suggest destroy any evidence, and send the subjects home with employees. Leave the building deserted or bomb it. The we could regroup and continue in a few years."

He considered for a moment then wrote down an order.

"Don't mess this up!" He said, handing her the slip.

She looked at the orders, they were what she suggested.

"Yes sir."

She walked out, to go follow orders.

For the last time.