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(XanxusxFem!Tsuna & Fem!HibarixDino.)

Tsuna looked at the pregnancy test in shock. She sat on the floor of her bathroom, still not believing what she was seeing.

"T-There's no way…" She closed her eyes as the memories of that day came alive on her mind.

"So…We got an announcement!" Dino said, at the top of his lungs. He was really nervous. He hugged his girlfriend, Hibari Kyouya, while she tried to shake off the embrace. She didn't like PDA or anything that involved showing her feelings. Both Vongola and Cavallone famiglia were reunited together at a big hall. Tsuna was sitting around a table with the rest of her guardians. Everyone was glancing at the Bronco and the Cloud Guardian, which had made their relationship public by accident, a couple of months ago, when Ryohei accidentally discovered them in bed. Tsuna remembered that Hibari didn't spoke to anyone for a week or so, until she got the Sun Guardian beaten up and everything was cleared out, she had always been a tomboy. Tsuna looked at everyone, and her glance stood up at the Varia's boss, Xanxus, who was popping a vein in his forehead. He didn't really wanted to be there, and he was trying to rush Dino so he and the other Varia members could leave. Tsuna sighed, why did Xanxus had to always be like that?

"As you all know, Kyouya-chan and I have been dating for eight months already…and…umm…well…" He chuckled, unsure how to finish the rest of the sentence.

"Continue." Hibari whispered, in her usual cold tone of voice.

"Yes! Umm…What I am trying to say is that…umm…Kyouya-chan and I…" He mumbled the last words in a rush, and no one but Reborn, who chocked in his espresso, could hear.

"Speak up, scum! We couldn't hear!" Xanxus was getting angry at Dino's clumsiness.

"Xanxus-kun…"Tsuna started, with a nervous voice, trying to calm down the Varia boss.


And there was silence…A very long silence…

until Reborn decided to spoke.

"I was starting to wonder when it was going to happen! You two really took too long! So the Cavallone family has a new heir!" Reborn cheered, and everyone joyfully screamed in response. The families rose their glass and toasted for the birth of the soon-to-be boss. Everyone stood up and hugs and kisses were given to the happy couple (though I don't know if Hibari was happy with this or not.)

But Tsuna didn't stand up to congratulate Dino nor Hibari. She felt…strange. Sure, she was happy because of the good news, and really proud of Hibari, but the announcement made her feel…lonely. As difference from the rest of her famiglia, she was the only one who was still single. Hibari now had Dino, and they were going to have kids, Ryohei had married Hannah ages ago and they had 4 little boxers, Gokudera and Yamamoto were dating, Mukuro finally declared to Chrome and they were living happily ever after, Lambo had I pin and Reborn could have as many girls as he wanted! True, she liked her classmate, Sasagawa Kyoko long time ago, but she realized that they could never be together…

"What's will you, dame-Tsuna?" Her Katekyo asked. "Girl, you should be partying with Dino and Hibari. Can't you even be happy for your subordinates?"

"It's alright Reborn, I just…feel tired. This week has been tiresome. Don't worry about me and go with Bianchi already, she's trying to hit on you" She winked and Reborn left.

'Maybe I should greet Dino-kun and Hibari-chan and then leave.' Tsuna thought and sighed again, but this time, Xanxus noticed. She stood up and approached the couple, who was talking with Iemitsu and Nana.

"…and that's why you should never leave a kid alone in a bathtub!" Iemitsu said, cheerfully, while hugging Dino, who was starting to feel uncomfortable. "Tsuna almost drowned when she was playing in..."

"Dad, shut up!" Tsuna interrupted and blushed. "Don't bother Dino-kun and Hibari-chan with those stories!"

"But you were such a cute little girl!" Iemitsu's eyes were shinning.

"Mom…"Tsuna complained and Nana understood.

"C'mon darling, I think we should go for some drinks." And of course, he couldn't say no to his beloved wife. They left, holding hands.

"Sorry for that" Tsuna turned towards the couple, "my dad…"

"As expected from the herbivore's family" Hibari said.

"Nee, Kyouya-chan, don't be rude." Dino laughed softly.

"You shut up too, or I'll bite you to death."

"You really aren't going to change ever, right?" Dino hugged Hibari, and she blushed slightly.

"A-Anyways, congratulations! You should have told me sooner!" Tsuna smiled.

"Yeah, we were trying to keep that as a surprise from everyone." Dino giggled. 'You expect me to believe that Hibari trying to surprise someone?' Tsuna kept her thoughts for herself.

"T-Therefore, I'll be leaving. You should party on without me."

"Why? C'mon Tsuna! You should have more fun!" Dino complained.

"Sorry, I'm really tired. I'll give you tons of presents later, ok?"

"But..." Dino couldn't finish the sentence; Tsuna was already running away.

'That was so rude from me!' Tsuna left, dashing to the exit. 'I'll apologize later, but now, I just want to shake that cheesy vibes off me'

Tsuna kept running through the corridors, trying to leave the place and go straight home. There shouldn't be a reason for her to feel that way…but, everyone made her feel so…lonely. She was already a 25-year-old woman, who still hasn't even had her first kiss. She was really Dame-Tsuna, after all. She had been always a clumsy girl, with a strange untamable hair, boy-like figure, and a sucker at school, always surrounded by a bunch of strange people; of course no one was going to ever date her. A couple of tears ran through her cheeks. Her sight was all blurry, and she hit something.

"It hurts…S-Sorry." She apologized, and lifted up her face. "X-Xanxus-kun…?"

"Why are you crying, trash?" He asked, glaring at her.

"S-Sorry I just…I just…Sorry!" She lifted up quickly and tried to run away, but Xanxus grabbed her by her hand. "P-Please let me go." She begged "I just want to leave."

"Why are you running, trash? Isn't your guardian the one who's pregnant? Shouldn't you be all happy or something?" His voice was harsh.

"I-I know…T-That's why…I-I can't…" The sobbing couldn't let her finish the sentence.

"Jeez, you really are a piece of trash." Xanxus hugged her, and she stood up in shock. What in the world was happening? Did Xanxus...was worried about her? Suddenly he looked at her and kissed her lips. His tongue melted her heart, and drew all the tears away.

"Come with me." He said, pulling Tsuna by her arm. He opened a door, which had in it written bright letters 'JANITOR.' They entered the small closet and closed the door. He kissed her again at her neck and she shivered slightly.

"X-Xanxus-kun…Let me go…S-Someone could…" She puffed.

"No one's going to listen to us, they're too busy with the party…Don't worry" And he kept kissing her neck, teasing her ears, while he listened her sighing and let herself get carried away…

"T-There's no way in hell…I'm pregnant." She shivered and threw the test away, and closed her eyes once again. "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO ME!" She yelled.

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