I thought it might be good for all of us for me to make a time line, about Tsuna's and Hibari's pregnancy… I'm not going to put dates but…you know…here it is.

-Dino and Hibari's baby shower/telling everyone: Hibari has two months. Tsuna xxx with Xanxus.

-Tsuna discovers she's pregnant: Hibari's three months so Tsuna is 1 month. That night, she tells Xanxus he's going to be daddy Xanxus. Reborn discovers the pregnancy, etc, etc…

-Doctor's visit: They go to Shamal for Tsuna's check up. They see the baby has a dying will (WTF) "Be careful with her".

-One week later, Tsuna asks her father to come. He will arrive in three days. That night, she talks with Chrome about it…This brings the girls together.

-(Day one until Iemitsu comes) Dino and Kyouya come. Tsuna explains the situation to them.

That was the timeline…whoaaa I haven't written that much;; we proceed for this chapter.

The room was really cold. A white haired guy with a light blue haired girl clinging to him was talking with his comrades about what they should do. The news was spreading around like fire: the Vongola Decimo was carrying a kid. Byakuran took a bunch of marshmallows and ate them.

"So, Tsunayoshi is carrying a child? I didn't expect it from her!" He said after he finished munching.

"It's not only her, Byakuran-sama; it's also her cloud guardian." A long, green haired man said.

"Huh? Hibari Kyouya? With whom…?" He inquired. He bit another marshmallow.

"Dino Cavallone. And Sawada's…lover or, whatever, the kid's father is Xanxus." He answered. Byakuran spit the sweet.

"Oh, really? I thought those hated each other…This sounds like one of those American TV soap operas or something…" He took another marshmallow. "Hmm…what's important now is that Tsunayoshi's child would be the Vongola Undecimo…if we could get rid of hers and Kyouya's kid…"

"The Vongola would have no future." Daisy finished the sentence. Everyone in the room grinned, and Bluebell chuckled. Actually, almost everyone.

"As if we could!" Zakuro said. "The Vongola headquarters are right now the safest place on Earth. Even Byakuran-sama with his White Dragon wouldn't get a little close to it."

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT BYAKURAN-SAMA IS WEAK YOU IDIOT..." Bluebell started, but her boss shut her up with a hand movement.

"I must admit," he said with a calm voice, "that it would be troublesome for us to get to Tsuna-chan…"

"Now that I remember, they said something funny about the Vongola's Decimo pregnancy," Kikyo added, dragging everyone's attention to him. "They said that the kid's Dying Will was so immense that even in its state you could see it."

Everyone kept quiet until Byakuran spoke.

"If that's true… what would happen if we just adopt the kid and make him our ally? We could be the most powerful famiglia… even more powerful than the times with the First Generation."

"Should we visit them when the child is born" Bluebell asked.

"We should." Byakuran smiled.

Tsuna sneezed.

"Are you alright, Judaimee?" Gokudera asked, "Are you sick?"

"It's nothing, Gokudera-kun. I guess someone's talking behind my back, heh." She responded. "Ughh…Reborn?"

"What is it, Dame-Tsuna?"

"Why are we doing this?" She muttered.

Reborn had put her in a strict pregnancy exercising program. She sat on the huge blue ball.

"To keep you in shape, idiot; now, begin." He commanded, pointing a gun to Tsuna.

Just when Tsuna was about to complain more, he heard someone entering the room. And it was pretty much of a surprise.

"…Excuse me?" Xanxus didn't really know how to handle this. Besides the doctor's appointments, he hadn't really talked to Tsuna after she went to tell her the news. And he wasn't the brightest thing when it came to feelings.

Tsuna's mood, as changeable as it was, went on its 'tough girl' mode.

"Do you have any business in here?" She asked, in a lower tone of voice. "If not, then please go out. We don't have anything to talk about." She was surprised. Did scary Tsuna just say that? Reborn lifted a brow in question.

"May I have a word with you, sc-"He stopped at the last word when everyone in the room glanced at him. "…Decimo?"

'That's weird.' Reborn thought. 'Xanxus not being a douche.'

"Everybody, go out." The Hitman ordered.

"I'm not leaving Judaimee alone with that-"Reborn shut Gokudera pointing a Leon transformed in a bazooka at him. Everyone quietly nodded and left.

"So?" She asked.

He kept quiet for a few minutes, not sure how to say this.

"I think… I've been…irresponsible. With this whole situation. With you and… the child." He began.

"Your child." She corrected.

"Well… what is done is done." He continued. "And I… believe that, in order for the kid to not to be a piece of…" Tsuna glanced and crossed her arms. "Well… I think I'm going to take more care of your person and the child." He hesitated. "At least for the time being."

Did he really just say that?

Did he just…say that he wanted to take some responsibilities?

"No." She said firmly.

"That's good because- Wait what?!"

"No. You're just a douche who got me pregnant and I'm not letting you ruin my child's temper. He will not become a heartless mercenary like you!" Tsuna said, in a rude tone.

"ME?! A MERCENARY?! And what could you be, huh? You've got blood running through your hands too, scum!" Some scars were starting to be more noticeable on his face.

"But you've killed for pleasure! For revenge! For childish manners! I've only killed because I needed to, not because I wanted to!" She yelled, pushing Xanxus.

"I don't need a little trash to nag me around for what's good and what's not. You've made the Vongola a bunch of little bitches who can't do anything by themselves!" He pushed Tsuna too, hard.

And she entered in her Dying Will mode.

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